Friday, February 11, 2011

Wanted: individual skilled in firearms smuggling, insulting Mexicans, threatening subordinates, massive cover-up . Lack of scruples a plus. Apply ATF.

William D. "Bill" Newell, current SAC, ATF, Phoenix. Now them's some big boots to fill, pardner.


Female III said...

Sounds like an employment that would constantly put you on the very bad side of alot of highly pissed off people. I don't think anybody's insurance should cover them on such a position. I do know someone who fits well the description but he is already employed illegally in our White House.

I myself am not interested in this position but I do volunteer to be one of the threatened "subordinates". Oh yeah.

Anonymous said...

Is that Bill "Hell no! I don't walk firearms under my investigations to Mexico and lock everyone else out of the process" Newell?

Sirveaux said...

I see what you did there.