Friday, June 28, 2013

If gun rights advocates are going to Hell, we'll liberate the place

We're going to Hell? Alright--it's past time for a regime change down there anyway, because we're certainly not going to tolerate a "government . . . er, satanic monopoly on force," no matter how many "gun control" advocates are serving the master.


Anonymous said...

Careful what you wish for, Ms. might just get it.

tom said...

Assuming she of the NEA Veeping is Judeo-Christian, the "hell" described in Judeo-Christian Terms, AND in the words of Jesus, is a temporary place. Sheol/Hades are a place of reflection and atonement on misdeeds, not eternal torment. A place before final judgment. If you study the various translations and commentaries, some have spoken of a division of Sheol/Hades into a portion for the truly wicked, and a portion for those less so.

In the words of Jesus, he speaks eleven times of Gehenna, which does not translate to hell in any mainstream religious interpretations. Gehenna is potentially a place of eternal torment, as described. Sheol/Hades is not. Only the King James Edition refuses to differentiate between Hades and Gehenna, and the King James was cobbled together at the request of King James and is self contradictory in many places. No offense to people who prefer the KJ to other translations, including the earlier bibles it's based on, but it's historically factual that it contradicts itself and was created for a King, not written by God.

The only primary religious text that only mentions total annihilation of body and soul (as well as eternal torment, at times) is the Koran. It mentions Gehenna 77 times and Hades no times at all.

Assuming a Judeo-Christian narrative, I'm not afraid of "hell/hades/sheol" one bit. It's a place that precedes final judgment, to the best I've been able to perceive original intent. Not a place of eternal torment. That would be Gehenna.

I know, don't discuss religion or politics, as they are divisive...but, only one Christian bible refuses to differentiate between Hades and Gehenna, with Hades being "Hell". If I offended anybody as to my thoughts on biblical iterations, feel free to read all the ones you can get your hands on of all religious traditions, or tell me to "Go to Hell for pointing out faults in the KJ", as that worries me about at much as I have said above. Not at all. Gehenna would be a lesser place to go. Hades is survivable.

God “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.” (Genesis 2:7) Therefore, depending on interpretation, a soul can not be "destroyed" or annihilated, as that "soul" is part of God and God is eternal, with no beginning or end. Related bits in Ezekiel and elsewhere.

I know "Tomorrow's Sunday, but today is the Sabbath..." :-)