Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Attention ATF Firearms Technology Branch: Deadly new sniper rifle suitable for black ops by Ramsey A. Bear. Don't you want to chase this one too?

Remember when the ATF's Chief Counsel's Office spent almost two years and much taxpayer money chasing after the stuffed child's toy, Ramsey A. Bear? Remember when the ATF cracked down on Airsoft toys as machine guns?

Now, here's a sniper rifle fit for Ramsey A. Bear and surely just as deadly as the "Airsoft machine gun" which would actually blow up if modified the way the ATF said it could be. Behold, the LEGO sniper rifle.

Lego sniper rifle brought to you by Funny Videos


Milton Cheezydek said...

Sheer genius!!!
Of course, we must now BAN rubber bands! And micro-stamp all Lego blocks!!

But on a darker side, you may want to stop posting pictures with that little girl in them. If Lon Horiuchi reads this blog, he will get a serious hard-on, thinking of putting one of his HS Precision rounds into her head.

Anonymous said...

Legoland raid in the works?

LOL, kool video. Need to offer the plans cheap on the internet just to watch the hoplophobe's heads explode :)


Anonymous said...


B Woodman