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No hoplophobia in evidence then. A different country, a different time. Maybe one day we'll get back there. Maybe.

Victory Corps: 1942
August 1942. "Training in marksmanship helps girls at Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles develop into responsible women. Part of Victory Corps activities there, rifle practice encourages girls to be accurate in handling firearms. Practicing on the rifle range in the school's basement."

Bloomberg's "gun-control sizzle begins to fizzle."

There is apparently a limit to what money can buy.


New NSA leaks show how US is bugging its European allies. Edward Snowden papers reveal 38 targets including EU, France and Italy. Berlin accuses Washington of cold war tactics.

"Magpul's Last Hurrah Event Overwhelming Success" -- and now the smuggling begins.

From Resister in the Rockies: Today, Magpul gave Commierado the finger by distributing one free 30 round Pmag to the first 1,500 attendees. In addition, attendees were able to purchase Pmags for $10 each.
FOX 31 Denver reports: The Mags For Freedom event at Glendale’s Infinity Park — what organizers are calling a “Farewell to Arms Freedom Festival” — drew about 4,000 or 5,000 people on Saturday, according to early estimates.
And now the smuggling begins.

Have a friend who has a 1950s production Winchester Model 94 30-30 as his meat/self-defense firearm.

He wants me to reload some for him but hasn't a clue as to what bullet/powder combination he wants. Presumably he wants something that will work equally well on deer and two-legged varmints. Now he's a po boy and buying loaded rounds (even just projectiles) for him is out of the question, but it strikes me that having a mold that can cast .30-30 lead projectiles is not such a bad thing and I can always put the surplus back for the kids as trade goods for if, as and when. I've picked up a couple hundred pieces of .30-30 brass over the past few months at the range, but what bullet/powder combination would you .30-30 owners suggest?

Nice. More "Only Ones" BS

Former Sherwood High School teacher sued on claims of molesting special education student
The student threatened to report the sexual contact to the principal, according to the complaint, and Keesee threatened to tell her husband, Sherwood Police Officer Adam Keesee, about the relationship.
The complaint says Denise Keesee did tell her husband. Adam Keesee, according to the complaint, began harassing the student by pulling him over on traffic stops and pointing his firearm at the boy.
"In doing so, Officer Keesee actively attempted to prevent Plaintiff from coming forward to the police about what happened," the complaint says.

Special Forces Association convention passes pro-Second Amendment resolution

I am informed by email that a pro-Second Amendment Resolution was passed by unanimous acclamation at the Special Forces Association convention in San Antonio on 28 June 2013. LTC Robert K. Brown had requested John Frazer to draw it up back after the NRA convention. He states: "Bill Askins, former Marine Corps chopper pilot in Nam, former CIA agent in Nam, former NRA employee and son of Charlie Askins, played a significant role in getting this done. There were several hundred former and current Green Berets who supported the resolution."
I am trying to get a copy of this resolution now and will post it when I have it in hand.

American standard

This graphic arrived in email with the following comment:
The "Big 12" List. (My own term)
American use ammunition that is so historically established, its continued use and legacy is ASSURED for American perpetuity. Buying anything else is simply shortchanging your posterity. (Unless you reload, OR stock in a LIFETIME supply of said ammunition, including training rounds.) Here we go...........
1. .22 LR
2. .38 special
3. .357 magnum
4. .45 ACP
5. .45 Colt
6. . 223 / 5.56 Nato
7. .30-.30
8. .30-.06
9. 7.62 x 39
10. .308 / 7.62 Nato
11. 20 gauge shotgun
12. 12 gauge shotgun
Oh, and for my friend who purchased a .45GAP pistol, I TOLD YOU SO.
I also won't discuss my friend who bought an MAS-49 rifle that shoots 7.5 x 54 French. Good luck.

I'll be on The Freedom Feens radio show today.

I'll be on Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi’s The Freedom Feens radio show today, beginning at Noon Central. They tell me that some stations only carry The Freedom Feens on Saturdays, but here is a list of the stations that will broadcast live: Times are local for where the station is:
KYDT 103.1 FM. Sundance, WY. Sundays 7-9 PM.
KBFS 1450 AM. Rapid City, SD. Sundays 7-9 PM.
KDGO 1240 AM. Durango, CO. Sundays 3-5 PM.
WPBQ 1240 AM. Jackson, MS. Sundays live Noon-2 PM.
(Also, it will be up on their podcast page tomorrow night), and here is the streaming link I've been given.
Ought to be fun. From the pre-show questions they have asked, they are somewhat more doctrinaire in their libertarianism than I am.

Uncontrolled and unrepentant. ATF still embraces their old "F**k up, Move Up" management model.

ATF leader who oversaw botched sting will run Phoenix office

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Democrats bypass checks and balances to halt open gun carry law in Mississippi

A Hinds County circuit court judge, initially appointed to the bench by a Democrat governor, granted the wishes of a Democrat prosecutor on Friday in an “emergency hearing” to halt implementation of a gun bill opposed by Democrat lawmakers, the Associated Press reported . Judge Winston Kidd issued a temporary injunction after Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith requested that he block a new law from going into effect.

“We don’t want our town to turn into another New Orleans." Dudley Do-Wrong commits some tyrannical Canuckery

‘Hell to pay:’ Residents angry as RCMP seize guns from High River homes, ‘It’s just like Nazi Germany,’ says resident.
Officers laid down a spike belt to stop anyone from attempting to drive past the blockade. That action sent the crowd of residents into a rage.
“What’s next? Tear gas?” shouted one resident.
“It’s just like Nazi Germany, just taking orders,” shouted another.
“This is the reason the U.S. has the right to bear arms,” said Charles Timpano, pointing to the group of Mounties.
Officers were ordered to fall back about an hour into the standoff in order to diffuse the situation and listen to residents’ concerns.
“We don’t want our town to turn into another New Orleans,” said resident Jeff Langford. “The longer that the water stays in our houses the worse it’s going to be. We’ll either be bulldozing them or burning them down because we’ve got an incompetent government.”

Another black-robed tyrant raises his ugly head in Mississippi.

Judge blocks Mississippi open-carry gun law

Anniversary: The sentencing of Roger Casement, arms smuggler for Ireland.

Mary Spring-Rice with Molly Childers, smuggling 900 German Mauser M1871 11 mm calibre single shot rifles and 29,000 rounds of blackpowder cartridges on board the Asgard, 1914. These rifles were later used in the Easter Rising of 1916 in Dublin.
Today is the anniversary of the conviction of Sir Roger Casement on 29 June 1916 of the charge of treason to the British Empire, specifically of bringing German arms to Ireland with the aim of stirring an armed uprising.
Here is Casement's speech.
Since arms were so necessary to make our organization a reality and to give to the minds of Irishmen menaced with the most outrageous threats a sense of security, it was our bounden duty to get arms before all else. . . But let me say that I am prouder to stand here today in the traitor's dock to answer this impeachment than to fill the place of my accusers. If there be no right of rebellion against a state of things that no savage tribe would endure without resistance, then am I sure that it is better for men to fight and die without right than to live in such a state of right as this.
Where all your rights become only an accumulated wrong; where men must beg with bated breath for leave to subsist in their own land, to think their own thoughts, to sing their own songs, to garner the fruit of their own labours - and even while they beg to see these things inexorably withdrawn from them - then surely it is a braver, a saner, and a truer thing to be a rebel in act and deed against such circumstances as this than tamely to accept it as the natural lot of men.

Soliciting race war, one news cycle at a time.

CNN runs a crawler that is in direct contradiction to what was being testified to.
"Media inciting hate, race war with Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case."

Friday, June 28, 2013

Magpul To Leave Colorado In Grand Style

"This Saturday (Dana Loesch) will join Magpul, Free Colorado, and Revealing Politics for an epic send-off at Infinity Park. Before Colorado’s anti-Second Amendment laws kick in, Magpul will sell 20 and 30 round standard capacity magazines, in limited supply at the event, and the first 1500 through the gate will receive a free Magpul Gen M2 MOE 30 round magazine featuring either the Free Colorado or Boulder Airlift design, courtesy of Magpul Industries."


I hardly ever spend the money on first-run films. I may make an exception for this one.

Colorado difficulties.

"No battle plan survives contact with the enemy." -- Field Marshal Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke.
The old Prussian von Moltke was certainly right about battle plans. Sometimes they don't even survive contact with your FRIENDS.
Initially, I was invited by organizers of the 2nd Amendment Rally and March on 4 July in Westcliffe, CO as part of their annual festivities and July 4th Parade. There would be a march, a rally and I would get to speak. Also invited were Stewart Rhodes, Sheriff Mack and Larry Pratt. Then, almost immediately, we were disinvited and told that some of the leading lights of the resistance to the new Colorado law didn't want "outsiders" there.
This predated the controversy detailed here, and so reflected their own political estimation of the situation and not noisy collectivist opposition.
Other venues were sought for the week of 4 July and none could be found. Several other Coloradans with impeccable Second Amendment credentials expressed similar aversion to "outsiders." Yesterday, I received this from an attorney in Colorado:
There is pretty likely going to be civil disobedience by Coloradoans themsevles. People coming in from out of state would be extremely counterproductive. There's a strong and growing resentment to the magban being imposed by forces outside of Colorado--namely Bloomberg and Biden. Any civil disobedience would be far more likely to have a positive (or at least non-negative) impact on public opinion if it was done purely by Coloradoans.
Now, I AM welcome at the 1 July disobedience on the statehouse steps, where arrests are pretty much certain. That gives me three days to get there. And, thanks to reader's contributions, while I certainly have the magazines I am short on the money necessary to rent a car, and get there and back, without a co-driver. My plan had been to use my daughter Zoe as a co-driver but I was warned by two lawyers this week that she could be subject to arrest for aiding and abetting my disobedience. That I will not risk. So I decided yesterday I would drive myself if i could raise the vehicle money. I already have had offers of bail money and places to stay out there, but then there is Rosey.
My health has been pretty crappy this week, and I made the mistake of being honest with Rosey when I repeated what my doctor told me -- that he would prefer that I rested up for the surgery to glue me back together rather than go to Colorado just now. Yesterday was one of the worst days I've had in a while and Rosey, hitherto extremely supportive in everything I've done, is now convinced I won't survive arrest and jail at this time.
So, where does that leave me and my plans for Colorado? Well, that's what I'm asking you. Should I wait until after the first Colorado actions (and my surgery) and do some smuggling later this month when I am stronger and have a better chance of arranging a venue? Or should I just get on a bus tomorrow and go get arrested in Denver on 1 July? Either way, I WILL carry out a disobedience action in Colorado at some point. The question now is when. I would appreciate your input.

If gun rights advocates are going to Hell, we'll liberate the place

We're going to Hell? Alright--it's past time for a regime change down there anyway, because we're certainly not going to tolerate a "government . . . er, satanic monopoly on force," no matter how many "gun control" advocates are serving the master.

Praxis: "Cleanliness is Next to Godliness."

"How do you spell Hoppes'? One 'p' or two?"
You betcha.

Predictable result requiring the utmost in situational awareness.

"Twitter Explodes With Threats Against Zimmerman, Random Whites."
I told my daughters just last week that if they hear that Zimmerman has been acquitted, to get to a predetermined safe place IMMEDIATELY and stay there -- armed. My oldest often works her marketing job in rough parts of various cities, including Birmingham, Atlanta and even Houston. My youngest daughter's apartment is on the fringe of USM in Hattiesburg, butted up against another rough area. The racial divide promoted by the collectivists has become so poisonous that it is easy to see an LA riots outcome happening in this case -- all over the country. In any case, opportunistic criminals of every sort would seize on such a chance to commit their own favorite felony specialties in an atmosphere where the cops disappear and apprehension is highly unlikely.
Got militia?

Latest news on B. Toad Jones.

Leahy undercuts ATF nominee's accuser, committee vote off until July

Another country heard from. A clash of worldviews, of liberty and the individual against the collective and tyranny.

26% of Obama Supporters View Tea Party as Nation’s Top Terror Threat
Increasingly, this clash of alternate realities, of worldviews, grows and grows. We are divided by the question: Do the people serve the government, or does the government serve the people? This will not end well. As I have often observed in the past, collectivists view peace as the absence of effective opposition made possible by the imprisonment or death of their perceived enemies -- by the silence of dissenting voices however they achieve it. You do not negotiate an end to such a fight. You either win and remain free, or you lose and you and your children's children become slaves of the collective. Or you die in the fight. It is of supreme indifference to the collectivists how they win, as long as they win. They'll convince you (or your children) with propaganda if they can, but in the end they will kill you if they can't. We, on the other hand, have a much more difficult task. We must defend ourselves without becoming the monsters we claim to fight.
But have no illusions. This is a war of worldviews as old as human history.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts.

It's been a rough day, health-wise. I'll try to catch up in a bit.

Book by dead Austrian homosexual prostitute & megolmaniacal mass murderer gains popularity in India of all places.

Do Asian readers know about the anti-Semitism in 'Mein Kampf'?
LATER: They would do better to read this one:
The Hidden Hitler is the English-language version of the 2001 book Hitlers Geheimnis. Das Doppelleben eines Diktators (Hitler's Secret: The Double Life of a Dictator) by German-Jewish professor and historian Dr. Lothar Machtan. The original book was published in Germany by Alexander Fest Verlag, while the English-translated version was published by Basic Books in New York City. (ISBN 0-465-04308-9)
The book discusses Adolf Hitler's sexuality. Machtan argues that Hitler was a closeted homosexual. Among the evidence, it cites the allegedly homoerotic nature of his friendship with August Kubizek during Hitler's youth in Vienna.
The question of Hitler's homosexuality is also raised in Walter C. Langer's pioneering work The Mind of Adolf Hitler and in Waite's psychoanalytic history The Psychopathic God: Adolf Hitler. -- Wikipedia.

Carolyn McCarthy, barrel shrouds and 'assault slings'

McCarthy and her noxious ilk don't care about the specifics of how they attack gun rights--in their twisted minds, any infringement on that which shall not be infringed is a step in the right direction. Come to think of it, if they keep pushing like they are, maybe they would be safer with slings banned, unless they can manage to stay more than 500 yards away from we the people.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Second IRS staffer pleads the Fifth

“On the advice of the counsel, I respectfully decline to answer any questions and invoke my Fifth Amendment privilege to remain silent,” Roseman said when Issa asked to whom he reported at the IRS.

Cop rape case highlights life-endangering outrage of ‘Only Ones’ mentality

Cop target available at Speedwell Division of the Rockwood Corporation.
Today's Gun Rights Examiner commentary adds another dimension to that "national conversation on guns" the antis say they want to have. Why not see if they're serious? Send them this link, then watch them shuffle, evade, change the subject, attack, ridicule and do everything but directly answer the following question: Under what circumstances would you find it morally justifiable to shoot a police officer?

Pretty funny, really. Teacher's union bureaucrat turns out to be a theologian. She says we're all going to hell.

Lily Eskelsen Garcia, practicing theology without a license. Of course she doesn't say exactly which god SHE worships.
Teachers union vice president: Supporters of gun rights 'going to hell'

West Virginia official thuggery gets worse. Prosecutors try to gag 8th grader in NRA shirt; reporter threatened with arrest

And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. -- Joshua 24:15.
Black-robed thug Judge Eric H. O'Briant, currently a fugitive from the Law of Unintended Consequences.
Kurt says, "The school administrators, the police department, the prosecuting attorneys and the judge responsible for this outrage are trying to destroy people's lives, for the 'crime' of saying things they don't want said. They're out of control, and will undoubtedly continue their petty tyranny until the good people of Logan impose that control. Claire Wolfe's description of America's "awkward stage" might end for these oppressors sooner than they could have guessed."
(See also: "Prosecution attempts to silence Jared Marcum with gag order; reporter covering story threatened with arrest.")
I would like to refer these thugs in uniforms and black robes to Joshua 24:15 with the comment that you can't be a successful fugitive from justice under the Law of Unintended Consequences. It WILL catch up with you sooner or later.

Just when you thought there couldn't be worse things than Harry Reid.

Sen. Schumer’s stock on the rise

Incomplete Nature gun article correction puts agenda over truth

Nature magazine cites David's blog and then publishes a half-assed correction after they screwed up.
"On a personal note, I find it interesting that over six years after I posted the Wintemute warning, he’s still bringing it up as evidence of the troubles he’s seen. Knowing that has resulted in my living in this guy’s head rent-free for all these years is pretty unbelievable."

Hitler Youth to sell Obamacare to parents, or else.

California Schools to Train Kids to Sell ObamaCare

Tell us again how a gun in the home is more dangerous than the chance of being the victim of a home invasion.

Terrifying New Jersey home invasion and beating caught on homeowner's nanny cam.

You nailed it, Ron.

Just in time for the civil war.

Army to cut brigades at 10 U.S. bases.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Voting with their feet (and taking their wallets with them). The exodus from New York continues.

Kahr Arms relocating due to gun control

Logistics: "This Whole Ammo Shortage Thing by the Numbers."

“Take for example .22LR ammunition. The industry as a whole (all manufacturers combined) is setup to produce 4,200,000,000 (4.2 Billions) .22 LR annually. That is running all the machines, full capacity all the time, all manufacturers together."

Bloomberg's blowback.

Is there a backlash to the backlash on Ayotte’s gun-control vote?

Anniversary: The Battle of Little Big Horn

"Damn! All we wanted to do was disarm the heathen bastards. Why are they taking it so personal?"
Today is the anniversary of the battle of Little Big Horn. It is a cautionary tale with many modern ramifications.

"Imagine a Future Free from Gun Violence"

"Yet the poor fellows think they are safe! They think that the war is over! Only the dead have seen the end of war." -- Santayana's "Soliloquies in England," Soliloquy #25, "Tipperary" (Scribners, 1924, p. 102)
These innocents no longer have to worry about anything. They have inherited "a future free from gun violence."
David Codrea links to this piece of CSGV bilge: “I know I for one will never touch a firearm again.” Readers will recall that CSGV is the premier open advocacy group for a government monopoly of violence in this country. When I went to the link I was struck once more by the banner sentiment at the top of their site: "Imagine a Future Free from Gun Violence." Of course the sick truth behind this lie is that the only thing CSGV objects to is the people having the means and the right to resist their "government monopoly of violence." Santayana was right. Only the dead have seen the end of war -- or of tyranny, for that matter. So, until the Second Coming, you'd better be prepared to meet these practitioners of a "government monopoly of violence" with the only thing they understand and will respond to -- countervailing force. Got militia?

Nancy Pelosi's really bad make-up day.

Couldn't resist this photoshop a good friend forwarded to me. It's what might happen one day if Pelosi's inner soul actually bursts through her heavy make-up. My apologizes for any of you who lost their breakfasts or their keyboards.

NY Times revives 'sue and tax gun industry out of existence' strategy

Oh? Tell that to any of the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people per year who successfully use guns for self-defense--very nearly always without a shot fired. Then, tell that to the 170,000,000 disarmed by their governments in the 20th century, to render them helpless to resist those governments' further plans. Keep in mind, though, that you'll need to enlist the services of a medium to hold that conversation.

My senator, Jeff Sessions, has his faults, Lord knows, but his fight against this monstrosity of an amnesty bill isn't one of them.

"The Gang of Eight and their allies revealed their true tactics tonight."
Meanwhile, Pat Buchanan observes: Hispanic influx from immigration bill could break US into ‘two countries’.
And there's this analysis from Mickey Kaus: "This is the reality to keep in the front of your mind when discussing the details of Corker-Hoeven’s border security requirements: None of them is actually going to happen!"
LATER: And always their comes the "OR ELSE" behind the smiling, lying faces: Then Schumer declared the whole dispute beside the point. "It is not that, 'Oh, this bill is allowing many more people to come into this country than would have come,'" he said. "They are coming. They're either coming under law or not under law."
And, “I could see a million people on the mall in Washington — on the platform would not be the usual suspects but the leaders of business, the leaders of the Evangelical movement, the leaders of high tech as well as most Americans pressuring the House to act. I think they’re going to have to act whether they have a majority of Republicans [in the House] or not.”

Monday, June 24, 2013

U.S. Surveillance Is Not Aimed at Terrorists

The debate over the U.S. government’s monitoring of digital communications suggests that Americans are willing to allow it as long as it is genuinely targeted at terrorists. What they fail to realize is that the surveillance systems are best suited for gathering information on law-abiding citizens.

Logistics: Crowds subside, but ammo still a big draw at gun show

Ammunition was far and away the hottest selling item. Many of the first people in the door went directly to the Georgia Arms ammo area and some were bringing out multiple GI ammo cans of their purchases before I got into the show. Center fire ammo was readily available in case lots. I saw off brand but plenty good 9mm for 32 cents a round and .45 ACP for 42 cents a round. Rifle caliber ammo also seemed to be returning to near pre-crisis prices. There was even some .30 carbine to be had 80 cents a round.

Praxis: Rotate Your Carry Ammunition

The round in question was examined by the manufacturer, who discovered that the primer mix had been knocked out of the primer when the round was cycled through the firearm multiple times.

Turn 'em In, Mr. and Mrs. Citadel?

David Codrea's take on the Glen Beck interview of Kerodin.

Logistics: "Inside the great Obama ammo grab."

An international firearms dealer said the White House is blocking ammunition sales to American citizens as federal agencies continue to stockpile.

We're fixing to lose David Codrea to the private sector, and it's a damn shame.

David Codrea, Len Savage and somebody else at Knob Creek.
I may be breaking a confidence here, but the fact of the matter is that between the bastards at Examiner who keep jacking around their citizen journalists by cutting their pay-per-view and the failure (out of oversight or, in some cases, such as Drudge and the NRA, apparent pure animus) to link David's important work, he is now seeking work in the private sector. He will no longer be able to keep going with an economic model that is apparently a failure. And when he does find another job, he will not have the time to pursue important stories like Fast and Furious, the Reese family, etc. This is a tragedy and a damn shame on those of us who have not done what we can to share David's links with the wider world. You don't have to send him money, in fact he will refuse it or, if non-returnable, give it to charity. What he needs is for y'all to support his work by sharing his Examiner links. Please.

"Emperor Alexander"

Meet The Man In Charge Of America's Secret Cyber Army (In Which "Bonesaw" Makes A Mockery Of PRISM)

Now we have food registration.

USDA agricultural census program is a covert surveillance operation to compile government database of food and farm assets.

That old "For whom the bell tolls" thing.

'Walking while armored (and black)' apparently grounds for suspicion in New York
Again, it's not easy to conjure up any sympathy for "King Salim Habazz," or to be very upset about his removal from the streets, but if his making himself more difficult to shoot to death is to be considered grounds for suspicion of a crime worthy of suspending the Bill of Rights, why should any of us consider ourselves immune to the same abuses?


Brazil Pepper-Spray Photo Highlights Exposure Risks

Good luck with that.

Progressives set sights on their next conservative target: The NRA

When collectivism meets journalism, they'll eat their own -- every time.

I saw this extraordinary exchange -- NBC's Gregory: Why shouldn't Greenwald be charged?
NBC "Meet the Press" host David Gregory got a rise out of Glenn Greenwald on Sunday by asking the Guardian reporter why he shouldn't be charged with a crime for having "aided and abetted" former National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden.
Greenwald replied on the show Sunday that it was "pretty extraordinary that anybody who would call themselves a journalist would publicly muse about whether or not other journalists should be charged with felonies." . . .
During his interview with NBC's Gregory, Greenwald declined to discuss where Snowden was headed. That refusal seemed to prompt Gregory to ask: "To the extent that you have aided and abetted Snowden, even in his current movements, why shouldn't you, Mr. Greenwald, be charged with a crime?"
Greenwald said Gregory was embracing the Obama administration's attempt to "criminalize investigative journalism," citing an FBI agent's characterization of Fox News journalist James Rosen as a probable co-conspirator of a State Department contractor who was suspected of leaking classified information to Rosen. Rosen was not charged.
"If you want to embrace that theory, it means that every investigative journalist in the United States who works with their sources, who receives classified information is a criminal, and it's precisely those theories and precisely that climate that has become so menacing in the United States," said Greenwald

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Voting with their feet and their wallet?

Gun manufacturer Looking Into Rockingham County Facility

Convicted federal extortionist makes Blaze TV

Just had a buddy call my attention to this: Take an Inside Look at the Planned ‘Citadel’ Community for ‘Patriots’ Ya gotta hand it to the little con-man/felon, he sure knows how to slip under the common sense radar.

Taking your cell phone to the range?

Government could use metadata to map your every move.
Metadata with GPS locations, for example, can trace a teenage girl to an abortion clinic or a patient to a psychiatrist’s office, said Karen Reilly, the development director for The Tor Project, a U.S.-based nonprofit that produces technology to provide online anonymity and circumvent censorship.
Metadata can even identify a likely gun owner, she said.
“Never mind background checks, if you bring your cellphone to the gun range you probably have a gun,” Reilly said.
“People don’t realize all the information that they’re giving out,” she said. “You can try to secure it – you can use some tech tools, you can try to be a black hole online – but if you try to live your life the way people are expecting it, it’s really difficult to control the amount of data that you’re leaking all over the place.”
A former senior official of the National Security Agency said the government’s massive collection of metadata allowed the agency to construct “maps” of an individual’s daily movements, social connections, travel habits and other personal information.
“This is blanket. There is no constraint. No probable cause. No reasonable suspicion,” said Thomas Drake, who worked unsuccessfully for years to report privacy violations and massive waste at the agency to his superiors and Congress.
Metadata “is more useful than (the) content” of a telephone call, email or Internet search, Drake said in an interview. “It gets you a map over time. I get to map movements, connections, communities of interest. It’s also a tracking mechanism.”

Logistics: Another take on where all the ammo has gone.

Ammunition in popular calibers continues to be hard to find.

Praxis: Free eBook dated 1916 on "Shelters, Shacks and Shanties"

"(T)his . . . has been divided under two general heads, "The Tomahawk Camps" and "The Axe Camps," that is, camps which may be built with no tool but a hatchet, and camps that will need the aid of an axe.

The black dog remains away from the office, so I'll be spending another Absolved day.

Captain Trips Update. Looks like the Religion of Peace is about to give us all a nice Ramadan present.

World Health Organisation calls emergency meeting to respond to SARS-like outbreak
"Everyone is very aware of the fact that Ramadan begins next month and that there will be a large, large movement of people in a small crowded spaces," said Gregory Hartl, a spokesman for the WHO. "So the more we know about this virus before that starts the better."
There are also concerns that tourists could bring the virus back to their home countries. It appears to have an incubation period of up to 12 days and a fatality rate of 60 per cent. . . There are currently no known treatments. Margaret Chan, WHO director-general, previously called MERS a “threat to the entire world”.

"Why does a 501(c)(4) whose most prominent member is one of the world’s richest people need to take a free ride on the taxpayer dime to keep its website running?"

Building off the work of Ace of Spades. Allahpundit asks: "Why is the website of Bloomberg’s anti-gun group housed on New York City servers?"

Another 3% "How to Avoid Being Killed by Federal Law Enforcement Agents."

3% of the time I have to deal with sadistic megalomaniacs who have no business being Agents in the first place. They give all of us a bad name and the armed citizen is right to hate their guts.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Uncovering the Camp Bastion Cover-Up

Along with the most devastating loss of U.S. airpower since Vietnam, two heroic U.S. Marines -- Lt. Col. Christopher Raible and Sgt. Bradley Atwell -- were killed in the battle, and nearly a dozen others were injured. Military officials refused to release details of the fateful budget and strategy decisions that led to the attack. But Deborah Hatheway, aunt of Sgt. Atwell and the family's spokesperson, and other Camp Bastion families learned on their own that their loved ones were left vulnerable to attack by military leaders who outsourced watchtower security on the base to soldiers from Tonga.

Amnesty could remove firearms disabilities from millions of current lawbreakers

Shoot, yeah, let's arm all those criminal illegals: At a time when the Obama administration is pushing new “gun control” measures as needed national public safety priorities, an unspoken effect of its “bipartisan” plan for “immigration reform” could be to remove federal firearms disabilities from millions of people who have already broken federal immigration law and who are thus currently prohibited by United States Code from possessing a firearm.

They even spied on Barry.

Russ Tice, a former intelligence analyst and Bush-era NSA whistleblower, claimed Wednesday that the intelligence community has ordered surveillance on a wide range of groups and individuals, including high-ranking military officials, lawmakers and diplomats.

Federal nullification efforts mounting in states

States increasingly saying 'no way' to federal laws ranging from guns to drugs and health care

Going to try to chase that black dog out of the office.

Will spend some time on Absolved. More later.

Top 7 Negative Economic Effects of Colorado Gun Control

Well, they'll be getting MY tourist dollars anyway, and maybe my bail money.

Now we have a "Toy Gun March on Washington."

'Toy Gun March' coming to the Mall

A collectivist proposes to "Free the ATF"

"I like Durbin's bill, but I see no chance of its passage as long as Republicans control the House. However, I consider it worth pursuing, because it makes public the manner in which Republicans are sabotaging Americans' safety for the sake of gun industry profits and seditionist hate groups."
"Seditionist hate groups." Where have I heard that before? My response, which is "awaiting moderation."
"Free the ATF?" Interesting experiment in alternate collectivist reality. You perhaps have heard of the Law of Unintended Consequences? Starting a bloody civil war seems a bit counterproductive to your plans and to the safety of the society you wish to foist them upon. I understand that collectivism is nothing but an appetite for other people's liberty, property and lives but just how many of us "bitter clingers" are you willing to see dead in order to enforce your plans for more citizen disarmament? A million? Two? Ten? Think hard, and think now — before that process server from the Law of Unintended Consequences shows up at your door with the butcher's bill.

Embattled gun-hating Colorado senator begs for out-of-state money, condemns it

"Gun control" and hypocrisy are consistently boon companions, but most forcible citizen disarmament advocates are at least smart enough to make some kind of effort to hide it. Maybe Morse is just making certain that when the recall election occurs, no one will need to submit his vote from the rooftops.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

God bless you, Swift.

It couldn't have been better timed.

I AM Expendable. Why Colorado. Why me.

A personal note to the two former residents of Dennis Avenue who I know read this blog. Do us all a favor and don't rat me out on this post. I'm going to be speaking frankly and she doesn't need the worry.
In Colorado, not all the Nazis are in the state legislature and the governor's mansion. Some pick up the trash along the roads (and not in a chain gang, unfortunately).
Along with all the defeatist claptrap troll responses to We Are Expendable, bleating about "every day the bluefor gets stronger and the redfor gets weaker" (sounds a lot like the collectivists' "resistance is futile" meme, doesn't it?) there came a somewhat different response to my latest post on Colorado. Old Greybeard writes:
Since you will be flagrantly violating a Colorado "law", and they will want to make an example of you, what makes you think you will get bail, since surely you would be considered a flight risk?
Also, all those magazines will be totally wasted. You might as well just mail them to the Colorado state police because those guys will wind up using them someday or they will just be destroyed after being used as evidence against you.
That's the biggest reason I haven't sent you any magazines. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT THIS FOLLY. There are other ways to support the Second Amendment. For example, being able to continue updating your blog every day, my friend. - Old Greybeard
Now I smiled when I read this because I know Old Greybeard. I know where his heart is. And though we disagree on some things, I am proud to call him a friend. He is motivated, I am certain, only out of concern for me. But he raises several issues -- some serious -- that I think need to be explained.
First, no, OGB, those magazines won't be wasted. I'll only have one in my hand or in my vehicle if/when I am arrested in Denver. The others, I assure you, will not be wasted. My daughter Zoe will be my driver/videographer for the trip and will not participate in the action. The charge is a misdemeanor. I am not a flight risk. I will have local counsel already arranged and, if the readership comes through when I issue the call, bail money in somebody's pocket.
"When, if not now, shall we resist?" -- Mike Vanderboegh, Hartford, CT, 20 April 2013.
In some measure, this is an undiscovered country I knew I was headed to when I founded the Three Percent movement. When you draw a line that you declare is a last ditch, you either defend it or risk violating your principles and discrediting your entire life.
I never sought to be a leader of anything. The unfortunate thing for me is that other people thought I was a leader. You know, when I was first picked to lead my Alabama militia unit (we didn't even have a name for it back then), I was perplexed. I had been in Alabama since 1985. I knew about the difference between "Yankees" and "Damyankees." I had married a southern girl and stayed. Ten years afterward, whenever I'd go up to Winston County to interview descendants of Alabama Unionists, I'd still get some old lady leaning forward into my face with a piercing gaze and challenging, "Y'all ain't from aroun' heer, air ya?" And I always had to admit that I wasn't.
So finally, one day, I asked the other guys in the militia, "How come you picked me? I mean, I'm a 'Damyankee.' Why are you trusting me?" There was an uncomfortable silence and finally, with a wry grin, one of the boys said, "Well, hell, Mike. You ARE a Yankee. If we put you out front and you get killed, we ain't lost nothin'." The room exploded in laughter. Which, I reflected, sort of told me where I stood. And it WAS funny.
But the thing about being a leader is that you have the responsibility, the DUTY, to LEAD. As one comment to the transcript of my Hartford speech said: "By sticking your neck out and taking action, hopefully the people of CT will have an example to follow and won't feel fear now that someone else has already done it."
And that's one aspect of leadership. A leader doesn't ask his people to do anything that he isn't willing to do himself, and, by his example, he inspires others.
The other thing is that I don't know how long I'm going to be able to keep this -- all this, including the blog -- up and running. True, with my weight loss of 135 pounds since the surgery both my blood pressure and my diabetes are doing much better. My previously infected toe on my right foot is now healed and as of yesterday I am back with shoes on both my feet again for the first time in months. But I still have congestive heart failure (if I ever get tased it will probably kill me right there) and the nagging aftermath of the surgery is that hole in my back that continues to leak. In fact the past three days it has gotten far worse, and now seems to be infected according to the two different doctors (and their co-pays) that I visited yesterday. We're having to change the dressings four to five times a day. Oh, they've prescribed an antibiotic and I'm taking that but this up and down stuff gets to be more than a bit wearing. Then there's Churchill's black dog that seems to make a reappearance every time I turn to Absolved to try to finish it.
On the bright side, the surgeon yesterday came up with yet another idea to plug the hole in my gastric-esophogeal junction by means of a state-of-the-art human epoxy glue. When I get back from Colorado, I will enter the hospital (they have to keep me NPO yet hydrated by means of IVs while the glue is setting up) and we will give it a shot. The funny thing is that this glue is mostly used to repair anal fistulas and when the doc told me THAT I laughed myself half to death. When he asked what was so funny I said, "You know, Doc, there is a considerable body of opinion including my ex-wife and Eric Holder, that I am an asshole. I guess this proves it."
Still, I'm skating on the the thin ice of multiple threats to my health not including my ex-wife's voodoo doll or Eric Holder's collectivist animus. I know that, statistically speaking, after all I've been through I shouldn't be here, leading me to conclude that God is not done with me yet. So I do what I can, while I can. It is after all, what He has commanded all of us stiff-necked Christians to do -- which is to stand in the gap. The thing is, when you get closer to the end than the beginning, you begin to realize your own body's mortality and you want to make whatever time you have left count. The other thing is, if you're a Christian, you understand that they cannot take away or compromise your own inextinguishable soul, only you can do that. So, if you stay true to your faith, the worst thing that happens is that you go to a better place where your side wins in the end.
OGB, God love him (and He does), believes that to be so much fairy dust. Well, maybe it is. We'll all find out sooner than we want to rather than later, given the world we live in. But the fact of the matter is that I DO believe it. It is a part of who I am, and to quote another flawed Christian, Martin Luther, "Hier stehe ich, ich kann nicht anders, Gott helfe mir, Amen." ("Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.")
The thing is, I believe I wouldn't be here without the prayerful support of my readers. This is spiritual warfare we are engaged in people, with the best evidence of that being the absolute, blood-thirsty evil of our collectivist enemies and their appetites for our liberty, our property and our lives. How can you look at Waco and not see the evil hand behind it? How can you consider the vicious, sustained campaign by the federal "law enforcement" bureaucracy to victimize the Reese family without hearing the Devil himself laugh in the background? These people who seek to enslave us are evil. It may be a banal evil, to use Hannah Arendt's phrase, but IT IS EVIL bureaucratized and yet personified all at once and together. So, viewed through the lens of my own principles, I AM expendable. It is what God put me on this earth to do -- fight evil with all my heart and soul until He calls me home.
No one thought that the authorities of your state would pass laws making criminals out of the previously law-abiding -- but they did. If they catch you violating their unconstitutional laws, they will -- when they please -- send armed men to work their will upon you. And people -- innocent of any crime save the one these tyrants created -- will die resisting them. -- Mike Vanderboegh, Hartford CT, 20 April 2013.
Why Colorado? Because that is where the collectivist enemy is. That is one place where he has made gains that need to be confronted. It seems that we have turned back the federal grab that the citizen disarmament blood dancers began after Newtown, much to their frustration. But it is the states where they continue to gain ground. So, we must confront them as they confront us -- state by state, jurisdiction by jurisdiction, using all the tools at hand. As my good friend David Codrea says, "Any chair in a bar fight." Even those who urge me not to go concede the truth that the Colorado tyranny must be resisted. We must confront these collectivist bastards in Colorado and every other state where they've made gains. My friends and supporters, OGB included, just don't want it to be ME. But if not me, who? And if not now, when?
There is one way you might stop me from going. Just don't send me any more subscription donations. Without the money for car rental and gas, without the bail money, I'm dead in the water, so to speak. As generous as y'all have been, if the PO Box remains empty as it was this week, I'll be reduced to hitchhiking. So you can vote with your wallets. Should I stay or should I go? I'm tempted to say it's up to y'all, but that would be a lie. I'm going. Somehow, God will provide. But I'm going. I love OGB like a brother, but I'm going.

Political psychiatry with the connivance of the NRA.

Mental health gun bill goes to Scott's desk
As David Codrea wrote back in January: Mental health ‘reforms’ could cast ‘blanket dragnet’ for gun rights disabilities

GOA steps up to defend 8th grader who faces year in jail for talking

The forcible citizen disarmament jihadists are waging a war of annihilation on the gun culture, and the juiciest targets are the young gun rights advocates. Kids are ill-equipped to fight back against adults in "authority," and gun prohibitionists, like all cowards, prefer targeting those who cannot fight back. Secondly, the gun-haters can afford to be patient, and wait a generation for the end game, and so if they crush the spirit of the next generation of resistance now, their objective--disarmament of the American citizenry--will be within easy reach in a few years. If we let them get away with it, we deserve to lose.

More along the lines of Losing the Mandate of Heaven

Obama and his team have subverted the government they pledged to serve.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

OK, let me get this straight. The guy wanted to "kill the enemies of Israel" so he approached the anti-Semitic Klan for help? (And, being a wholly-owned subsidiary of the FBI, they ratted him out.) Well, of course.

FBI Foils Plot To Build Strange X-Ray Weapon, Possibly Targeting President Obama

I'm shocked. . . SHOCKED! to find domestic spying going on here.

FBI Director Says Agency Is Using Drones Over The U.S.

An important one from David Codrea: Laws discriminate against sex as well as age in Illinois FOID case

Females are clearly being discriminated against by federal law, as they are excluded from recognition as members of the unorganized militia on the basis of sex. That such a law would withstand challenge is doubtful without a redefinition of militia composition to recognize the realities of the role women are capable of and entitled to. That this law has been allowed to stand as written for so long, and that no bill has been introduced to recognize discriminatory exclusions that can be used to deny standing to women, is a discussion Gun Rights Examiner hopes to start with this column.

I don't even know what an RSS feed is.

A reader sends in email:
I generally (try to) read your site through the RSS feed, so I can carry the essays with me and peruse them at my leisure. However, recently, many your feed entries have been just the "Doctrine of the Three Percent", with no text. The last actual post I got was the 14th of June entry on the Peggy Noonan article. All the article titles show up in the feed just fine, and the preview of the article is there, but opening the article just shows the Doctrine. Feeds from other sites seem to be coming in fine, so I'm suspecting something is getting chewed up by whatever software creates your RSS feed updates.
Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this problem?

Colorado Gun Rights Advocates Plan to Break New Magazine Law on Capitol Steps

Maybe I'll make the one on 2 July as well.

Reese lawyers reply to prosecutor move to deny assets for defense

From David Codrea.

"An officer kneed Musso and he was then Tasered by another officer and brought to the ground before being taken into custody."

Fun times with the Bloomberg astro-turf bus. Police Taser Gun Rights Advocate at Anti-Gun Violence Rally .
And then there's this from Weasel Zippers: UNREAL: Anti-Gun Rally Held By Bloomberg’s Group Mentions Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev As A Victim Of Gun Violence…
ALSO: Bloomberg bus to stop in N.H. after cops called on activists in Conn.

It was an NRA tee shirt that got Jared Marcum in trouble -- but it is GOA which is doing something about it.

Gun Owners Foundation has come to the defense of a West Virginia teenager who is actually being prosecuted (a.k.a., persecuted) for his pro-gun views.
Jared Marcum wore a T-shirt to his Logan County middle school in West Virginia on April 18 — a decision that has since sparked a national controversy.
No, Jared’s T-shirt did not depict a Muslim beheading a victim while shouting Alahu Akhbar! Such depictions of violence would violate the school’s dress code.
Jared’s T-shirt depicted a hunting rifle with the message: “Protect Your Right.” And now, he faces up to a year in jail for doing so!
The outrageousness of this case has prompted the involvement of Gun Owners Foundation, which has agreed to help Jared pro bono.

Armed Independence Day rally in Colorado

This is the event on 4 July in Custer County CO I was talking about yesterday.

Win a free 5,000 rounds of pistol ammo.


Illinois AG seeks to deny forcibly disarmed young woman her day in court

Ms. Horsley's parents assert that at the age of 18--old enough to serve in the military (and indeed to join without her parents' permission), using some of the most powerful weapons in the history of humanity--she is not old enough for the responsibility of possessing a double barrel shotgun to defend her life. At 18, that is no longer their judgment to make.

Poor babies.

Biden concedes W.H. gun push falters in Congress
Meanwhile, OFA Gun Control Rally in San Bernardino Draws 3 Protesters

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

JPFO offers chance to win gun denied to NYPD


The Chicago Way. They sure want B. Toad Jones in place at ATF.

Sen. Durbin pressures gun lobby with threat to move ATF authority to FBI.
The bill being crafted by Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) would allow for the ATF’s functions to be shifted to another agency, such as the FBI, effectively bypassing the need for the Senate to confirm a director of the embattled bureau.
“It strikes me that if the Senate has not confirmed the head of an agency as important as this, after a certain period of time, that we should transfer the jurisdiction of that agency to the FBI for example, which has a long-term director,” Durbin told The Hill.
Riiight. First, they wouldn't be able to get it past the House and second, the FBI will make sure it never happens because they don't want the mission. The J.Edgar files would come out to defend themselves from that tar baby.

All dressed up and no place in Colorado to go -- yet.

Well, folks, we've made our minimum of 100 on the magazines to smuggle into Colorado -- and then some. The generosity of my readers never ceases to amaze me. Along with magazines, I've received brass and even bullets to enhance my reloading efforts in the same boxes, and of course voluntary donations for gas and expenses. God bless you all.
The problem is that as yet the plan for distributing them has yet to come together. There is a civil disobedience already planned for Custer County on the 4th, but we are given to understand (after an initial invitation by organizers) that they "don't want outsiders" there, Custer County would be a great place to do it because the sheriff there is one of the ones who has signed onto the lawsuit against the intolerable act, and says he won't enforce it, so politically it would be a two-fer. Since I'm going to be out in Colorado anyway, I may cover the event for Sipsey Street because the civil disobedience is news in and of itself.
The other possibility is a 1 July civil disobedience planned for the statehouse steps in Denver, but I am awaiting more information on that. This action, planned on Facebook, is described this way:
1- This isn't a political rally. There will be no guest speakers sound systems mc's or dj's. The time for talking about action is over. This is about willful civil disobedience on the doorstep of those who feign to be our rulers.
2-this is a protest of the new state law. As it is being done in Denver, I suggest everyone bring or exchange magazines that come as close to the 15 round unit as possible while still going over.
3- There is a real possibility of arrest here. with that in mind, I don't recommend bringing mags you cant afford to lose, and i do not recommend carrying."
The organizer is Ryan Tuleja and I am waiting for some more info from him. Previously I had been persuaded by Colorado friends that doing anything in Denver was more than problematic if the crowd numbers were not there. If I'm going to certainly be arrested (as seems to be Tuleja's plan for himself), I don't need a hundred magazines, just one. Perhaps it will be possible to do all three -- participate in the 1 July action in Denver, get bailed out of jail (assuming the bail money can be raised), cover the 4 July action in Custer County AND smuggle in the 100 magazines (with suitable press coverage).
That is how my mind is trending at the moment.

The rush to non-judgment of B. Toad Jones

Grassley sees rush to confirm ATF chief facing probe

Police magazine asks: Who Are the Oath Keepers?

Not a bad article.

Grasping government makes "greedy oil companies" look like pikers.

Who Really Gets Rich Off High Gas Prices? Exxon made seven cents per gallon in 2011. Federal, state and local governments siphoned off 50 cents in taxes.

That whole "Losing the Mandate of Heaven" thing. More on delegitimization.

Government compromises our trust

Gee, why am I not surprised?

‘Pro-Gun’ Ricin mailer turns out to be Hollywood anti-gunner

Illinois AG wants yet more time to decide on how to restrict armed self-defense

Madigan's stall tactics are a transparent attempt to inflict the most restrictive, intrusive and unworkable defensive firearm carry law possible on the people of Illinois. At the same time, while she stalls, Illinoisans are being forced to choose between "law abiding" (and thus defenseless against predatory muggers, rapists and murderers), and prepared to defend themselves (and thus "gun criminals," as per a law already ruled to be unconstitutional, but still enforced in 99 of the state's 102 counties). The Supreme Court has no business helping her in that endeavor.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Reese lawyers reply to prosecutor move to deny assets for defense

The Reese family agony goes on and on.

Sharyl Attkisson Shares Update On Computer Hacking Investigation

“Whoever was in my work computer, the only thing I was working on were work-related things with CBS were big stories I guess during the time period in questions were I guess Benghazi and ‘Fast and Furious.’ The intruders did have access to personal information including passwords to my financial accounts and so on, but didn’t tamper with those, so they weren’t interested in stealing my identity or doing things to my finances. So people can decide on their own what they might have been trying to do in there.”

Another big surprise.

IRS official contradicts claims about reviews

Bloomberg bus to stop in N.H. after cops called on activists in Conn.

His narrative is instructive, because it exposes the often-repeated and obvious falsehood that the MAIG group is only interested in going after “illegal guns.” According to this report, they saw lawful activity they do not approve of and still attempted to use armed authorities to put a stop to it, which means they're not above using law enforcement to endanger peaceable citizens exercising freedoms they oppose.

Recommended reading: Bunker Hill -- A City, A Siege, a Revolution by Nathaniel Philbrick.

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill, which as we all know was actually fought on Breed's Hill.
Recently my friend Stewart Rhodes sent me a copy of Bunker Hill -- A City, A Siege, a Revolution by Nathaniel Philbrick. It is, in short sentence, the best single work I've ever read on the battle, its prelude (including the Stamp Act, the Boston Massacre, the Tea Party, the Powder Alarm and Lexington and Concord) as well as its aftermath.
I most especially recommend it to those generally anonymous posters who quibble with my policy of "No Fort Sumters" and who dispute my contention that the Founders were smart men who understood the necessity of goading the Crown forces into firing first, thereby forcing them to cede the moral high ground to the forces of liberty. They did, in fact, leave us a template for future action to defend the Republic they bequeathed us. Even when they engaged in street violence, these were conservative men who sought to control events with the Boston mob. Their responses to British provocations were measured -- and maddening -- to both the Crown and the Tories:
The appearance of Joyce Junior (MBV: a masked mob leader who actually was the 26 year old son of Harvard professor John Winthrop and descended from THE Winthrops who had founded Massachusetts Bay Colony) in January 1774 appears to have been part of an effort by patriot leaders to control the aftermath of the Tea Party. Unwieldy mob eruptions such as the one that provoked the Boston Massacre inevitably made for bad publicity in both America and England. In an effort to depict the destruction of East India tea as an act of principle rather than of rage, the Tea Party had been minutely choreographed from the start. Joyce Junior was continuing this attempt to channel if not contain the violence.
So, on this anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill, get this book and sift its many lessons from the Founders. You will, I think, come to understand that the Founders themselves would have embraced the principle of "No Fort Sumters."
The Death of General Warren at Breed's Hill.

Why am I not surprised?

FBI knew earlier of Boston bombing suspect.

Quisling Manchin discovers he has to spend money to defend himself from the NRA's truth-telling.

Question is, are West Virginians gullible enough to believe this lying traitor to the Founders' Republic?

Latest outrage: 8th grader who wore NRA shirt faces year of jail -- for talking

More importantly, if one can face a year in jail for talking when an armed agent of the government has ordered one to be quiet, the First Amendment has effectively ceased to exist. There is no free speech when speaking against the government's wishes is a "crime," that can lead to a child spending a year in a cage.

"Our Masters, the Bureaucrats."

The thing the new "masters" should understand is that they are NOT "untouchable" in the event they spark a civil war.
Ten Thousand Lawyers, Part One.
Ten Thousand Lawyers, Part Two.
Ten Thousand Lawyers, Part Three.

Old Yellowstain Boehner has a whole "leadership" crew of sellouts -- including one from Idaho of all places.

Major tests loom for Boehner
Boehner ally Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), a key member of the Appropriations Committee, told The Hill that postponing the debt-limit fight makes it more difficult for appropriators to move their spending bills before the summer recess. . .
With the GOP-controlled House and the Democratic-controlled Senate so far apart on their respective budgets, Boehner will have to negotiate spending levels while also dealing with the very real possibility of a government shutdown in the fall.
Since Republicans took over the House in 2011, the majority party has had a difficult time garnering a majority of the fiscally conservative conference to support spending bills, let alone more divisive matters such as immigration.
Still, Simpson believes that Boehner intends to let the House “work its will” on the measures even if it means relying on Democratic votes to carry the majority of support for those bills.
“When you are Speaker, you aren't just Republican Speaker, you are Speaker of the whole House and you need to do what's best for the whole House sometimes that might mean a majority of Democrats and minority of Republicans that pass a bill,” Simpson said.
Others disagree. Conservatives on and off Capitol Hill are urging Boehner to embrace the “Hastert rule,” which is named after former Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.). The rule stipulates that no bill can come to the House floor unless it has the backing of a majority of House Republicans.
Some Republicans don’t think that is necessary.
“The important thing is to pass something on immigration so we can go to conference with the Senate,” Simpson noted.