Friday, June 21, 2013

Top 7 Negative Economic Effects of Colorado Gun Control

Well, they'll be getting MY tourist dollars anyway, and maybe my bail money.


Anonymous said...

You could always come up and stay in Cheyenne. Yep, it's a 'couple hours' and some precious fuel away but, CO gets no dough and you're still in Denver...And you can carry to your hearts content in WY!
However, time on station may be an overriding reason to stay in CO-at least this time. Good luck.
Surely someone in/around Denver could put you up???


Anonymous said...

Since Bloomin'idiot and MAIG money went to support the CO anti-gun legislation that's going to "kill" the CO economy, maybe Teh Gov can call on Bloomin'idiot and MAIG to support and restore the CO economy. Yeah. . . as if.

B Woodman