Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Win a free 5,000 rounds of pistol ammo.



Anonymous said... me skeptical, but does anyone know the "validity" of this contest?

PapaSquirrel said...

If you read the fine print, there will be 5 winners, 1000 rnds each, so not quite as advertised. Seems pretty misleading. I also wondered about the validity.

William Flatt said...

I went to the home page of the base URL and looked at who the sponsoring .org is, the US Concealed Carry Assn.

As I believe we're past the 'join a gun rights group' stage, and into the 'join and train with your state's citizen militia' stage, I'm not prone to enrolling in membership-based groups. Actually this new group looks a bit like NAGR, which turned me off with their constant email appeals to join... reminiscent of the NRA's constant appeals for more and more money.

Here's the validity of a 5-chances-to-win raffle for 1,000 rounds of the caliber of your choice: This is a simple marketing tactic to get you to look at a new gun group and join them. Nothing more, nothing less.