Sunday, September 30, 2012

"The enemy of the American people." Nuremberg Rules for American "journalists."

Der Sturmer, the Nazi, anti-Semitic rag published by Julius Streicher.
The fundamental danger is this: I talked about the defense of the First Amendment. The press’s job is to stand in the ramparts and protect the liberty and freedom of all of us from a government and from organized governmental power. When they desert those ramparts and decide that they will now become active participants, that their job is not simply to tell you who you may vote for, and who you may not, but, worse—and this is the danger of the last two weeks—what truth that you may know, as an American, and what truth you are not allowed to know, they have, then, made themselves a fundamental threat to the democracy, and, in my opinion, made themselves the enemy of the American people. -- "Mainstream media is threatening our country's future" by Patrick Caddell.
Julius Streicher, Adolf Hitler's favorite newspaperman, after hanging at Nuremberg.
You know, as I said to several people at this weekend's Gun Rights Policy Conference, if the re-election of Obama (a better than fifty percent chance) leads to a civil war (another than better fifty percent chance) and we use Nuremberg rules in the aftermath, more than half of the so-called "mainstream press" will meet Julius Streicher's fate.

I'm back, but the weekend was rough.

I'll be back on tomorrow.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The new threat to the U.S. Army: "Anti-federalists." West Point professor decides to dabble in "domestic extremism."

Meet Arie Perliger, West Point professor now dabbling in "domestic extremism."
Many thanks to the reader who forwarded me the link to this article: "Identifying Three Trends in Far Right Violence in the United States."
The author, Arie Perliger, is, according to his own bio:
(T)he Director of Terrorism Studies at the Combating Terrorism Center and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Sciences at the United States Military Academy at West Point. His research focuses on political violence and extremism and the principal ways democracies respond to these challenges; the politics of security and the radical right in Israel, Europe and the US.
He is the author of four books and more than 20 articles and book chapters. His work has appeared in peer reviewed journals such as Social Forces, Security Studies, PS: Political Science, Criminal Justice and Behavior, Armed Forces and Society and others.
Dr. Perliger is the co-editor of the journal Democracy and Security and is a regular reviewer for Columbia University Press, Chicago University Press, Routledge, Polity Press, Political Psychology, Critical Studies on Terrorism, Terrorism and Political Violence, Armed Forces and Society and other journals.
And what, you may ask, is the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point?
Situated at the nexus of theory and practice, the Combating Terrorism Center serves as an important national resource that rigorously studies the terrorist threat and provides policy-relevant research while moving the boundaries of academic knowledge. The CTC’s distinguished scholars, international network of experts, and access to senior U.S. government leadership set it apart from any other like enterprise.
We Teach: As an institution, we embrace the unique responsibility to prepare cadets to think critically about the challenges they will face during war and peace. To this end, the Center directs multiple graduate-level seminars on Terrorism and Counterterrorism and administers a minor in terrorism studies. In addition, the CTC directs counterterrorism educational programs for four partner government agencies.
We Research: The CTC’s research program produces path-breaking analysis on the dynamic and evolving terrorist threat. The Center’s deep intellectual capital and ability to apply theory to practice creates a unique research model that not only informs strategic counterterrorism thinking but moves the boundaries of academic knowledge.
We Advise: Due to the Center’s unique position at the nexus of academia and practice, the Center leverages its deep expertise to contribute to discrete advisory efforts for federal, state, and local governments including: strategic analysis, operational support, and organizational strategy design.
Take a look at the CTC's personnel list. These are some serious folks.
Now, all of Perliger's previous research and experience has been in Israeli "right-wing extremism," see here, here, and here.
Apparently, however, Perliger is now branching out, into a subject about which he apparently knows exactly . . . dick. First evidence? Look at his sources listed on his website:
Predictably, under "Relevant links" lists The Southern Preposterous Lie Center and under "Datasets" lists SPLC's "Hate Incidents."
Also, given his sources listed at the end of the article in Note 2: Richard "Abens'" American Militias; Joel Dyer's Harvest of Rage; and Kathlyn Gay's Militias: Armed and Dangerous, it is not surprising that his paper reflects "The Narrative of 1995" critiqued by historian Prof. Robert H. Churchill in his book To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrant's Face: Libertarian Political Violence and the Origins of the Militia Movement.
Heck, this West Point "professor" schmuck didn't even get Richard Abanes name right. Here is what Prof. Churchill has to say about the quality of Abanes' and other "Brown Scare" writers of the 90s:
The militia movement has been the subject of at least a dozen books and hundreds of articles, yet it remains one of the most poorly understood political movements of the twentieth century. In the months after the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building by Timothy McVeigh, civil rights organizations issued at least a dozen published reports on the militia movement, and civil rights activists offered "expert" commentary in hundreds of news stories. Within a year, books by leading figures associated with civil rights organizations, including Morris Dees, Kenneth Stern, and Richard Abanes, offered a coherent narrative of the origin of the movement.
What America learned in these months was that the militia movement was an outgrowth of the racist Right. Civil rights activists portrayed the militias as the armed wing of a much larger "Christian Patriot" movement. They warned that Christian Patriots numbered in the millions and that Christian Patriotism called for restoration of white, Christian, patriarchal domination. The Christian Patriot movement as a whole, and the militias in particular, were antidemocratic, paranoid, virulently anti-semitic, genocidally racist, and brutally violent. Much of this literature suggested that Timothy McVeigh was the movement's highest expression. In this narrative, the militias and the Patriot movement took on the guise of the perfect racist "other," and the threat they posed was best articulated by Morris Dees' apocalyptic vision of a "gathering storm."
This "narrative of 1995" produced by civil rights organizations, coupled with the horror of the Oklahoma City bombing, triggered what Steven Chernak has referred to as a moral panic. Through published reports, their influence over the news coverage of the movement, and testimony at prominent public hearings, leading militia "experts" injected their portrait of the movement into public consciousness and popular culture. In news coverage, popular novels, episodes of Law and Order, and movies such as Arlington Road, the public became well-acquainted with the archetypal militiaman, usually protrayed as warped by racial hatred, obsessed with bizarre conspiracy theories, and hungry for violent retribution.
The moral panic over the "militia menace" strongly resembled previous moral panics over the "communist menace" that had swept the nation in the aftermath of World War I and again in the early 1950s. Less well known than these two Red scares is America's "Brown Scare." In the late 1930s, political activists on the left warned that an array of far right opponents of President Roosevelt and the New Deal . . . constituted a fifth column composed of fascist brownshirts . . . (T)he ensuing moral panic facilitated a campaign of repression waged by the U.S. governemnt against the Far Right during World War II. In 1995-6, the moral panic over the militia movement blossomed into a second American Brown Scare.
The literature produced by the second American Brown Scare has had significant impact on academic analysis of the movement, and this poses a problem for continuing scholarship. The civil rights organizations that produced the narrative of 1995 conceived of themselves as political opponents of the militia movement, and these organizations made the legal suppression of the movement one of their central political objectives. That political objective has systematically shaped their reporting on the movement. Their analyses might serve as a primary source base for an interesting analyis of how the activist Left perceived the Far Right at the turn of the millennium. To use this literature as a primary source base in an analysis of the character of the militia movement itself is to allow the movement's opponents to define it.
Unfortunately, much of the scholarship on the militia movement produced in the last ten years has not broken free from the influence of the narrative of 1995. Too many scholars have relied on the reports and books generated by the Brown Scare as primary evidence of the character of the movement. Others who have avoided this first error have nevertheless allowed the narrative of 1995 to unduly influence their research agendas. Finally, even the best scholarship on militias tends to inappropriately conflate the militia movement with other movements on the far right of American politics and to overstate the influence of millennial thought on militia ideology. . .
The final academic legacy of the Brown Scare is an emphasis on the allegedly close association of militia groups with other far right organizations, such as white supremacist groups, Christian Identity ministries, common-law courts, and tax protest societies. The narrative of 1995 lumped all of these disparate far right groups together in the "Christian Patriot movement," a misguided simplification that has led a number of senior scholars to blur the lines between different groups with quite different worldviews . . .
Since the turn of the millennium, three scholars have begun the task of freeing scholarship of the militia movement from the narrative of 1995. . . As an historian, I hope to contribute to this field an insight gained in the study of other partisan political crises in American history: in evaluating the ideology of an insurgent movement, one must not allow the movement's partisan allies, much less its partisan enemies, to speak for it. (pp. 7-11)
It is obvious that Perliger either hasn't read Churchill's work, or, if he has, he doesn't care to let it get in the way of his own narrative. Perliger presents his own "Typology of the American Violent Far Right."
Three major ideological trends can be identified within the American violent far right: racist, anti-federalist and fundamentalist. The ideological characteristics of the various groups impact their operations in terms of tactics used and target selection.
It is the relabeling of the older terms "militia" and "patriot movement" into the "Anti-Federalist Trend" which makes Perliger's faulty analysis particularly dangerous.
The anti-federalist trend (which is usually identified in the literature as the “militia” or “patriot” movement) appeared in full force only in the early to mid-1990s with the emergence of groups such as the Militia of Montana and the Michigan Militia. Anti-federalist and anti-government sentiments existed in U.S. society before the 1990s via diverse movements and ideological associations promoting anti-taxation, gun rights, and a “survivalist” lifestyle. Yet most scholars concur that the “farm crises” of the 1980s combined with the implications of rapid cultural, technological and normative changes in American society, as well as attempts to revise gun control and environmental legislation, facilitated the emergence of a fairly ideologically cohesive movement, as well as its rapid growth.[2]
Ideologically, anti-federalists are interested in undermining the influence, legitimacy and practical sovereignty of the federal government and its proxy organizations, such as the U.S. military or Federal Bureau of Investigation.[3] This rationale is multifaceted, and includes the belief that the U.S. political system and its proxies have been hijacked by external forces interested in promoting a New World Order (NWO),[4] in which the United States will be absorbed into the United Nations or another version of global government; strong convictions regarding the corrupted and tyrannical nature of the federal government and its related natural tendency to intrude on individuals’ civilian lives and constitutional rights; and finally, perceptions supporting civilian activism, individual freedoms, and self governing the way they were manifested in the frontier culture in U.S. history, especially during the Revolutionary War and the expansion to the American west. Hence, anti-federalist groups see themselves as part of a struggle to restore or preserve the United States’ “true” identity, values and “way of life” and as the successors of the country’s founding fathers.
Recent research conducted by this author shows that in the case of the anti-federalist trend there is compatibility between ideological tenets and operational characteristics. Two-thirds of the attacks by anti-federalist groups were directed against the government and its proxies, such as law enforcement (65.8%); while attacks against minorities (11%) and infrastructure (6.1%, which could also be seen as attacks against the government) comprise most of the rest.
The article doesn't given us the statistical evidence upon which Perliger rests his claims, but if he's counting on the Southern Preposterous Lie Center, that is a slender scholarly reed indeed.
The important point is that Perliger has managed, by describing these "violent right-wing extremists" as "anti-federalist", to expand, elide and conflate these perceived enemies and, I'm sure, to present to the cadets at West Point the specter of "constitutionalist terrorists."
This is dangerous stuff. It may also be argued that the neo-Nazis and "Christian" Identity types which make up the other two-thirds of Perliger's article, are not even "right wing" since their particular collectivisms derive from variants of socialism. The constitutional militias, as Churchill quickly recognized when he did his own original research, were largely libertarian in make up and natural enemies of all forms of collectivism.
As I commented back in 1999:
“I think in some ways Christian Identity is designed for pantywaists who are afraid to declare themselves true Nazis,” Vanderboegh jibed. “These are the folks who have to tell their mommas or their wives, “It’s OK that we hate blacks and Jews, dear, because God and Jesus told us it’s OK. Whereas the Nazis don’t worry about that kind of thing. They’re sort of beyond excuses.
“You know, when you’ve got Adolf Hitler as your standard-bearer, what else have you got to be embarrassed about?” Vanderboegh said.
“They each come to their pus-filled beliefs by different roads, but they agree on the destination.” -- “Christian Identity is for pantywaists” by Jeff Stein, Salon, 11 Aug 1999.
Yet, according to Perliger, we "anti-federalists" (and I surely acknowledge my Anti-Federalism, going back to Founders like George Mason and Patrick Henry) are now one of the "three trends of far right violence in the United States." AND THIS ILL-INFORMED SCHMUCK IS TEACHING WEST POINT CADETS.
Like I said, this is dangerous stuff.
George Mason, Anti-Federalist Terrorist?

Perfect waste of good Kalashnikovs.

AK-47s get extreme makeover in new London art show.
Palestinian artist Laila Shawa said she was no stranger to the seemingly ubiquitous assault rifle.
"I'm very familiar with AK-47s so for me it was not a very strange feeling to carry the gun, but my first question to Bran was 'how many people did this gun kill?'," she told Reuters, standing next to an AK-47 covered in rhinestones and butterflies and with the barrel sprayed gold.
"In the Middle East, with the turmoil that we have, and as a Palestinian in particular, you find yourself at some point in your life having to defend yourself and that's why I know about it," she added.
Some of the artists confessed to feeling uncomfortable working on weapons once used in battle.
"While cleaning the gun in order to start working on it I went into the barrel of the gun and I found congealed blood and that brought the reality home," said Shawa.
Antony Micallef, whose large black, white and grey canvas features two AK-47s protruding from the head of an indefinable creature like horns, explained that he wanted to try and capture "that primal instinct of violence."
"For me the gun was inherently aggressive so I wanted to amplify that. I could never get away from that feeling."
"While cleaning the gun in order to start working on it I went into the barrel of the gun and I found congealed blood and that brought the reality home," said Shawa.
Yeah, right. In the barrel? Most likely she doesn't know shit from cosmoline. Anyway, it's a perfect waste of good Kalashnikovs.

The shape of things to come.

Euro crisis fuels Spanish separatism
Spain has entered a constitutional crisis. The decision of Catalonia’s nationalist government to call a snap election in November – which in practice will amount to a referendum on independence – has opened the way to Catalan secession. That decision, in turn, may give a lift to Basque separatists, now running neck and neck with mainstream nationalists in regional government elections due next month, after winning the largest number of Basque Country seats last year in local and general elections.
As a Spain trapped in the eurozone crisis tries to battle its way through a wrenching recession, it must now contemplate the real possibility that its plurinational state, which replaced the suffocatingly centralist Franco dictatorship with highly devolved regional government, may break up.

File this under "Stupid Buckeye Tricks." Widespread panic at the corner of Hoplophobia Street and Moron Avenue in Fairborn, Ohio.

OMG! Shotgun Shells! In My Garage! OMG!

Praxis: 10 Things That Make a Tactical Knife

What is a Tactical Knife? Every Company seems to make them. Everyone seems to carry them. Or do they?

Virtual House Arrest Ordered for Minors in East St. Louis

Angered by the recent murders of four young people, the mayor announced today that police are going to impose drastic new measurers to keep teens off the streets. “There is something going on in the community at this point that we’ve got to safeguard them and keep them off the streets,” Mayor Alvin Parks said. “There are people shooting at each other for no reason whatsoever.”

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I do! I do! Pick me!

Faulkner County follies: Who needs an $11,000 sniper rifle?

Latest Member of Reporters For Censorship

CNN and MSNBC Pundit Arrested for Vandalizing Anti-Muslim Ad In N.Y. Subway System

People's World (the newspaper of the Communist Party USA) sez: "U.S. gun culture diagnosed as a social disease."

Gee, and all this time I thought communism was a social disease.
More analysis is needed on this tragic phenomenon, particularly from the perspective of the Marxist theory of alienation, whereby some citizens become estranged from their own humanity.
In the meantime, to protect ourselves we need a "National Commission on Hate Crimes and Mental Health;" the tightening of gun laws; a huge reduction of public access to guns; banning of sales of the most lethal guns, assault weapons, etc.; national restoration of the mental health system; and a banning of huge ammo clips -- for just a start.
They must just object to guns in the hands of non-party members. Either that or they figure they control the guns of the federal government already. Now, come to think of it, there just might be something to THAT theory.

This just in from Ramsey A. Bear: Len Savage to make an appearance on Sons of Guns tonight.

He'll be building a semi-auto BREN gun on the Discovery channel show. Little Jimmy Vann is crapping his pants, no doubt. That economic Waco just isn't working out like he planned.

Comrade Lenin's Opus. Typical Friday night in Pennsylvania: A little football, a little celebration of murderous collectivist regimes.

Outrage as Pennsylvania high school marching band commemorates 1917 Russian Revolution at half time.
A Pennsylvania high school marching band has caused outrage by commemorating the Russian Revolution in a halftime performance - brandishing red flags, military uniforms, hammers and sickles.
Historians and parents of students at New Oxford High School have lambasted the choice of entertainment which remembers an event that gave way to Communism and the deaths of millions.
Even though the school's colours are red, white and blue, they have adopted the theme of 'St Petersburg: 1917' for their halftime shows, including one last Friday, Fox News reported.
Where's the 50 yard line tableaux for re-creating this?
'It was Glee meets the Russian Revolution,' a concerned parent told Fox. 'They had giant hammers and sickles and they were waving them around.
'There is no reason for Americans to celebrate the Russian revolution. I am sure the millions who died under Communism would not see the joy of celebrating the Russian revolution by a school 10 miles from Gettysburg.'
Paul Kengor, the executive director for the Center for Vision & Values at Pennsylvania's Grove City College, added that he originally thought the performance was a joke.
'This is surreal,' he said. 'The Bolshevik Revolution launched a global Communist revolution that from 1917 through the 1990s was responsible for the deaths of over a hundred million people.
'What the Russian revolution unleashed was a nightmare – a historical human catastrophe. This is something that should be condemned and not in any way commemorated or laughed at.'
Gerson Moreno-Riano, dean of Regent University’s College of Arts & Sciences, added that there is little to celebrate about one of the most violent periods in history that saw power snatched from the monarchy and seized by the revolutionaries.
'It’s full of violence, terror, destruction and in some weeks thousands of people were executed – some thrown with rocks around their necks into the river to drown,' he said.
'It’s quite frankly horrific that a high school would be celebrating that at a football game. To raise the emblems of the hammer and sickle – the emblems of so much violence, destruction and terror – is a lack of knowledge of history.'
Lack of knowledge or just another killer tomato embedded in the New Oxford High School music department, polluting young skulls full of mush with murderous collectivist propaganda?
And here's the kicker:
And while some were upset by the performance, the Evening Sun reported that the show didn't seem to offend the judges of the Cavalcade of Bands Association Inc. show at Manheim Township High School on Saturday, where the band won first place, according to the band's website.

People saying nice things. (I hope it doesn't ruin my reputation.)

Dave Workman, writing in "NY Times editorial green-lights ATF purge on Fast & Furious":
Over the past 21 months that this scandal has unfolded, several things have become evident. Perhaps most importantly, there’s a “new” journalism spearheaded by Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street Irregulars. They broke this story and kept it alive. A handful of others, most notably CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson and Fox News’ William La Jeunesse, delivered hard-boiled investigative pieces that put the competition to shame.
Bob Owens, writing in "Only 4 years in: Univision becomes first non-Fox domestic media outlet to question Obama on his constant record of utter failure."
There is no evidence at all suggesting Fast and Furious ended because AG Holder found out about it. Fast and Furious ended when bloggers Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea nailed the Administration’s ass to the wall for walking the weapons used to murder Brian Terry.

Kurt Hofmann: Gun ownership, and even militia membership, becoming more popular, diverse

The Brady Campaign, VPC, CSGV and the Southern Poverty Law Center would all prefer that the public share their fear and loathing of militias. The question to ask them, perhaps, is if militias are "necessary to the security of a free state," then who are the "traitors" to America--the militia members, or those who oppose them?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Praxis: Casualty Evacuation -- a lightweight solution.

World War II Furley-type USGI stretchers.
Back in May of 2011 I wrote a praxis piece on "Litter Evacuation. No conflict comes without casualties." It has lots of handy links in it, as well.
Talon II 90C tactical combat stretcher
Here in the Vanderboegh household we have two of the old Furley-type rigid wooden and canvas stretchers, circa 1970s production, stashed up in the garage where the mice can't get 'em, as well as a North American Rescue Talon II 90C tactical combat stretcher that I picked up for a song of a trade at a gun show a while back. The problem with these types is their weight and bulk.
Talon II 90C folded up in backpack carrier.
The Furley-types cannot be folded lengthwise, are about 90 inches long and weigh about 15 pounds. The Talon folds up nicely but weighs about 16.5 pounds.
One solution is to go to pole-less litters. Above is a a Blackhawk Rapid Flex Medical Litter Here are the specs:
• Heavy-duty, impermeable PVC tarpaulin material
• Six durable 2” nylon web loop handles (two carry handles on each side and one drag handle at each end)
• Combined strength of all four handles exceeds 1700 lbs.
• Drag weight exceeds 1600 lbs.
• Stabilizing torso strap is constructed of 2” nylon webbing and adjusts to 76” with side-release buckle
• Dimensions (rolled): 4”D x 20”W
• Dimensions (open): 20”W x 44”L
• Weight (empty): 2.25 lbs.
MSRP: $48.99
Another is the Stingray Poleless Litter from North American Rescue.
1. Constructed of non-skid, flame-retardant monofilament polypropylene fabric
2. Resistant to mildew, acids, alkalis and penetration liquids
3. Tested by Federal & private labs using live warfare agents
4. 6 heavy-duty carrying handles
5. 2 casualty securing straps
6. Made for decontamination rollers
Constructed with a non-skid, flame-retardant monofilament polypropylene material, the Stingray® Poleless Litter features two web straps to secure the litter around the body and six heavy-duty handles make it easy to carry. This design allows rescuers to insert a 2 in. pole, such as pike poles, through the litter cover or to use debris through the outer handles. The Stingray® is ideal for decontamination roller systems and moving wet patients.
The Stingray® is tested and approved by both Federal and private laboratories using live warfare agents.
MSRP: $83.01
The Stingray weighs five pounds.
These are two lightweight solutions to the casualty evacuation problem. And do remember that no conflict comes without casualties. Think through and prepare now for what we pray never happens.

I love this tactic! "Meet the Street Artist Who’s Wanted by the NYPD for Punking the Police with Fake Drone Ads."

His name is 'Essam' and he's a 29-year-old art school grad from Maine, who served in Iraq as a "geo-spatial analyst", and has put up posters like the one above all over New York. It shows drones being used to police regular people in an Orwellian world... with the NYPD logo plastered all over it, as if to endorse it. The NYPD wants him arrested, he wants to let people know the scariness of drones.

So, is this where the Gunwalker Conspiracy came from?

There is an interesting quote by David Axelrod in the PowerLineBlog article, Obama, Axelrod, and Gun Control in a Second Term?
David Axelrod called on citizens to “put pressure” on lawmakers and demagogued the recent shooting of a Chicagoan over the Christmas holiday. In an article titled simply, “Gun Control,” Axelrod prophesized there might come a time when guns could be restricted, writing on January 2, 1974:
“Thus far, that pressure [to pass gun control laws] has not been forthcoming. But maybe someday there will be one too many blood murders, one too many homicides entered into the police files, and that “pressure from the people” will come.”
So, is this where the Gunwalker Conspiracy came from? The logic is the same.

David Codrea: Former FBI agent Shipley enters halfway house

Accompanied by his parents and wife, former FBI agent John Shipley, convicted of illegal gun dealing, was transported to a halfway house facility in El Paso, Texas, earlier this month to complete the remainder of his sentenced incarceration, a source close to the case told Gun Rights Examiner this weekend.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Window War picks up another advocate.

David Codrea brings to our attention the fact that the concept of The Window War has picked up another advocate -- Englishman John Derbyshire.
Democratic government’s plodding regularities are certainly superior to despotism or prolonged anarchy. But one can’t help feeling it would be character-building for our political classes if a mob were to come around and break their windows now and then. . .
The perspicacious reader may detect here some continuity with last week’s column, in which I told you that white people are pussies, but absence of turbulence is not the same as pussiness. Once they had calmed down after the Reform Riots, the later-Victorian English were unprecedentedly nonturbulent, but they were not pussies.
My forefathers went on in that admirable spirit of unpussified nonturbulence for a century and more until the 1960s, when everything went wrong.
You can thus have an absence of turbulence without pussification. The converse, however, is not true. Pussies are never turbulent. Pussitude and nonturbulence are not independent variables, but so far as there is any arrow of causation in play, it points from the first to the second.
We should expect no turbulence among white people in the near future. Window-breaking there may be, but outside of a few remaining pockets of vitality such as Belfast, it won’t be whites lobbing the stones. Fattened by prosperity, soothed by the welfare state, and cowed by the missionaries of guilt, whites will limit their protests to voting for Tweedledum rather than Tweedledee, to genteel gatherings in rented halls, to comment threads on the dwindling number of news websites that still allow them.
Derbyshire must not watch Rachel Madcow. I don't have his email or I would send him some links from two years ago.

David Codrea: Partisan Black Caucus ignores Fast and Furious, honors Holder as 'role model'

How someone found in contempt of Congress, who presided over the organization responsible for Fast and Furious gunwalking , which (if one is to believe all the excuses) at best represents detached incompetence rising to the level of criminal negligence, should be considered a role model for any community, is yet another example of the Orwellian “Opposite Day” nature of modern “progressive” political terminology.

Another Sipsey Street prediction comes true.

Remember this?
When I ran the story about the Obama campaign's flag desecration last Thursday, I made this prediction:
Personally, I find such a bloody-handed flag to be refreshingly, if unintentionally, honest on the part of collectivists and would suggest that if you want one you'd better get it now because I'm sure the offer will be pulled down shortly on order of Obamanoid Central Command in Chicago.
Well, that didn't take long. As Thomas Lifson reports in the American Thinker: Obama campaign send desecrated flag down the memory hole.

A new Boxer rebellion?

Chinese Christian Converts Flee Peking during the Boxer Rebellion.
Is China Burning?
(T)he damage to Japan’s business interests in China was substantial. More than a dozen Japanese companies halted operations in the country as fire bombings, sabotage, and looting took their toll. Manufacturers Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Yamaha, Komatsu, Hitachi, and Canon shuttered plants. Panasonic locked the doors of a factory after employees broke windows, ruined equipment, and set fires. Retailers Aeon, Fast Retailing, Ryohin Keikaku, and Seven & I closed stores.
Japanese tourists are canceling trips to China, and hard-hit Panasonic is, not surprisingly, reducing business trips from Japan to the country. As a result, Japan Airlines reduced flights to and from Chinese destinations. It halved Tokyo-Beijing and Osaka-Shanghai flights, for example. All Nippon Airways reported an increase in cancellations on its flights from China to Japan. And it is not only Japanese carriers that have been hurt. China Eastern, China’s second-biggest airline, is delaying the October 18 start of its Shanghai-Sendai route due to insufficient bookings. .
And Tokyo is beginning to realize there is no appeasing Chinese leaders. On the 14th, the official China Daily, by making a reference to Kume in the Ryukyus, laid the historical groundwork for raising a claim on that Japanese island chain, which is near the Senkakus. Said Hissho Yanai, a Japanese activist, to the New York Times, “If we let them have the Senkaku Islands, they’ll come after all of Okinawa next.”
In fact, Beijing officials have talked about taking the Ryukyus after they get the Senkakus. And we should not think the Chinese are limiting their anger to the Japanese. Last week’s events have been compared, in their intensity and their aims, to the anti-foreigner Boxer Rebellion, which began just at the end of the 19th century.
That, unfortunately, is a historical parallel we should remember. Rioters on Tuesday attacked and damaged the car of American ambassador Gary Locke while he was in it.
China at the moment is unstable, and that puts foreign businesses there—not to mention the Chinese economy—at risk.

Two anthems from Joe Bethancourt.

Me & My 30-06.
We Did It To Ourselves.

For Greater Glory

A reader sent me a recommendation for this movie which I have not seen. He writes:
In 1920, the Mexican government launched a nationwide attack on the Catholic Church; priests and religious were murdered, churches burned and desecrated, Catholics beaten, imprisoned and killed for their faith. This is all historical fact.
As the screws tightened, Catholics rose in arms against their oppressors, and the War of the Christeros followed. Three years of deadly combat followed. A civilian militia armed with 'sporting weapons' fought the regular army and police in a guerrilla campaign.
The movie "The Greater Glory" tells the story, available on DVD and in a few theatres. Try to see it and try to get others to see it. It's worth a buck or two, especially in our present circumstances.

Nationally and locally, civilian militias have a new look.

Don't tell Morris Dees, he might have a stroke.
Amelia Foxwell is the new face of citizen militias in Florida. At 33, the Sarasota resident is younger than most militia members. She is Web-savvy, eloquent and a mother who is working on a master's in psychology.
Foxwell and fiancé Darren Wilburn are founding members of the Florida Charter Oaks Militia, a Sarasota- based group with about 25 active members who travel from around the state each month to train in survival tactics and firearms use.
Their group — and a growing number of similar militia organizations across Florida and the nation — does not want to be judged by the Oklahoma City bombing or other crimes. Members see the group as a constitutional militia, based on the Second Amendment principle of a well-armed and prepared citizenry.
The couple typify the new-style militia leaders. They are young, well-spoken and physically fit — a far cry from past militia commanders known for camouflage-clad beer bellies and outlandish statements. They are open to scrutiny, are deft at public relations, and will soon be featured in programs on MTV and the National Geographic Channel, focusing on their firearms training.

The new gun culture

But the new generation of gun owners no longer fit the old-school sportsmen look of yesteryear. The new generation of gun owners are fiercely independent, yet socially active – especially in the online space. The new generation comes from urban centers as well as middle America. New gun owners are of all genders, colors, creeds and social strata. They are not Elmer Fudd.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

And some people say deer are stupid creatures.

Texas couple snaps photo of deer destroying Obama front yard sign.

Praxis: For those combat packing 5.56 NATO ammunition . . .

I haven't done business with the company but the prices are about right for today's market.
New River Salvage Company:
(910) 455-1252
Email contact address:
.223 stripper clips $60 per thousand or 7 1/2 cents each
4 Pocket bandoleers (cloth only) $1 each
Cardboards , now in stock, 18 cents each (bandoleer takes 4 cardboard inserts)
Stripper clip guides $1 each
.223 M-27 links $30 per thousand
.308 links $25 per thousand
50 cal links $50 per thousand
Plastic SAW box $10.00 each
End tabs $1 each
Bandoleer for plastic box $1

A pickup truck sticker appropriate to the times.

"Remember: Evil exists because good men don't kill the government officials committing it." New SSI masthead quote by Kurt Hofmann reflected in London Daily Mail article. 'I liked to shoot everything - women, kids... it was kind of sport.'

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." -- Edmund Burke, Thoughts on the Cause of Present Discontents (1770)
As near as anyone can determine, Edmund Burke never said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." The closest Burke sentiment that can be identified is the one above. However, Wikipedia notes:
This purported quote bears a resemblance to the narrated theme of Sergei Bondarchuk's Soviet film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's book "War and Peace", in which the narrator declares "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."
Both quotes are true on the face of it, although I can see how more folks are comfortable assigning to Burke the more succinct version of a Soviet film maker.
However that may be, Kurt Hofmann has come up with an even more pithy and appropriate reconsideration of Burke as illuminated by the ghastly lights of 20th Century funeral pyres: "Remember: Evil exists because good men don't kill the government officials committing it."
For the temerity of tweeting this sentiment, Kurt has once again been denounced by the government-monopoly-of-force advocates of CSGV. I'm jealous. He's now ahead of me on the collectivist "enemy of the people" minute-of-hate denunciations.
I liked the quote so much that I have assigned it a place of honor at the top of my masthead quotes to the right of Sipsey Street.
Coincidentally, I was just forwarded this link from the London Daily Mail which further reinforces Kurt's point:
'I liked to shoot everything - women, kids... it was kind of sport': Secret Nazi tapes reveal how ordinary German soldiers were responsible for war crimes and not just SS
Secret recordings made by British intelligence during the Second World War have revealed for the first time the horrific atrocities carried out by everyday German soldiers.
For years the blame for horrific war crimes, rape and genocide were laid at the hands of the SS and Hitler's right hand men but a new book details how widespread the barbarity went.
Transcripts taken from hidden microphones on prisoners of war have been collated for the disturbing book Soldaten: On Fighting, Killing and Dying: The Secret Second World War Tapes of German POWs.
Between 1940 and 1945 the British and Americans bugged about 13,000 German and several hundred Italian soldiers of all ranks and services - many of which in the Trent Park detention centre for POWs in north London.
It was hoped the recordings would reveal military secrets of potentially strategic importance, instead they catalogued open and uncensored conversations about war experiences - often as to boast.
They detail not only the extreme level of violence but a disturbing sense of enjoyment from the soldiers.
One example of many recounts: 'There was an event in the market square, crowds of people, speeches given. We really sprayed them! That was fun!'
The story goes on to quote one German: 'I liked to shoot everything - women, kids... it was kind of sport.' So always keep in mind, folks, Kurt's rework of Burke's dictum: "Remember: Evil exists because good men don't kill the government officials committing it."
Burke in 1770 would certainly have been shocked by the directness of it, but then, who knows? He never experienced the ghastly Twentieth Century massacres by governments of their own, and other, peoples.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Praxis: Now's a good time to pull an inventory of your gear, ammo, logistics.

While you're waiting around to see when the civil war is going to start, now isn't a bad time to pull an inventory of your gear, ammo, and logistics. Tote up what you have, evaluate what you need and get it while the getting's good.

Another bad day, folks.

Sorry for the lack of original work.

Let's see. . . Now wasn't the excuse for Fast and Furious that the law is insufficient to punish straw buyers?

Dallas man gets 5 years for false statement on weapons purchase Somebody forgot to tell this schmuck.

David Codrea: Wide Receiver ‘Good Samaritan’ clarifies role in OIG ‘gunwalking’ report

Responding to inquiries about his impressions of the report, Detty shared his candid observations with Gun Rights Examiner. “I had one meeting with the OIG investigators,” Detty replied when asked what level of contact had been initiated with him for the purposes of the report. “They are the ones that gave all of my confidential materials to Laura Gwinn at DOJ. After that happened I told them to never contact me again.”

A Marie Antoinette moment.

Revealed: How Michelle Obama’s DNC Nail Polish Was Made.
This link came to me with this comment: "And the MSM slobbering shill, bent-kneed, Obama supplicating media actually wonder why we mock and ignore them ???"

David Codrea: IG Fast and Furious findings corroborate earlier Wide Receiver reports

Spending a considerable portion of its analysis on the Operation Wide Receiver Bush-era firearms trafficking surveillance program, the Office of Inspector General’s massive report on Fast and Furious gunwalking released Wednesday corroborates much information presented to Gun Rights Examiner readers almost a full year ago.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Obama You Don't Know.

Washington Examiner series.

Gun store comment & new Obama flag.

War Between the States veterans at Gettysburg, 1913.
So I was in a gun store the other day after dropping Rosey off at work and in addition to window shopping (the only kind of shopping I can afford these days) I was eavesdropping on the conversations which of course was all about politics and the portents of evil in the next Obama administration.
I listened idly until one guy piped up about what he expected to be fratricidal hostilities. Everybody got quiet. I then offered this comment: "You know, we're about to reinvent a class of Americans that hasn't been seen in almost a hundred years."
"What's that?" the counterman asked.
"Civil war veteran," I answered.
I was reminded of that conversation when I saw this post by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit: "New Obama Flag Looks Eerily Like Blood-Stained Walls at Benghazi Consulate>"
Talk about poor timing…
The Obama Campaign recently released their perfected version of the US flag.
You can purchase your O-flag at the Obama Campaign website for $35.
Hoft continues:
If the image looks familiar it could be because the red stripes resemble the bloody Benghazi hand prints. The bloodstained walls at the US consulate revealed that the US officials were dragged to their death by peaceful protesters terrorists.
Grim scene: Bloodstains at the main gate believed to be from one of the American staff members of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. (Daily Mail)
It’s hard to know what’s more offensive… That they desecrated the flag, or that they’re pushing a product that reminds Americans of the slaughter in Benghazi?
Personally, I find such a bloody-handed flag to be refreshingly, if unintentionally, honest on the part of collectivists and would suggest that if you want one you'd better get it now because I'm sure the offer will be pulled down shortly on order of Obamanoid Central Command in Chicago.

"My Disaster Gun"

American Rifleman’s Editor-in-Chief Mark Keefe: My Disaster Gun.
My friend Marty Morgan stayed behind in New Orleans—he lived on high ground and had plenty of food and water—and he had a rifle, an AKM. He survived the natural disaster no problem, but knew he might not live through the rampant anarchy that followed. There is no doubt in his mind that, if not for that rifle, he would likely not be with us today.
Handguns are handy in such situations—and I will always have one on my hip in such times—but a rifle is essential. A man with a rifle has options, he can put distance between himself and predators, and he has long-range firepower that is effective at long range, but devastating at close range. A man with a rifle can defend his home and family, or strap it across his chest and walk out, away from disaster and danger. . .
The rifle that lies ready for such a time for me is the Springfield Armory SOCOM, now called the SOCOM 16. The semi-automatic 16-inch barreled SOCOM—not the SOCOM II, which I like for the extra rail space on but found not as handy—is based on the M1A, which is itself based on the U.S. M14, the magnum opus of the U.S. Ordnance Dept. It is equipped with an effective muzzle break and with a top rail forward of the action port that bears a Leupold 2.5×28 mm Scout scope. I also have an Aimpoint that serves for closer work. But the rifle has excellent iron sights, an enlarged aperture rear and a XS front post with a Tritium insert. It is chambered for 7.62×51 mm NATO, and feeds from one of the best box magazines ever designed. They only hold 20 rounds, but they feed like a champ. It has the power of a battle rifle, but can also be used for CQB if necessary. I can hit a man-sized silhouette at 600 meters, time after time with it. And I can clean a table of steel plates in seconds at 25 yards. My SOCOM has a Wildness Tactical web Ching, a shallow web cheekpiece that gets my eye in line with the Leupold’s Duplex reticle. My only regret is a lack of a bayonet. A guy with a rifle might be dangerous to the criminal element, but a guy with a bared blade bayonet, well, he is obviously not only serious, but crazy.
Two comments --
First, I find it interesting that the editor-in-chief of American Rifleman is willing to write about defense in a breakdown situation which, if he had written this in an earlier time, would have cost him his job at the hands of the Elmer Fudds who once ran the NRA management.
Second, although I admire his taste in caliber and design, I am skeptical of Springfield Armory's quality control these days. My son bought a SOCOM when he was in-country on leave from Afghanistan and when we went to put it in a Sage stock, we discovered that the operating rod could not be field-stripped from the weapon. Now, admittedly, we sent it right back to the factory and they made the problem right, but you just have to wonder how it ever made it out of the factory. Also, I once had an SA M1A (circa 1990s) and had it out to an improvised range at a quarry one day. Leaning the rifle against the tailgate of my pickup, someone leaned against the truck and the rifle fell over onto the dirt road. When I picked it up, I discovered that the right front sight leaf and been folded by this modest impact over onto the front sight blade itself! Poor tin-pot metallurgy to be sure. I replaced it, and every other part that seemed reasonable, with USGI M14 parts. (I did the same with my M14S "China Doll," which I still own.) So, if you do buy a Springfield Armory product, go over it with a fine tooth comb.

"Basically, for everyone who has ever said 'someday I'm going to buy a gun,' that someday is now."

Rising gun sales in New Jersey driven by first-time buyers

This stupid gun writer needs to get himself a dictionary.

Carlos Hathcock in Vietnam.
1. having an extremely bad reputation: an infamous city.
2. deserving of or causing an evil reputation; shamefully malign; detestable: an infamous deed.
Future Rifles that Could Be Deadly Past Two miles.
"Long-range military snipers have been inching towards the 2-mile mark for generations. In 1967, infamous Marine sniper Carlos 'White Feather' Hathcock made a 2,286 yard shot from a modified .50-caliber M2 machinegun.
Carlos Hathcock "infamous"?!?!? Who is this idiot writer, a descendant of Ho Chi Minh?

Kurt Hofmann: Josh Horwitz laughably accuses gun rights advocates of disregarding Constitution

The latest from the "government monopoly of violence advocates.
Ah, yes--CSGV's old "only the government can protect you from . . . the government" argument. Horwitz dismisses concerns about the need to be able to resist a government's genocidal ambitions by claiming that the U.S. is a "democracy" (no--it isn't), and democratic governments don't murder their people.
According to Horwitz, in order to have "faith" in the Constitution, one must believe that a power hungry government can be thwarted in its desires to usurp the power of the people, simply because words on parchment say that it must not. That is, obviously, a ludicrous notion. The Constitution itself protects nothing, unless it is enforced.

They're going after the big bore rifles again.

An Open Letter From Ron Barrett - Barrett Firearms Manufacturing.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Whitewash. All you need to know about the OIG report in one sentence.

"We were unable to further investigate the communications between Newell and O’Reilly because O’Reilly declined our request for an interview."
Now we will see if all those promises that the Committee was waiting for the OIG report merely to impeach it with other documents and witnesses was true -- or if this is the end of the line for the hopes of justice and the rule of law.
I will have more comments after I've read the entire report.

David Codrea: OIG Fast and Furious report requires analysis before media jumps to conclusions

Case in point, Chapter One of the report identifies key individuals who declined to be interviewed, significantly including “Criminal Chief [Patrick J.] Cunningham [who] declined through counsel our request for a follow-up interview…We also requested an interview with Kevin O’Reilly, a member of the White House’s National Security Staff[who] declined our request through his personal counsel.”

Creeping collectivist nanny state strikes again.

Your tax dollars at work.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has mandated that all consumers in the United States must purchase at least 4 gallons of gasoline when they go to the gas station, if they are getting fuel from a pump that also offers a new E15 ethanol-gasoline blend.
The Obama administration wants consumers to use more of the E15 fuel – a blend that contains 15 percent ethanol – but the problem is that many gas stations use blender pumps, which offer several types of fuel and, after pumping, there always is a residual amount of fuel in the hose. E15 fuel can potentially damage engines made prior to 2000 and it cannot be used in motorcycles, ATVs, and many other engines, such as lawn mowers and boat engines.
So, to circumvent the potential problems, the EPA is requiring a 4-gallon minimum from blender pumps to ensure that any E15 fuel residue is diluted. (Stations that provide a completely separate, single hose for E15 only are exempt from the rule.)
But many lawmakers, as well as motorcycle and off-road specialists, say the EPA rule is not a viable solution and that requiring people to buy a minimum of 4 gallons of gasoline is not acceptable.

Praxis: 2-1-3 lacing for boots.

A genuflection and tip of the boonie hat to Stephen, who writes:
Mister Vanderboegh,
At the risk of opening up a can of all things foot-related, I can say that I used to have gawdawful problem with rubbing at the back of the foot, which would wear out both the inside of the heel of the boot and a whole boatload of socks until I discovered the "2-1-3" lacing technique. See, e.g., this if you're unfamiliar:
(They recommend it for "instep bite", but I find it really helps lock the heel of my foot to the heel of the boot)
Take it for what it's worth to you...
Best Regards,
Nicks Boots says:
To prevent the infamous "bite" on top of your instep, lace your boots with the 2-1-3 method as shown in the photo.
Keep the boot snugly laced. It's important that the boot be laced tightly over the instep and around the ankle, which allows the leather behind the anklebones to seat properly. Snug is good, snugger is better.

I love this headline . . .

"Why we need 'high capacity' magazines: Because there are more than 10 Democrats."

Elmer Fudd strikes again.

Texas Hunter Education, or “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Fudds”.
The term “Fudd” is derived, of course, from the Elmer Fudd, the hunter in the Looney Tunes cartoons. And in Pennsylvania, it’s used to describe a certain kind of person. Specifically, one who believes the only purpose for firearms is hunting, that the only acceptable type of rifle is the kind their pappy gave them in the 1960s (and that all others should be illegal) and is generally intolerant of change. In other words, a crotchety old fart.
Perfect example from back in Pennsylvania: I was with my shooting team at a state game lands range (which used to be free) sighting in our AR-15 rifles for a coming 3-gun match. It was just us, and an older gentleman who was hoovering up all the brass from the range and putting it in a bag to take home. We were being perfectly safe, following all of the rules, and even being downright courteous to the old man who was picking up our brass the second it hit the ground. But no more than five minutes after he left the police arrived, saying they got a tip that people were shooting machine guns and destroying the range.
That, my friends, was a Fudd. He called the police because he didn’t like the way our guns looked and wanted to get us arrested.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Treat the Press as Enemy Collaborators."

Au Pilori, also known as Le Pilori, was an anti-Semitic newspaper published in Occupied France during World War II.
The paper first appeared as Le Pilori, before changing its name through an evolution of the editorial team. Funded by the Germans, it did not hesitate to campaign against specific individuals, against persons "suspected" of being Jewish, and against professions normally practiced by Jews, for instance dermatologists.
Throughout the war it was published from 43 rue Monceau, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. -- Wikipedia.
"The Jew is not a man. He's a stinking beast." -- Jacques Doriot, head of the Parti Populaire Français (French Popular Party), writing in the collaborationist journal Au Pilori, 1941.
Erick Erickson says to "Treat the Press as Enemy Collaborators." Absolutely.
"Bluntly, the general rule for Team Romney should be to treat the press as an enemy collaborator with Barack Obama with exceptions only as appropriate."
(See Clinton Doctrine referenced in my email to Media Matters thug Gertz below.) For examples of what a collaborationist looks like, it's hard to beat the French from 1940 to 1945.
Jacques Doriot (French pronunciation: 26 September 1898, Bresles, Oise – 22 February 1945, near Mengen, Württemberg) was a French politician prior to and during World War II. He began as a Communist but then turned Fascist. . .
When France went to war with Germany in 1939, Doriot became a staunch pro-German and supported Germany's occupation of northern France in 1940. Doriot resided in collaborationist Vichy France for a time, but he eventually found that it wasn’t nearly as Fascist as he had hoped it would be and moved to occupied Paris, where he espoused pro-German and anti-Communist propaganda on Radio Paris. In 1941, he and fellow Fascist collaborator Marcel Déat founded the Légion des Volontaires Français (LVF), a French unit of the Wehrmacht.
Doriot fought with the LVF and saw active duty on the Eastern Front when Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941. When the LVF was all but destroyed, Doriot fought in the Wehrmacht, and was awarded the Iron Cross in 1943. In his absence leadership of the PPF officially passed to a directorate, although real power came to lie with Maurice-Yvan Sicard. In December 1943, Doriot traveled to Germany and made contact with the former members of Vichy regime and other collaborators who had gathered together at Sigmaringen. Doriot's PPF struggled to assume a leadership role within the French expatriate community, basing itself in Mainau and setting up its own radio station, Radio-Patrie, at Bad Mergentheim and publishing its own paper Le Petit Parisien. The PPF was also involved in conducting intelligence and sabotage activities by supplying some volunteers who the Germans dropped by parachute into liberated France. He was killed on 22 February 1945 while traveling from Mainau to Sigmaringen when his car was strafed by fighters. He was buried in Mengen.

Change of schedule. I won't be going to Knob Creek in October as planned.

For those of you who I invited to the get-together, I just can't make it. I'd chance the nausea if I had the resources but I don't. Besides I have a lot to do at home here and there's just no way to work it all in. Sorry.

How the border between India and Pakistan is closed, every day.

And now for something completely different from the Ministry of Silly Walks.

David Codrea: DOJ and Media Matters coordinated Fast and Furious reports

“The emails…often show department public affairs chief Tracy Schmaler communicating with Media Matters bloggers,” Fox News reported in a follow-up story noting the arrangement targeted administration critics. “Sometimes, the emails were in response to inquiries. Other times, Schmaler was pitching ideas, according to the Caller.”

My email to Matthew Gertz of the ill-named "Media Matters."

Matthew Gertz: Radish Red or Killer Tomato?
-----Original Message-----
From: georgemason1776
To: mgertz
Sent: Tue, Sep 18, 2012 10:52 am
Subject: You need a new ruler (literally and figuratively)
Mr. Gertz,
I note with interest your 2 November 2011 statement to the DOJ wicked witch of cover-ups, Tracy Schmaler, that I'm "about three inches away from being an insurrectionist." I think you need a new ruler. It is not insurrection to resist a nascent collectivist tyranny which is itself in insurrection against the Constitution and the Founder's Republic. I am a fighter for Restoration, not insurrection. Of course it is silly to pretend that we share a country anymore. The inhabitants of your country believe that the people should serve the government, whereas we believe with the Founders that government should serve the people. Like I said, two different countries.
In a related note, I would draw your attention to the Clinton Doctrine, formulated in a fit of pique in 1999 when the Serbians would not bend to his will. He redrew the rules of engagement for American military forces to include the intellectual and media supporters of his enemy's war effort, holding them (rightly, in my mind) to be just as responsible as military forces for the conflict. Shortly thereafter, Clinton dispatched precision guided munitions into the houses of politicians and the broadcast studios of Serbian radio and television.
It would be most unfortunate and highly disturbing, would it not, if, in the event of a federally-provoked civil war, some people in this country decided to adopt the same doctrine of Fourth Generation Warfare?
Finally, on a personal note, I was wondering how someone like you becomes a paid slobbering sycophant for corrupt collectivist power? Were you raised that way, or did you just sell out for the money? In other words, are you a radish red or a true believing killer tomato?
Mike Vanderboegh
PO Box 926
Pinson, AL 35126