Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Incomplete Nature gun article correction puts agenda over truth

Nature magazine cites David's blog and then publishes a half-assed correction after they screwed up.
"On a personal note, I find it interesting that over six years after I posted the Wintemute warning, he’s still bringing it up as evidence of the troubles he’s seen. Knowing that has resulted in my living in this guy’s head rent-free for all these years is pretty unbelievable."


SWIFT said...

It is standard operating procedure, among left-wingers, to engage in incomplete corrections when caught in lies. We see it all the time. I would suggest that we should encourage lefty-wing publications/personnel in their pursuit of an anti-gun agenda. WTSHTF, the ease of herding unarmed sheep into a commune is much to my liking.

Paul X said...

Having spent a few years in the scientific community I can attest that scientists are prone to all the same foibles as everybody else. A commitment to truth? Perhaps - as long as it does not affect their bottom line.