Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This just in from Ramsey A. Bear: Len Savage to make an appearance on Sons of Guns tonight.

He'll be building a semi-auto BREN gun on the Discovery channel show. Little Jimmy Vann is crapping his pants, no doubt. That economic Waco just isn't working out like he planned.


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Do you know which episode it is? My local TV listings indicate Discovery Channel will be airing 6 episodes today, beginning at 3 PM and running to 9 PM (Central Time). The descriptions of each episode don't provide any clues.

Anonymous said...

Although I commiserate with Mr. Savage over his trials and tribulations, I will under no circumstances watch that festival of "reality show" nitwits. The protagonists of that show are a pack of peckerwood numbskulls and a general embarrassment to gun owners, constitutionalists and sentient beings everywhere.

David Codrea said...

Turns out there are several back-to-back programs scheduled tonight. He's the second feature in the 9:00 pm "Red Jacket Snow Blaster" episode.

Anonymous said...

New story is getting some coverage.

On the EPA.

EPA illegal human experiments

A former EPA employee who is a Dr. and has a law degree just sued them in Fed. Court in Easten Va.
The EPA conducted experiments where the piped diesel truck engine exaust into a test chamber from outside a building and hooked up people to the deal. Done at the Univ. of N. Carolina.

Now the EPA will have to answer to the chage of illegal human experiments or say that the diesel exaust are not a big a danger as they have been claiming.

Guy has a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Reality TV- Ain't.

Anonymous said...

Stopped watching that show halfway through the episode when they are poking an M2HB parts kit like the protohumans poking the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Gimme a break! Only thing easier to assemble into a semiauto from parts is an AK.

Tom said...

Anonymous, Len did my MkII from a decent parts kit I dug up, plus additional parts. Assembling a Bren from torch cut scrap isn't a walk in the park. The kits still available are really badly cut, for the most part, these days and then you have to find barrels. You're a bit off the mark, whereas my Historic Arms LLC Bren rebuild semi is sub-MOA and looks brand new 1943.

Didn't catch the TV show, as I'm pretty familiar with his build methods, being as I own one.