Saturday, September 22, 2012

Praxis: Now's a good time to pull an inventory of your gear, ammo, logistics.

While you're waiting around to see when the civil war is going to start, now isn't a bad time to pull an inventory of your gear, ammo, and logistics. Tote up what you have, evaluate what you need and get it while the getting's good.


Anonymous said...

.223 stripper clips, spoons and bandoliers are getting more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Any particular reason this is suggested now?

Anonymous said...

Impressive pic of an inpressive stash.

Now is indeed the time to do a self-audit. A formal audit every few months is a good idea.

I did one last month, and CRAP!

Now I have to spend more money.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I rarely offer advice, but this is a topic near and dear to me lately.

Things to do while waiting for the ________ without spending any new money:

Consolidate calibers, sell what you don't or won't shoot. Decide that you are a shooter and not a collector. 7.62x25 has more than doubled in price in two years and now costs more than 9mm. A spam can of the stuff is worth more than a CZ-52! Sell both.

Sell extra pistols, buy rifles.

Sell "high" priced ammo and replace with cheaper components (even if you don't reload yet) - you'll get 50%+ more ammo for your money and pay for reloading equipment (I just did it with berdan-primed NATO surplus 308). 308 can be reloaded for ~25c and 223 for ~15 using components that you can order right now.

Sell 7.62x39 stockpiles at 20+ cents/round and buy 5.45x39 at 13 cents/round (Sportsman's guide). Get a rifle later or never. 5.45 is the cheapest centerfire rifle ammo in the world but it will not stay that way forever.

Buy spare AR bolts and parts kits from PSA when they go on sale every few weeks.

Buy cheap $12 MOLLE vests on ebay, and set them up with similarly cheap pouches as needed. Do this for each rifle.

Anonymous said...

hey Im reloading as fast as i can

Anonymous said...


"308 can be reloaded for ~25c "

WHERE are you getting components THAT inexpensively?

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you sell. You might just need it in an emergency and besides barter is always possible down the road.

Tactically, logistically, operationally, what makes a rifle more valuable than a pistol? Especially a suppressed one, considering the potential environment?

The best answer is not to restrict your options, period.