Monday, September 24, 2012

The Window War picks up another advocate.

David Codrea brings to our attention the fact that the concept of The Window War has picked up another advocate -- Englishman John Derbyshire.
Democratic government’s plodding regularities are certainly superior to despotism or prolonged anarchy. But one can’t help feeling it would be character-building for our political classes if a mob were to come around and break their windows now and then. . .
The perspicacious reader may detect here some continuity with last week’s column, in which I told you that white people are pussies, but absence of turbulence is not the same as pussiness. Once they had calmed down after the Reform Riots, the later-Victorian English were unprecedentedly nonturbulent, but they were not pussies.
My forefathers went on in that admirable spirit of unpussified nonturbulence for a century and more until the 1960s, when everything went wrong.
You can thus have an absence of turbulence without pussification. The converse, however, is not true. Pussies are never turbulent. Pussitude and nonturbulence are not independent variables, but so far as there is any arrow of causation in play, it points from the first to the second.
We should expect no turbulence among white people in the near future. Window-breaking there may be, but outside of a few remaining pockets of vitality such as Belfast, it won’t be whites lobbing the stones. Fattened by prosperity, soothed by the welfare state, and cowed by the missionaries of guilt, whites will limit their protests to voting for Tweedledum rather than Tweedledee, to genteel gatherings in rented halls, to comment threads on the dwindling number of news websites that still allow them.
Derbyshire must not watch Rachel Madcow. I don't have his email or I would send him some links from two years ago.


Anonymous said...

wastueOK. Fine... cowardly, anarchistic action.
But it's un-American.

I'll donate 3 times the cost of fixing the window to the re-election of the person whose windows are broken. Republican or Democrat.

By the way, do you have windows? My offer goes to you too, as long as you don't do it yourself or have it done to yourself.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to see here.

JudgementComes said...

If white people in the US begin breaking windows, then they will be killed by drones.

Anonymous said...

Derbyshire can be reached via:

Semper Fi'