Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Obama You Don't Know.

Washington Examiner series.


Scott J said...

I've known all I ever needed to know about the man when I heard the 2001 WBEZ interview where he lamented our Constitution is a charter of "negative liberties" that places limits on government and hampers "redistributive change".

The fact he won election and stands a 50/50 shot of being reelection in the face of that naked fact tends to make me as gloomy as Pete and Arctic Patriot on the prospect we can salvage The Republic.

Anonymous said...

This is the last straw! I just don't understand the Americans following this man! It's like a cult like trance their all in. How can Americans ignore what he is ignoring! Hes apologizing for what our soldiers died for! And now he wants to desecrate the symbol they all hold so dear. So dear, it was the first thing they placed on the moon! Anyone that would purchase one of these so called flags should be ashamed. Discusting!!!

Ed said...

This asshat is such a liar! Look at this...

pdxr13 said...

I read his books in 2007. You know, the ones Bill Ayers wrote.

Hustlin' on the DownLow. DNA testing of daughters will reveal their genetic father.
Communist education beginning at 7 years, but never officially a CPUSA card-carrying member.
There never were any women to make a composite from. There were many male sodomites, body-men, dope dealers, and fellow travelers along the way. College papers and grades reveal too much.

Who is this POTUS? What about military officers who don't recognize his presence in the highest office? They should be recognized as visionaries and leaders with re-instatement and pardons.

It will go on for as long as the money holds out.


Winsmith said...