Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I love this headline . . .

"Why we need 'high capacity' magazines: Because there are more than 10 Democrats."


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Much appreciated, Mike.

Surprisingly, a lot of folks seem a lot less pleased with that title ;-).

William Flatt said...

Interesting comments by Kurt. The Libertarian Party has a an unequivocal 100% pro-2Am platform, but because everyone drinks the 'lesser of two evils' koolaid, SAF qualifies their statement by saying 'major' political party. But the GOP is by far not even half as pro-liberty as the Libertarian Party. America NEEDS a third option, because what we have been doing up till now isn't working. Besides, what good is a gun if we willingly give up ALL our other liberties??

If we end up with a 100% anti-gun federal government willing to 'waco' all the gun owners, this would be far preferable in my mind than compromising in principle by voting for the 'less tyrannical' party (GOP). The Dems at least are stupid enough to push it; we'll have no choice but to fight back, and that will mean we can take it all the way back to 1776 and the full measure of liberty.

Sooner or later, I believe freedom lovers will see that regaining our liberty is just like a Chinese finger puzzle: in order to extract yourself, you'll have to push through the tyranny.

Lowtolerance said...

five democratic pussues and five dumbass republicans

that would be much better.

love your site but this strange affection for the corporatist oligarch pigs, i mean republicans, never makes sense to me.

well armed, well informed, and independent in TX