Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kurt Hofmann: Gun ownership, and even militia membership, becoming more popular, diverse

The Brady Campaign, VPC, CSGV and the Southern Poverty Law Center would all prefer that the public share their fear and loathing of militias. The question to ask them, perhaps, is if militias are "necessary to the security of a free state," then who are the "traitors" to America--the militia members, or those who oppose them?


Anonymous said...

Why militia? Cause people finaly see that Obama and Rommny stand for exactly the same nazi military police state. That civil war or slavery is now the only choice. that the "great plan for world peace" (the UN) has failed.That we have now come to the crux,peaceful change is no longer possable.LIBERTY OR DEATH

Mt Top Patriot said...

The traitors are barking up the wrong tree.
I'm a militia of one.
I'm one of millions.
I'm singular but not alone.
I'm nebulous.
I keep my powder dry.
I keep my ear to the ground.
I'm very well, happily, and contentedly, regulated because I understand perfectly what is going down.
The tyrants have no conception of the can of whoop arse that is going to be opened on their worthless hides.
Just know well, I am legion.

Anonymous said...

There is no question that gun sales are up. S&W dont record record profits because gun ownership is on the slide.
This Militia business though... It has, since I have been an adult been the intention of any media source to demonize the militia movement. To make them appear to be fat, redneck, racist, squirrel killers. They did such a good job of it that for many years I believed that militia's were full of crazies living in the woods. To tell the truth, even today I cannot find a fictional TV program that has ever portrayed a militia in a positive light.

Here is a tip for all you militia members. To be a militia is not to buy your survival goods and find your retreat and go there if the country ever fell into chaos, with the intention of waiting it out and thinking that you will be a source of power when you decide to venture out. Those who have the ability, skill, and patriotism to join a militia should be out helping their countrymen from the get go. Defending the weak, putting their ass on the line and doing something other than hiding in the hills like cowards.
I support militia movements, but I would never allow those who turn tail and run for the hills to come even close to having a say when the music stops.
All militias who subscribe to the theory that they can wait out an event and then come out of the retreat like conquering heroes are freaking delusional.
Any militia that works to defend their countrymen when the situation is tough and maybe unwinnable will have an ally in me.
Militia types with their "survival plan" should think long and hard about that.