Monday, September 24, 2012

Nationally and locally, civilian militias have a new look.

Don't tell Morris Dees, he might have a stroke.
Amelia Foxwell is the new face of citizen militias in Florida. At 33, the Sarasota resident is younger than most militia members. She is Web-savvy, eloquent and a mother who is working on a master's in psychology.
Foxwell and fiancé Darren Wilburn are founding members of the Florida Charter Oaks Militia, a Sarasota- based group with about 25 active members who travel from around the state each month to train in survival tactics and firearms use.
Their group — and a growing number of similar militia organizations across Florida and the nation — does not want to be judged by the Oklahoma City bombing or other crimes. Members see the group as a constitutional militia, based on the Second Amendment principle of a well-armed and prepared citizenry.
The couple typify the new-style militia leaders. They are young, well-spoken and physically fit — a far cry from past militia commanders known for camouflage-clad beer bellies and outlandish statements. They are open to scrutiny, are deft at public relations, and will soon be featured in programs on MTV and the National Geographic Channel, focusing on their firearms training.


Anonymous said...

Check this out -

It's a hit piece on Mr wilburn.

also found this -

Mr Warner (PI) wants to enforce an Egyptian arrest warrant for pastor Terry Jones.

MI - copperhead said...

Darren is a wealth of tactical knowlage and real world experience and if I was ever going to be in a tight situation I would want him ( or someone exactly like him) as my squad leader.
As for Amelia it is pretty tough to beat an attractive woman who's smart and knows how to move, shoot and communicate.

Anonymous said...

why in the hell would this darren wilburn a former green beret break his oath for a foereign country of all things?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wilburn did not. Mr. Warner who publicly attacked Mr. Wilburn's character is the one who does the bidding of Islamic nations.