Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This just in: The Washington Post is still dead, and Obama dithers, while Hillary gathers her skirts to protect HER butt even if nobody elses.

Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breur scans this morning's Washington Post with a troubled brow, reassured that once again Grimaldi has written nothing about the Gunwalker scandal, but still uneasy about what lies ahead, thinking to himself: You know, if Hillary was President, half the witnesses would be dead by now as an example to the rest.

This just in, the Washington Post is still dead to the Gunwalker scandal story.

While Obama dithers and the political gangfighter Emanuel falls back upon a defensible base to become crowned Emperor Rahmulus the First of the failed state of Chicago and Eric Holder alternately bobs and dunks in his own sea of scandal troubles -- and Gunwalker is not the only one -- there is one administration official who is said to be gathering her skirts for a fight to the death to protect her reputation in this growing scandal -- Hillary Clinton.

The State Department is the one key venue of this story which so far lies untouched. Think about it: do you suppose that the ATF actually made its own foreign policy in Gunwalker by allowing the smuggling but not informing the Mexicans? Certainly, our informants tell us, DOJ was involved, all the way up to Eric Holder. But do you suppose that even Eric Holder would presume to do so without consultation with the State Department at some level?

My sources say no. My sources say that the State Department signed off on Gunwalker stiffing the Mexicans. My sources also say that the Iron Dowager Empress is furious that the cover-up has been handled so poorly and is determined that it not blow-back on her.

This seems a profitable course of inquiry for authorized journalists, to me. With the cover-up collapsing spectacularly, Hillary may want to "go on the record" about how much this had nothing to do with the State Department and how she is shocked! shocked! to find gambling going on here. Who knows, it may be in her interest to appear to be the only responsible adult in the whole Obama administration. It is not like she is heavily invested in being an Obamanoid team player to the extent that she goes down with the Titanic. In fact, this may be exactly the moment she has been waiting for.

Of course don't expect the Washington Post to cover THAT story. Because, as of this morning, they're still dead.

This just in: Hillary Clinton to star as Inspector Renault in re-make of Casablanca!


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Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton can still run for president but she does have a problem in so doing. That problem is that her party is now completely controlled by the Marxists within, and those elements have completely rejected her. They have chosen to replace her with a radical poser who will (and has) steadfastly pursued their agenda.

They know that she, will weigh the personal and political costs of everything she does, against that of the cause Thus placing her own interests, against that of the cause and therefore delaying their agenda, when she feels the need too do so. They chose Obama because he is a dedicated Marxist, who will not stop as long as the power is available. Thus she is of little use to them, at this point because they have seized the necessary power, and are inpatient, even though she is a true believer.

The propaganda and falsification apparatus infrastructure of the media, remains in place and unaffected. So they realize that they will be able to do, anything they choose or need to. Considering who is behind the scenes unfolding on your TV, you can assume that there are several plans underway. They will switch to a new channel as needed.

Without the media, and the schools, they are nothing and this is going to end badly because of it. They are Marxists and this is, what they do and how they do it.