Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Chicago Way. They sure want B. Toad Jones in place at ATF.

Sen. Durbin pressures gun lobby with threat to move ATF authority to FBI.
The bill being crafted by Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) would allow for the ATF’s functions to be shifted to another agency, such as the FBI, effectively bypassing the need for the Senate to confirm a director of the embattled bureau.
“It strikes me that if the Senate has not confirmed the head of an agency as important as this, after a certain period of time, that we should transfer the jurisdiction of that agency to the FBI for example, which has a long-term director,” Durbin told The Hill.
Riiight. First, they wouldn't be able to get it past the House and second, the FBI will make sure it never happens because they don't want the mission. The J.Edgar files would come out to defend themselves from that tar baby.


Happy D said...

Is that supposed to be a threat?

As much as I do not like about the FBI they are a thousand times better than the Benedict Arnolds at the BATFE.

Anonymous said...

As it was during the Clinton administration, the question will be what to do with the Rambo-wannabe's in the ATF. They have GS civil service job protection but the FBI doesn't feel like they need an infusion of trigger happy wild cards at this time.

Anonymous said...

Same animal, different letters, same leadership, same unconstitutional policies and practices.

Anyway you slice this it isn't going to end well.