Friday, June 28, 2013

Magpul To Leave Colorado In Grand Style

"This Saturday (Dana Loesch) will join Magpul, Free Colorado, and Revealing Politics for an epic send-off at Infinity Park. Before Colorado’s anti-Second Amendment laws kick in, Magpul will sell 20 and 30 round standard capacity magazines, in limited supply at the event, and the first 1500 through the gate will receive a free Magpul Gen M2 MOE 30 round magazine featuring either the Free Colorado or Boulder Airlift design, courtesy of Magpul Industries."


Anonymous said...

Judge Eric H. O'Briant has dropped all charges against teenager Jared Markum. The charges had been a result of his wearing an NRA tee shirt to school. We don't know if the judge logically concluded that under the law or if he succumbed to public pressure. The remaining question is: How much did the legal fees cost Jared's family? Jared's lawyer should be suing the school, school principal, the teacher who complained and law enforcement now for false arrest and anything else which applies to recover those costs plus punitive damages!

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

Now that is style!

TimeHasCome said...

History is being made right now . Magpul makes great product and I am proud of them.