Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It was an NRA tee shirt that got Jared Marcum in trouble -- but it is GOA which is doing something about it.

Gun Owners Foundation has come to the defense of a West Virginia teenager who is actually being prosecuted (a.k.a., persecuted) for his pro-gun views.
Jared Marcum wore a T-shirt to his Logan County middle school in West Virginia on April 18 — a decision that has since sparked a national controversy.
No, Jared’s T-shirt did not depict a Muslim beheading a victim while shouting Alahu Akhbar! Such depictions of violence would violate the school’s dress code.
Jared’s T-shirt depicted a hunting rifle with the message: “Protect Your Right.” And now, he faces up to a year in jail for doing so!
The outrageousness of this case has prompted the involvement of Gun Owners Foundation, which has agreed to help Jared pro bono.


Anonymous said...

Publish the name of the Prosecutor!

Mile 66 said...

GOA and JPFO (And VCDL in VA). I'm a proud supporter/member, as they're absolutely effective and provide you with a variety of tools to make things happen.

William Flatt said...

This case proves everything I have said about the worthiness of GOA and the disconnect between the NRA's public reputation vs. their actual contributions to RKBA.

The difference is as stark as the differences between Prags and III%ers.

This is not a slur against all the good rank-and-file NRA members out there, some are members of both NRA and GOA (as I once was). But some NRA members slam those who don't support the NRA, even though these same individuals' activism is nothing more than giving the NRA their money. Such hypocrites are a drag on activism. Give me 1,000 III%ers who donate to beleaguered families like the Reeses, or young activists such as Jared Marcum who are getting their first taste of the post-constitutional American police state, and these hearty souls will outshine the millions whose only contribution to RKBA is to pay annual dues to the NRA.

But even these paltry masses whose minimal support of RKBA is mere membership in the NRA are still head & shoulders above the paid staff of the NRA whose actions (or inactions) do actual damage to RKBA. I think of the millions that have been paid to the NRA for the specific purpose of defending law-abiding gun owners, and how this money was largely spent on staff - whereas other groups like GOF do proportionally more with far less money.

Kudos once again to GOA/GOF for putting the word out about Jared Marcum and coming to his aid without having been dragged into it out of peer pressure, the way the NRA often is. Even at that, I hope the NRA continues to assume a hands-off stance in court litigation only because of the instances where they saw it was in their (financial) interest to get involved, and ended up making a muck of it (like in the Heller case). Better that they steer clear and let the better legal minds prevail!

Anonymous said...

Now there is a fine example of a tarring and feathering candidate I have ever seen.. tie his ass to a light pole in downtown logan covered in tar and feathers with a sign.. I'm a nutless punk cop who picked on a kid.

Yank lll