Wednesday, June 19, 2013

OK, let me get this straight. The guy wanted to "kill the enemies of Israel" so he approached the anti-Semitic Klan for help? (And, being a wholly-owned subsidiary of the FBI, they ratted him out.) Well, of course.

FBI Foils Plot To Build Strange X-Ray Weapon, Possibly Targeting President Obama


Anonymous said...

Could that be called a Ronald "RAYGUN"? I do like the idea of being able to ZAP some of those undesirables. That idea does have some merit. Beats my idea of putting something radioactive under their car seat.

monkeyfan said...

Meh...A four cylinder death ray.

The Federal Bureau of Instigation is really reaching on this one.

Roger J said...

I question whether a truck battery/alternator (or even portable generator) could supply enough energy to make a directed beam X-ray weapon possible. It sounds like this guy had big ideas and little knowledge. Of course, with the federales "intent" is all that matters (and sometimes not even intent)- that the device would be impractical is of little concern where a conviction is at stake. voila! Another "plot" failed!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the Springfield Illinois "plot" the fibbies "foiled". A "Muslim convert" was helped by FBI to build a truck "bomb". Under their watchful eye, he delivered the truck and then hopped into a FBI vehicle to dial the phone intended on detonating the "bomb".

Of course there was no "bomb" and he was arrested after pushing send. My bet? All "50" of the stopped terrorism attacks look just like this. PHONY SET UPS. All intended to pad the numbers to justify budgets and infringements.

Sadly, the idiots churned out by the public school system are still biting the lies.

As an unrelated aside -
Herr Obama erected a new wall in Berlin, which he conveniently stood behind as he addressed his people....
Seems to me this is an open admission that he now fears the rest of the "Citizens of the world".

How about we add several more walls to that one and leave him inside - you know - like a JAILCELL!

Anonymous said...

In other news, Eric Holder, piloting a top secret F-22 space raptor, destroyed a Tea Party built Death Star hidden behind the dark the side of the moon Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Obama narrowly defeated a swarm of sithpublicans in vicious lightsaber combat in Ireland Wednesday, restoring balance to the progressive side of the Force. Eyewitnesses claim that soon afterword, a beam of sunlight illuminated the savior-in-chief as a white dove lighted on his shoulder.


Anonymous said...

From the info in the article, this has NO credibility at all.
As said above, the idiot may have had intent, but he had no means.