Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another black-robed tyrant raises his ugly head in Mississippi.

Judge blocks Mississippi open-carry gun law


TotC said...

And leave it to Morris Dees' crew of collectivists to equate open carry with the Wild West, along with the supposed mayhem that will ensue. it just doesn't happen.

Longbow said...

Quote, "But some sheriffs and police chiefs worry people could become trigger-happy and hurt civilians or law-enforcement officers."

Exactly who has shown a tendency to be trigger happy, Hmm?

or how about this one?

Let me correct this quote so that it is more precise,

"But some Government Employees, with unbounded hubris, worry people could become trigger-happy and hurt civilians or Government Employees."

Once again, I'm waiting for all those Super Duper good guy cops, You know, the vast majoiry who support the Constitution and the people's right to BEAR arms, to show themselves and tell their spokesman to go pound sand.


I think supper will probably get cold.

FedUp said...

Because all the shootouts occurring daily between open carriers in the 24 states that allow unlicensed open carry, including neighboring Louisiana, must not be allowed to happen here in Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

This is kinda like what's happening in Illinois. Politicians and judges bounce balls back and forth in a simple tactic of delay. Add media fanning the flames of a race war and the big picture comes into view.

The longtime power holding elites are witnessing their power slip away every day. They have to create a meme where war is waged in the streets and they can try to claim benevolent government MUST "suspend" that pesky constitution in order to protect it. Little do they realize they We The People see through their garbage and the Internet already let the cat out of the bag in ways they cannot recapture it even if Barry pulls the kill switch.

War is afoot in this nation, sadly, unless the progressive loyalists simply stand down their assaults upon liberty. Judges are too married to their unchecked authority to do so and the rank and file is too stupid and ignorant.

I truly believe that the only way this nation averts round two is if SCOTUS steps in on this second Amendment situation and does so simply and straightforwardly.

These rights are NOT a tenth amendment issue. These rights were left to the PEOPLE themselves specifically.
Either federal preemption is FULLY recognized and adhered to - complete with a removal of most of the federal firearms laws, the logical end is rebellion in the face of outright tyranny.

The nine robed kings have a choice to make.
Does the republic survive by restoring our constitution (by the court admitting that's it has twisted off its neck with phony "case law" OR does it just try to endlessly maintain the current corruption to the point a revolution takes place to remedy the tyranny we endure this day?

Anonymous said...

Longbow, don't say anything bad about LEO. It's insulting to his OK buddies and you won't get your comment posted.
No more money.

FedUp said...

1. At least this ruling only means anything in Hinds County.

2. Let us think about what the ruling really says. In granting an injunction, you're saying the county persecutor is likely to prevail at trial, and letting the law take effect would cause irreparable harm.

What does the law do? It revokes an earlier law which restricts a basic human right. When a black robed tyrant says he's likely to overturn it, he's saying that it's likely the legislature doesn't have the power to revoke its own laws.

Irreparable harm: He's saying that the public would suffer irreparable harm if the legislature were allowed to take a law off the books that has been violating Constitutional rights.

Clearly, both Judge Kidd and Persecutor Smith are either too stupid or too malevolent to hold public office.

Thouroughly disgusted said...

Looks like Jackson MS is going to go the way of Detroit MI
New Mayor Chokwe Lamumba
May god help us all......what a f'ing mess this country is in.