Thursday, September 27, 2012

Praxis: 10 Things That Make a Tactical Knife

What is a Tactical Knife? Every Company seems to make them. Everyone seems to carry them. Or do they?


Anonymous said...

What makes a good tacticool k-nife? WHY how much M-O-N-E-Y can be sqweezed out of the vic-tem ER custemer.

Doc Enigma said...

Have we gotten to the point that a 'tactical' knife has to be DEFINED??

Mother McCree!!!

We now see the awful price of public 'education'......[eye roll]

Ed said...

"Tactical" knife?
As opposed to a "Strategic" knife?

researching hunting knives said...

See they just don't strike me as functionally different from hunting knives - it's just a buzz word you know?