Friday, June 28, 2013

Predictable result requiring the utmost in situational awareness.

"Twitter Explodes With Threats Against Zimmerman, Random Whites."
I told my daughters just last week that if they hear that Zimmerman has been acquitted, to get to a predetermined safe place IMMEDIATELY and stay there -- armed. My oldest often works her marketing job in rough parts of various cities, including Birmingham, Atlanta and even Houston. My youngest daughter's apartment is on the fringe of USM in Hattiesburg, butted up against another rough area. The racial divide promoted by the collectivists has become so poisonous that it is easy to see an LA riots outcome happening in this case -- all over the country. In any case, opportunistic criminals of every sort would seize on such a chance to commit their own favorite felony specialties in an atmosphere where the cops disappear and apprehension is highly unlikely.
Got militia?


1911A1 said...

Don't forget the recent Supreme Court decision invalidating the Federal supervision of election laws. More fuel on the fires of hate.

Anonymous said...

This unfortunate man will not be acquitted. The craven, cowardly white legal establishment should have never filed charges on him in the first place. The cops know he was justified, but they are too chicken-s**t to say anything.
Zimmerman could have been anyone of us who carries a handgun for protection. He will probably get a voluntary manslaughter out of this. It will not placate the FSA, it will just embolden them.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone cares.
However, fast is the speed of a riot:
3:15PM Rodney King verdict.
6:45PM Reginald Deny assaulted.

Paul X said...

Lots of folks will get to practice being Korean shopkeepers pretty soon; and yet again people will get to see that being personally armed is a hell of a lot more useful than relying on overpaid cops who never show up when most needed. Some useful lessons coming down the road.

But I suspect he will be railroaded, so maybe nothing will happen. The court system serves the state a lot more than is serves the innocent individual.

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman was arrested and charged for the specific and deliberate reason of stoking racial tensions to precipitate nationwide rioting so as to give Barry the excuse he needs to declare Martial Law. Zimmerman will walk and everybody involved with this case knows it - but they will do everything they can to extract as much racial division from this as possible. Why else would they waste their time on such a weak case? Why else would they parade such a demonstrably pathetic witness as Rachel Jeantel as their "star witness"? Because they never planned to convict in the first place. It's nothing but a monkey circus designed to stoke anger and racial hatred.

JeffreyP said...

I live in Birmingham, AL. If your daughter needs a safe place, she can bunk in and hunker down with us.

We're all armed: wife, son and me (who among other things is a deputy sheriff.)

Anonymous said...

Martin Luther King -- 1968
Arthur McDuffie -- 1980
Neville Johnson -- 1982
Clement Lloyd -- 1989

You could say that those of us in South Florida are somewhat familiar with the causes and effects of a "dissatisfied minority" taking their rage out on the community at large. The point I would like to stress is WTSHTF, the police tend to pull back and establish a perimeter, letting the mob have its way with anyone and anything on the wrong side of their lines. You may want to start thinking on where you might and/or should not be when any verdict is announced and whether or not you might want to start carrying some insurance hardware in your vehicle as you travel until we see how this sorts out.

Jimmy the Saint said...

Enh, expect riots either way. If he's convicted, celebratory riots; if he's acquitted, "rage" riots. There's been way too much animosity drummed up over this case.

Anonymous said...

This trial was saved for summertime especially for this reason. Urban youts outa skrewl, heat, summer vacationers - oh yeah.

Whaddya think is the possibility that martin's gurlfren will be prosecuted for perjury? According to the reports, unable to read a letter she claims to have written - can't read it because written in cursive!

yep, stage set, players in motion.

Anonymous said...

I watched that Rachel testify. What a dimwit idiot she is.

"Star Witness"?? Don't make me laugh.

She's done the prosecution no favors, that's for sure.

As for Blacks and rioting, here's the crux of the problem: Since we have a Black president, the Black underclass in this country thinks it can do whatever the hell it wants with impunity.

Not long ago, I heard of Leftist plots to start a race war by driving through Black neighborhoods and shooting them up, then putting on Blackface and driving through White neighborhoods, doing the same.

20 years ago, that would not have worked.

But today? I really think it would.

RVN11B said...

I will take the opposite stand in that I believe he will be found not guilty.

Until the end of this trial I will stick with that stand, unless there is something really damning out there and is being withheld.

As for the morons rioting, well history will repeat itself, especially in certain neighborhoods.

So be it. I am thinking that there are residents out there who have taken heed and have taken measures to insure their own private safety.

No matter what there will be some interesting times ahead, and I for one will be prepared to react in the appropriate manner.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that the Charlie Manson murder spree was the result of a plan to enrage whites against blacks and thus start a national race war

Jimmy the Saint said...

@Anonymous: "Let's not forget that the Charlie Manson murder spree was the result of a plan to enrage whites against blacks and thus start a national race war"

Actually, that's backwards. The Helter Skelter murders were intended to kickstart a black uprising by "showing them how it's done".

Anonymous said...

I guess these people really ARE " that stupid " . Empty shelves and cabinets that were once covered with weapons and ammo .....this doesn't tell them anything ?.

Dan said...

Zimmerman is toast....he's got an
all female jury. Women will consider a project a success even if the goals were not long as everyone involved was satisfied with the process. Facts and reality come second to feelings and emotions. What actually happened that night last year wasn't important then...that's why he was arrested and charged. And it isn't important now....that's why he is going to be found guilty of SOMETHING. And since when did the
"urban yutes" need a valid reason to riot....they will loot and burn if their home team WINS.