Monday, February 21, 2011

Two from David Codrea:"Lugar, Lieberman looking into ‘Project Gunwalker’ charges" & "Traver material reveals anti-gun positions and troubling allies."

First, Lugar, Lieberman looking into ‘Project Gunwalker’ charges.

Wherein he quotes a certain old fat man with a cane:

Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars, the blog which first reported on forum allegations that resulted in the revelations Sen. Grassley is investigating, stressed the importance of supporters following the lead the Lieberman and Lugar constituents have provided, and urged all interested people to follow suit.

“Put simply,” Vanderboegh stated, the institutional forces that go to work when there’s any scandal, regardless of administration, are so difficult to overcome without the active participation of the people.

“They will only investigate that which, if they don’t investigate, will threaten their reelection,” Vanderboegh continued, conceding that Lieberman is retiring, but that the truism applies to all others. “The other thing that is absolutely vital is that we somehow prevent the deportation of the three witnesses to the murder of [Border Patrol Agent] Brian Terry.

“For those reasons, to get to the bottom of the murder of Brian Terry—if nothing else—we have to mobilize the senators,” he concluded.

Second, Traver material reveals anti-gun positions and troubling allies.



Dennis308 said...

Making headway Mike, My Representatives in both houses aren't answering their phones or their all tied up today.


Anonymous said...

From an Indiana reader, take this to heart:

Richard Lugar is NO gun rights advocate, getting an F from the NRA and from me.

Anonymous said...

I've e-mailed my congress and senate critters, and I am composing a more detailed snail mail letter to follow.

Rumors of an upcoming see-u protest in Nashvegas, not on the bus schedule. We plan to be there to counter when/if it happens.

Keep fighting the good fight,