Friday, June 21, 2013

Uncovering the Camp Bastion Cover-Up

Along with the most devastating loss of U.S. airpower since Vietnam, two heroic U.S. Marines -- Lt. Col. Christopher Raible and Sgt. Bradley Atwell -- were killed in the battle, and nearly a dozen others were injured. Military officials refused to release details of the fateful budget and strategy decisions that led to the attack. But Deborah Hatheway, aunt of Sgt. Atwell and the family's spokesperson, and other Camp Bastion families learned on their own that their loved ones were left vulnerable to attack by military leaders who outsourced watchtower security on the base to soldiers from Tonga.


Anonymous said...

No wonder the administration is slandering and libeling our returning veterans. They have been the ultimate patsies and chumps in the bogus wars on terror. Now, Toto has pulled the curtain aside and the Great OZ and his minions have been and are continuing to be exposed. I pray that the sleeping giant awakes soon and those who have served take back this country from the corporate manipulators who have, with the complicity of corrupt politicians, pushed us into war after war.

Anonymous said...

The brits were in charge of security - it was their base.

Unfortunate, but true.

CowboyDan said...

Patton & Bradley, et al, wouldn't finish their first hitch these days, if they were allowed to become officers at all.

Leaders are not wanted. Yes men are what they want and get.

Why have so many flag rank officers been "allowed" to retire recently? Can it be they dared say no to the PTB, or were they blackmailed by people we'll never know?