Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Elmer Fudd strikes again.

Texas Hunter Education, or “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Fudds”.
The term “Fudd” is derived, of course, from the Elmer Fudd, the hunter in the Looney Tunes cartoons. And in Pennsylvania, it’s used to describe a certain kind of person. Specifically, one who believes the only purpose for firearms is hunting, that the only acceptable type of rifle is the kind their pappy gave them in the 1960s (and that all others should be illegal) and is generally intolerant of change. In other words, a crotchety old fart.
Perfect example from back in Pennsylvania: I was with my shooting team at a state game lands range (which used to be free) sighting in our AR-15 rifles for a coming 3-gun match. It was just us, and an older gentleman who was hoovering up all the brass from the range and putting it in a bag to take home. We were being perfectly safe, following all of the rules, and even being downright courteous to the old man who was picking up our brass the second it hit the ground. But no more than five minutes after he left the police arrived, saying they got a tip that people were shooting machine guns and destroying the range.
That, my friends, was a Fudd. He called the police because he didn’t like the way our guns looked and wanted to get us arrested.


Jon said...

Interesting how words change.

Back in the days of total censorship by the good folks in the District of Columbia, Hollywood had to use its noodle to get around the frozen brain of the Censor.......FUDD is an archaic Welch word for a 'know it all ass or an authority without common sense'.

Kudos to Hollywood......Jon H.

Anonymous said...

One wonders what the Fudd intended to do with all that .223 brass. It's not like he would be able to use it in anything he might have that fired .223 - except a Ruger mini-14. In which case he wasn't a Fudd but a damned hypocrite who clearly knew better and just wanted to make trouble.

Unfortunately, neither Fudds nor hypocrites are legal to hunt so we can't put them out of our misery. Too, bad. We could go out into the woods, give them a 30 head start and have a good old time.

A SImple Man said...

He sure likex that evilwaffensturmassaltbunnykillingmachinegun brass though.

Kent McManigal said...

I lived in Pennsylvania (Wyoming county) for a few years, and it is a strange state with relation to guns. I think it's because they look up to New York as some kind of role model.

It seems everyone there owns guns and hunts, but the first question every single person asked me, upon discovering I owned guns, was "Are they registered?"

Eventually I was able to ask the sheriff a couple of gun-related questions (and probably get myself on a "list"), as well as check up on the gun "laws" online. I was told that there wasn't "registration" in PA, but that I could take them to the police station and register them if I wanted.

The sheriff also told me something else. He said that unless I had a concealed carry permit or a hunting license, if I carried any gun outside my front door he would arrest me. I knew this was against state law, so I just didn't tell the parasite my plans.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a bit like he was stealing your valuable, reloadable brass ... hope you laid a complaint and had him arrested!


Skip said...

In my gun club if you scrounge other brass but your own you are run out.
Discarded brass ie: leo's, rich guy's, lazy, or non-reloaders, the brass belongs to the manager/board.

Anonymous said...

mebbe he was picking up evidence to leave at a future crime scene?

CowboyDan said...

Anon, you may be right.

Most of us are too trusting to even think of such shinola.

I sure didn't. Got to get meaner, dammit!!