Monday, February 14, 2011

"Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead," and the Washington Post is still not covering Grassley's slap-down of Eric Holder.

Remember this television classic?

Thereafter, it became a running SNL headline: "Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead."

In view of the inability of Pravda's James Grimaldi to cover the latest turn in the Project Gunwalker Scandal (which by the way includes documents -- you know, evidence? -- which is what he claimed he was waiting on), I'm thinking of starting a new service here at Sipsey Street: every day I shall announce with a straight face: "The Washington Post is still dead."

The Washington Post: Ignoring inconvenient stories during Democrat administrations since 1877.

Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer reads the "Nation's capitol 'paper of record'": Hmm. Still nothing in the Post about the Gunwalker documents. Good. Very good. I must send Grimaldi over some caviar.


Fat n Baldy said...

It seems like the takeover of the lame stream media occurred a long time ago.

Following up some Youtube links posted at WRSA and by Garden Serf, I checked out the Wikipedia entries about Malcolm Muggeridge.

Muggeridge was the British Journalist in Moscow, for the Manchester Guardian.

Muggeridges background was impeccable - a life long Fabian socialist, son of a labour councillor and founder member of the Fabian society, and married to the younger sister of another founding member of the Fabians, Beatrice Webb.

He left the useful idiot reservation and travelled to the Ukraine in the 1920s, without permission, in order to investigate rumours of famine.

He sent his reports to Britain in the diplomatic bags to avoid seizure, and found the newspapers unwilling to publish.

Walter Duranty, meanwhile, received a Pulitzer for his sugar coated, lying, propaganda.

The refusal of the lame stream media to pick up on Gunwalker is (for me) at least as big a story as gunwalker itself.

I knew that they were biased, but you are demonstrating here, and for all of us to see, just how absolutely corrupted they really are.

Keep up the good work

Fat Baldy Caver

FBC said...

oops, Muggeridge's trip to the Ukraine was the 30s,

Anonymous said...

They want this to happen because they are not square players. They are Marxists and only the Marxist way will be good enough for them.

They will take Marxist-lite but they really prefer the whole program and all the trappings.

In private company, I wouldn't be surprised if they do address each other as "comrade."

Anonymous said...

Aw, Mikey, they don't care about you. I wonder why that is? Maybe you're...I dunno...irrelevant?

But you go get 'em, Mikey! You and your 11 buddies here. Save the Constitution from the other 299,999,988 of us. Hell, some of you all are probably large enough to count as two bodies, so you're almost down into the 299,999,970s!



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