Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Country Heard From. Only in this case it is a love note from Pragutopia, where all the 800-pound gelded gorillas live.

Normally when we get "another Country Heard From" submissions they come from collectivist weenies of one stripe or another. This time we have a parg commenting on my post, Larry Pratt comes out swinging on the Project Gunwalker scandal while the "800 pound gorilla" NRA rests upon its considerable ass.

It would seem, given the considerable historical revisionism, we may have discovered the chauffeur of the Weeniemobile.

Shooter 2.5 said...

Well, as usual the goa still can't do a single thing without the NRA's help. Pratt seems to have a problem with the NRA only because they were TWO days behind the goa in making a statement. It must be due to the fact the NRA has an executive board and a regular board of directors instead of being a family owned t-shirt company.

I have asked the members of a conservative website for seven years as to what the goa has ever done ON THEIR OWN and have yet to receive an answer.

The goa didn't do a thing to help the Katrina victims.

The NRA was able to delay Parker VS. Washington D.C. which we would have lost until we added Alito and Roberts. That lawsuit became Heller VS. Washington D.C. The NRA shared arguments and the goa was nowhere in sight.

The NRA shared arguments with the Second Amendment Foundation with McDonald Vs. Washington D.C. The goa had to mention the NRA in it's amicus brief which is pathetic.

The NRA and the SAF have each filed numerous lawsuits after Heller and McDonald. The goa has yet to file a single one. The NRA threatened to file a lawsuit against the city of Morton Grove. That city no longer has the infamous Morton Grove gun ban. Thank you NRA and thank you SAF.

If the goa had any sort of track.record they wouldn't need to ever mention the NRA. Thanks for nothing, goa


Anonymous said...

All of that, whether true or not, is negated


the NRA compromises, as it has so often.

It only takes one misstep to destroy confidence.

The NRA has several doozies.

They will never see a penny of my money.

My "2nd Amendment Rights" are secured only by this:

*holds up trigger finger*

...and the willingness to use it.

Thanks for nothing, NRA. I'll take an uncompromising t-shirt company over a polished and money hungry whore, willing to play give and take with inalienable rights.

Screw off, NRA.


Gaviota said...

Historical revisionism, indeed.

The NRA is well on it's way to evolving from an 800# gorilla into a 2# Capuchin monkey.

Damn, I miss Harlon Carter.

WarriorClass said...

Right on Arctic Patriot; as I told the NRA caller a couple months ago, the NRA has seen the last of my money. The GOA does all the heavy lifting and then the NRA jumps on board to claim the credit, after compromising every position and sucking up to the ATF.

Bye Bye NRA; 128 years of compromise has only resulted in the gun control acts of 1934 and 1968 followed by ATF abuses that landed good Americans in prison, or dead, all in support of our "hunting or sportsman's rights."

I never saw "hunting" as an issue in the Second Amendment.

Screw off and die.


Anonymous said...

Check history and facts, nra has endorsed and/or negotiated EVERY anti bill since at least the nfa act of 1934, has undercut many state groups and actually made state laws worse in many cases, opposed heller untill publicity forced them on the other side, etc, etc, they are part of the problem!! Have been for many years!! What don't you understand?? Look it up yourself.

fireplaceguy said...

@ shooter 2.5: "The goa didn't do a thing to help the Katrina victims."

And the NRA didn't do a thing to help gun owners. Seems they identify more with being under water...

And hey, 2.5 - does that handle denote the length of anything, or is it merely wishful thinking?

Dakota said...

I wouldn't piss on the N R A if they were on fire.

oldfart said...

Mike, this has nothing to do with the subject at hand but it's the only way I have to get the message out. I'm hospitalizd and faced with a strange system -- I can't even access my e-mail!

I took a flying header off my front porch eight days ago and shattered my right elbow and upper arm. After four days of shuttling back and forth from consciosness to "happy land" I'm finally able steer a wheel-chair well enough with my feet to get to this cumputer and peck this message out with one finger.

I don't suppose anyone has been burning up the net to find me so I'll understand if you simply delete it but Ineeded to get the word out. I thought you might understand.

Keep up the good work, friend.

AOV said...

Shooter 2.5 is a completely bent ProNRA groupie. He believes the NRA can do no wrong... and was recently and permanently banned from the conservative website Free Republic for constantly attacking fellow patriots in the GOA!

Mike, I would immediately remove his in-cohesive ramblings and refuse to post anymore. He is a hard core NRA Groupie and nothing else.


cranky_yankee said...

evolving from an 800# gorilla into a 2# Capuchin monkey.
Now that's funny...............

ParaPacem said...

Best wishes; hang in there and know we are thinking of you & offering prayer for your recovery.

@Shooter 2.5 - Wayne? Wayne, is that you? Is the budget running a bit low these days? Don't despair! Snowflake will let you move into his Mom's basement with him.

Anonymous said...

I like how NRA is in capitals but GOA is not... As if that should somehow sway the reader.

Anonymous said...

I finally got them (nra) to stop calling and e-mailing and writing me! Well actually, I had to change e-mail addresses to get that part of it stopped but you get the point! They just never seemed to tire of telling me how much money they still needed from me.

Seemed strange to me considering they weren't involved in anything important, like the SAF was. GOA might not be as big but by God, Larry has a big mouth and knows how to use it! And is willing to use it. Can't say the same for the NRA but they sure do seem to weasle their way in at the last minute when nobody asked them to. OH YEAH, I did notice that...

Not another dime.

Neil E. Wright said...

I have personally had several run-ins with "Shooter 2.5" over on in the past. Everytime I posted an article from David or another Gun Rights Examiner, he would jump in and defend to the death the nra. As was pointed out in an earlier post, he has since been banned because of his bombastic attacks on ANYONE who would DARE to be critical of his precious nra.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wayne 2.5....Sit in on a meeting with the NRA and you'll learn, there is NO difference between the NRA and HandgunControlInc. Same's called controlled opposition. NRA blows smoke!

Dave said...

NRA gave Harry Reid a B+. GOA have Harry Reid an F. Arguement settled.