Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Sipsey Street prediction comes true.

Remember this?
When I ran the story about the Obama campaign's flag desecration last Thursday, I made this prediction:
Personally, I find such a bloody-handed flag to be refreshingly, if unintentionally, honest on the part of collectivists and would suggest that if you want one you'd better get it now because I'm sure the offer will be pulled down shortly on order of Obamanoid Central Command in Chicago.
Well, that didn't take long. As Thomas Lifson reports in the American Thinker: Obama campaign send desecrated flag down the memory hole.


Mt Top Patriot said...

It is an abomination. The instant I looked at it the thing that came to mind is the blood from all the murdering and suffering this tyrant and his regime in the white house have caused. Most notably but not least is Operation Fast and Furious.
These traitors are an abomination to this American, to everything this Republic stands for from the rule of law to every drop of Heroes blood spilled defending our Liberty and Freedoms.
This "flag" says it all just how morally bankrupt these psychopaths in power are.
And to think the faux outrage propagated by the 5th column press whenever they can distort normal symbols of our heritage and character as a nation in Liberty to spin off their lousy steenkin' lyin' ass narrative?
And they think this putrid agitprop is the "new normal"?
The dichotomy of this "flag" represents a foul fetid unquestionable truth of the the real agenda of blood, misery and tyranny they have for me and my country.
Fuck you you son of a bitches!

That ages old axiom that a picture is worth a thousand words?
I got a thousand words for ya to repeat:
Blood on tyrant obama's hands
Blood on tyrant obama's hands
Blood on tyrant obama's hands
Blood on tyrant obama's hands
Blood on tyrant obama's hands
Blood on tyrant obama's hands
Blood on tyrant obama's hands...

Captain Prax said...

Honestly, I've always seen flag worship as a problem, not something to admire. It's a visualization of statism. The Obama manipulation is simply making a bad thing worse, attempting to hijack the meaning behind the flag for his own political gains.

Anonymous said...

When I saw it, I saw the malice Obama has for the West.

Baghdad Bob said...

Carney's official press release:
"What flag? There IS no flag. There never WAS a flag like that. Never. You never saw that, it wasn't there. This whole lie is concocted by the Tea party and right wing extremists."

Anonymous said...

Talk about sending it down the memory hole - they're REALLY cleaning this one up. Usually I can go to and get a copy of a page I missed or didn't copy to my hard drive while looking at it the first time (for "posterity", y'know).

They generally do a capture 3 or 4 times a month, sometimes more often if the site warrants it due to frequent changes.

Guess what? There are NO site captures of the store recorded since July 27th of LAST YEAR.


AJ said...

That's what the Ministry of Truth does.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I am tempted to make my own and show up at Obama-Biden rallies and burn it.

Anonymous said...

We kept an enhanced version: