Friday, June 21, 2013

Going to try to chase that black dog out of the office.

Will spend some time on Absolved. More later.


Carl said...

A little double entendre?

Ashrak said...

When that black dog hounds you relentlessly and feeding it doesn't work, ignoring it doesn't work and just trying to force through the barking and pestering, try this....

Write about personal life experience totally unrelated to the topic you do actually want to write about. Crank out memory based sentences one right after the other of childhood memories like a meal your mom made that you absolutely refused to eat. Go right into the next thought you have about another childhood memory, and again to the next.

As the paragraphs crank out - keeping in mind that they offer no rhyme or reason, this random thought exercise will eventually produce a sentence or two that you set aside for use in what you actually want to write about.

We all know that even as you try to put out of your mind that topic in order to try this exercise - it will still linger. But then that's what makes this exercise successful sometimes! Give it a try once Mike. Just type out whatever you are thinking in the moment. Heck, if your first thought is that I'm absolutely full if it - then start there. Write that. Then, write the next thought.

You never know, the product may turn out to be a funny collection of random thought your family can enjoy years and years from now. Though generally it just ends up being so random that it makes no sense. But that's the point! Send the jibberish out so that you clear the area of the dog that is so bothersome at times.

General Secretary Barack Obama said...

Citizen, the title of this posting appears to be not only treasonous in the extreme, but also a prime exemplar of "dat rayciss".