Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Grassley staffer's quote guaranteed to make the urine trickle down Eric Holder's leg. Bring yer popcorn.

Just in time for the hearings.

Remember this post from Monday, where Waldo advised us of the ATF SAC memo that reported:

SAC Andrew Traver confirmation process was moving forward. Expected to get a Hearing date within the next two weeks at which time SAC Traver will attend numerous briefings on the Hill and at DOJ and ATF will begin the process of getting SAC Traver prepared for the confirmation process.

The Chicago Tribune ran a story today on the Chicago Gang's fair-haired boy who they would like to see head of ATF -- Andrew Traver. The story, titled "Gun lobby stands firm in opposing Obama's ATF nominee," was mostly about the NRA's opposition, which really is the least of Holder and Company's worries.

But buried in the story is this quote, guaranteed to make the bladder sphincters of Eric Holder and Company unclamp in horror:

The top Republican on the judiciary panel is Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, whose spokeswoman, Beth Pellett Levine, said the NRA's concerns, or those of any group, should be explored at a confirmation hearing.

"Or those of ANY group."

Now what this means is that we may not have to wait for a straight-up investigation into the Project Gunwalker scandal -- we may only have to wait a couple of weeks until the Traver confirmation hearing to get some very embarrassing questions asked, and, presumably answered. Unless of course they all want to take the Fifth.

Bring yer popcorn, ladies and gents. Bring yer popcorn.


Bad Cyborg said...

Remind me again WHY a summons from a Senator would cause a loss of bladder control. What - in the final analysis - can a senator really do to a cabinet level office holder - or to ANY bureaucrat for that matter? Who's going to have the stones to throw the AG of the U.S. in jail? Who's going to have the stones to throw someone whom the AG is protecting into jail?

What real TEETH does a senator have anyhow? If the Executive branch tells the judicial and legislative branches to piss up a rope, what can they REALLY do? Who polices the police?

Anonymous said...

If Grassley himself attends such a hearing, it would be a perfect opportunity to shove Gunwalker into the cold, public light.

Toaster 802 said...

linked at

Popcorn, butter, salt. All on hand!

WarriorClass said...

This looks good! Can't wait for the show!

Corn's a poppin!


Dedicated_Dad said...

IMHO, we'll find out the depth of Grassley's commitment on hearing day.

IF he's serious about draining that disgusting swamp, he'll ensure Traver's the first one on the hotseat, followed by some other dedicated jackboots -- and then put some others (like, for instance, our "whistleblowers" on behind them to ensure their perjury cannot be missed by even the likes of chucky-schmegma or feinswine.

We'll see...


Anonymous said...

Yo, Mike, are you and David ready to go to the District of Criminals and provide testimony on gunwalker? Now *that* would be a hoot!

Bob Katt

Mark Matis said...

Unfortunately, I think that Bad Cyborg has nailed it. If Senator Grassley attempts ANYTHING at the confirmation hearings for Traver, do you REALLY think that the Democrat in charge will let Grassley continue? And NO MATTER WHAT the testimony, do you REALLY believe that the Dems and enough jackasses-in-elephant-suits to enable them WILL NOT confirm the bastard?

The stench is overwhelming. And it smells like pig.

Gaviota said...

Bad Cyborg, you're taking the short view on this. It very well may be that Sen. Grassley may be stonewalled by Holder, Melton, Obama, et. al. But, the Executive branch will be undergoing an election in two years, and if it does change, and does go the way we'd like it to go, suddenly the whole game changes. We can still hope.

Anonymous said...

To Bad Cyborg and Mark Matis,

Would you rather that folks not try to do anything?

It is attitudes like yours that are the reason why things are so screwed up. Don't you boys have a ball game to watch or something?

Leave the heavy lifting to the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

It seems as though not everyone posting here is familiar with Senate rules. Senators may place a "block" on a nominee, as was done yesterday:

“Senators Mary Landrieu and David Vitter of Louisiana are blocking confirmation of an Obama administration nominee in an effort to force a resumption of offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

“Vitter, a Republican, will oppose acting on Daniel Ashe to lead the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service until the government issues 15 deep-water exploration permits, he said in a statement yesterday. Vitter is using a Senate procedure that lets a single lawmaker block action on a nominee.”


Mark Matis said...

For Anonymous at 4:14 PM:
More power to him if he succeeds. However, there are THREE Federal Court judgments against the Obamatorium, as well as a contempt citation. There is a Federal Court injunction against Obamacare. YET NOTHING is even slowing down the filthy maggot swill. "Law Enforcement" continues to bow and scrape before their Masters and then do WHATEVER they are told. Just like the fine German police under the Nazis.

Now if "Law Enforcement" WILL NOT take direction from the Legal System, just what makes you think they will take direction from Congress? ESPECIALLY when that Congress is unlikely to do ANYTHING about it? JUST HOW MUCH do you think Senator Grassley will be able to do? Remember - the Senate is STILL controlled by the Democrats. Who are further enabled by a plethora of jackasses-in-elephant-suits. I wish Senator Grassley and his staff the best. But I realize what sewage they are wading in. And my expectations are driven by same.

Do you REALLY think The One cares if ANYBODY blocks one of his nominations? Traver will get the job IRREGARDLESS of what Congress does. Because NOBODY is going to do ANYTHING to him. Any more than they have done ANYTHING to him about the Obamatorium or Obamacare. The stench is overwhelming. And it smells like pig.

Bill (Bad Cyborg) Mullins said...

Anonymous @ 4:14PM, I was not saying "Don't do anything." I was just asking what real teeth a Senator has. I really want to know what a Senator can do to punish an out-of-control Executive branch bureaucrat. I personally do not expect anything to come of all this. I also did not expect anything to come of all the petitions I signed and all the faxes and emails I sent and phone calls I made and local office visits I made before my previous representative voted with the Democrat majority to pass Obamacare.

I would do pretty much anything for the Dutchman. I just do not believe that in the long run this stuff with Grassley is going to amount to a small pile (much LESS a hill) of dried pinto beans.

Why would I trust ANYTHING - much less the "heavy lifting" - to someone so cowardly (or ignorant/stupid) as to post anonymously? At least I use a consistent nom d'net. I even sometimes use it WITH my real name. You, however, cower behind an anonymous post.

So what if they hold up a couple of appointments. There hasn't been a properly approved head of the BATFE in HOW many years? That has hurt them how?

I have NO faith at all in the electorate. If enough of the fools will vote and the Dems are successful at the chicanery at which they have so excelled in the past, I see no reason Obama won't be re-elected. Who's to say that, if he shuts down the government like Slick did, he won't have a similar result? PLUS slick did not dare what this President has already done in the way of usurping constitutional power.

I'm gonna be watching - in real time if they put on C-Span or suchlike - but That doesn't mean that when the dust settles I expect any REAL, SUBSTANTIVE change to be effected.

But I swear upon my folks' grave at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetary that I would LOVE to be proven wrong.

Bad Cyborg X

bystrom said...

Well Border Patrol Agent Terry's family needs to know the truth about what happened, and the American people need to know what happened. If we could establish the facts, under oath, that would be significant.

Beyond that is better than good.

Anonymous said...

But what we need from the people's perspective is reporting. And that is Exactly what the American people are not getting, from the MSM and others who think that they can't do it because it wouldn't be fair and balanced.

Deliberately choosing not to report something as important as these revelations is more than simple choice, it is flat out treasonous.

Mark Matis said...

For bystrom:
My point is that they are VERY unlikely to even get that. Although I DO wish them well and hope for more.

But the stench IS overwhelming.

Dennis308 said...

What will Grassley's Blocking Travers Nomination be worth.....

Resistance y'all remember what that is don't ya.........

Sometime Resistance is all ya have.