Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grab bag of Gunwalker stuff: Silvestre-Reyes doesn't get the memo; the Kiwis notice; Soldier of Fortune mirrors Sipsey Street

This one falls under the heading of: I guess he didn't get the Gunwalker Scandal memo yet.

This email just in:

Good morning Mike,

FYI - There's a long article today on Gunwalker in, of all places, the New Zealand Herald. They don't call it Gunwalker, they get some details wrong, and they don't mention you or David, but they have laid out the gist of the story.

"Uncle Al"

And Soldier of Fortune mirrors, with permission, a Sipsey Street post here.


TPaine said...

“As a former law enforcement officer, I have always been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, but it is unconscionable to tie the hands of our federal law enforcement agencies as they are making a reasonable attempt to prevent these weapons from continuing to reach the hands of drug cartels,” Congressman Silvestre Reyes said.

Is this guy from our planet, or was he mis-led when he landed in Mexico? Wnat is unconscionable is the BATFE supplying the weapons that reach the hands of the drug cartels. Someone needs to wake the lad up.

Uncle Al said...

A "reasonable attempt," eh? That's all I need to know about Reyes' reasoning abilities.