Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Why does a 501(c)(4) whose most prominent member is one of the world’s richest people need to take a free ride on the taxpayer dime to keep its website running?"

Building off the work of Ace of Spades. Allahpundit asks: "Why is the website of Bloomberg’s anti-gun group housed on New York City servers?"


FedUp said...

Why does a 501(c)(4) founded by the most famous politician in the country for the express purpose of advancing his political agenda
qualify as a tax exempt, non political, social welfare organization?

Or, for that matter, how does Bloomingidiot's anti civil rights political group qualify as a non political social welfare organization under 501(c)(4)?

Anonymous said...

Short answer to both questions:



(thank you very much)

William Flatt said...

Considering that these a-holes are a bunch of criminals... treasonous bastards who have no moral, ethical or other qualms whatsoever; is anyone surprised?

AND... I'll bet you that the same crooks at the IRS who granted Bloomie's group its tax status were the same ones who LATER started targeting right-thinking Americans!

Anyone interested in tugging on THAT string??

FedUp said...

William, MAIG predates the dates that IRS admits to discriminating against groups with right sounding names, but OFA was formed while they were doing it.

But who is going to tell the Chief Administrator that his lobbying arm can't call itself a social welfare organization?