Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Praxis: How NOT to load an SKS.

In following the links in the "SF Police seize cannon" piece below, I found this embarrassing video illustrating how NOT to load an SKS rifle.

Now that will get you killed in a serious social situation. SKS rifles, of course, are designed to be loaded with stripper clips, as below:

Of course if you don't have a stripper clip (and if you are serious about your defensive rifle you will have plenty), you can still load rounds singly through the top with the bolt pulled to the rear. It takes a real genius to make things this complicated, but, there you are.

It is not a bad idea to read the manual on a rifle before you try to load it.


Rhodes said...

Wow....just wow...Dont make me laugh like that so early in the morning Mike.

Sean said...

I have never seen a thing so stupid as that in all my life. Except Obongo being elected to the WH.

Anonymous said...

I agree....good coffee gone to waste!


Gaviota said...

I have nearly 3000 rounds in stripper clips for my two SKS rifles and two AK's. I have ten magazines for each AK, but I still haven't found a good quality stripper clip guide for AK mags. I have two bandoliers for each SKS and each AK, and I learned to do all that right here on Sipsey Street.

Yes, I can be taught!

What's this guy's excuse?

Pericles said...

It is all part of the deception plan. While you are laughing your ass off at the guy reloading the SKS, a Gurka slits your throat.

Anonymous said...

San Francisco Police Video...Hmmm. Would they fall under, hings not to worry about when the Excrement impacts the air oscillation device.

I for one think so.

pdxr13 said...

I thought that the magazine release on an SKS was a "dump ammo" button, useful for UNLOADING the rifle in preparation for getting dirt and sand out of your weapon.

A mis-training video like this has to have been posted by the OpFor. It takes a Real Man of Genius to come up with the upside-down slow-load. re: Anarchist Cookbook hand and eye removal formulae.

Standing still in the open to fire has got to one of the most common mistraining/self-training failures, along with removing the rifle from your shoulder to reload.


Dedicated_Dad said...

Now the vid's marked "hidden" - only those with the URL can see it. Naturally comments are disabled as well.

That said, it's certainly not the dumbest thing I've ever seen...

Note for those who might not be aware: riding the bolt down to close is almost as dumb as loading that way. It's easy to produce a "failure to extract" which can - with a hot rifle and the russian steel-cased ammo - leave you with a stuck case in the middle of a fight!!

Pull the bolt all the way to the rear, then release it, allowing it to "slam home" under spring pressure!

While I'm thinking of it - though the duckbill-mags are IMHO a waste of time and money, and likely to cause problems as well, and though I suppose many might disagree with me to boot, I'll still offer this:

Before figuring out that strippers and the "factory" box-mag were the best way to go, I found a fast way to reload the duckbills while I was still messing with them.

Again -- to reiterate -- the duckbill "detachable" mags are usually the worst option. Reloading from strippers is the best and fastest way to keep an SKS in the fight!

That said, if you MUST use the duckbill-mags, there's an option to load them from strippers very quickly. Every single SKS rifle ever issued came from the factory with its own "stripper-clip guide."

If you're determined to use the duckbill mags, just snap the empty on your rifle, pull the bolt back, and use the built-in clip-guide to stuff the rounds into your detachable mag.

No, it ain't pretty, but it's a whole lot faster than loading single rounds!!

that said, DON'T MESS WITH THE DETACHABLE MAGS! The *ONLY* "increased capacity" option I've found to be reliable is the chinese 20-round FIXED mag -- and even that will only work reliably on certain rifles!

The *ONLY* downside to the fixed mag is the difficulty involved in "topping off" -- something our likely enemies will be suffering as well.

There **IS** an option, if you're inclined to try it -- you can mod some stripper-clips to five (or 8, or...) rounders. Personally though, I've still found you're best off to concentrate and train to load from strippers. The speed gained will surprise you when you get good at it, you'll be able to run 'em in faster than you'd think possible at first!

Further, having 10-rounds to work with will make you a better rifleman! You're a lot less likely to resort to "spray and pray"...


Scott J said...

Dedicated_Dad, I have 3 of the duckbills. 1 I bought and two given to me over the years.

I keep them around as a novelty if I ever felt the need for some high-cap fun with my SKS.

I always suspected and confirmed in a discussion with our esteemed host that the OEM mag and strippers was the way to so. So that's how mine stays configured 90% of the time.

As for speed with strippers I learned shooting an '03-A3 in NRA Highpower I could go from empty to bang just as fast as the guys with ARs, M1-As and Garands.

ParaPacem said...

Dang - that must be why it takes so long to reload my 40 caliber... I've been dropping the mag, prying off the bottom plate, pulling out the spring, fishing out the follower and loading the rounds from the bottom, then reassembling it. That top loading thing looks a LOT easier.

Anonymous said...

" of the most common mistraining/self-training failures, along with removing the rifle from your shoulder to reload."

Actually, keeping the rifle on the shoulder to reload is already going the way of the Dodo. Good riddance, IMO.

The current tactical thought is to bring the rifle in (to your "workspace"), rotate it in with the muzzle up, swap the mag/charge the chamber, then bring it back to the shoulder.

While this is happening, you're scanning the area since you don't need to concentrate as much on indexing the mag and ramming it into the well, all while trying to keep a 10+ pound EMPTY rifle on your shoulder and pointed at the target.

Gabe Saurez and Magpul Dynamics are both championing this (Saurez was doing it first, though) and it makes a hell of a lot of sense. Why strain yourself when a reload can be done far more quickly and efficiently, and making it easier to keep your eyes on the target?