Thursday, June 27, 2013

Carolyn McCarthy, barrel shrouds and 'assault slings'

McCarthy and her noxious ilk don't care about the specifics of how they attack gun rights--in their twisted minds, any infringement on that which shall not be infringed is a step in the right direction. Come to think of it, if they keep pushing like they are, maybe they would be safer with slings banned, unless they can manage to stay more than 500 yards away from we the people.


FedUp said...

I thought the shoulder thing that goes up was a folding buttstock.

MamaLiberty said...

Actually, I know several old Marines who can punch a five - eight inch group at 1,000 yards... with a decent scope and support, of course.

They are probably not all that unique.

And you can make a sling or support out of pretty much anything. :)

Temnota said...

I'd have left this on Kurt's page except his comment form never loads for me. I'd always read McCarthy's "shoulder thing" comment to mean one of those overfolder tactical shotgun stocks, which would kinda fit in with the "barrel shroud" motif. I don't credit McCarthy with the brains to see a threat in sling-supported shooting.

Anonymous said...
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