Thursday, September 27, 2012

The shape of things to come.

Euro crisis fuels Spanish separatism
Spain has entered a constitutional crisis. The decision of Catalonia’s nationalist government to call a snap election in November – which in practice will amount to a referendum on independence – has opened the way to Catalan secession. That decision, in turn, may give a lift to Basque separatists, now running neck and neck with mainstream nationalists in regional government elections due next month, after winning the largest number of Basque Country seats last year in local and general elections.
As a Spain trapped in the eurozone crisis tries to battle its way through a wrenching recession, it must now contemplate the real possibility that its plurinational state, which replaced the suffocatingly centralist Franco dictatorship with highly devolved regional government, may break up.


Fenris Badwulf said...

Kinda hard for the tax and spend governments to tax and spend to buy the votes to keep down this sort of uprising.

Some pol warned about the rise of fascism, I recall. I thought all that spending in decades gone by was to stop that. Gosh. Seems the free spending liberals have summoned their own demons.

bloodyspartan said...

What I envision for us is massive Civil, Religious, Revolutionary or Slavery.
Total CHAOS, Barbarism or Survival of the Fittest.

Which do we prefer.
The First 3 will turn the Witches Cauldron eventually into another Melting Pot.
Can we prevent Total Destruction, Hum GOD knows not me.

Back to the Feudal days or Colonial Days. I am unsure but as long as I live the ONLY ones I will let eat and shit in MY Home are AMERICANS.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Obamastan.