Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Basically, for everyone who has ever said 'someday I'm going to buy a gun,' that someday is now."

Rising gun sales in New Jersey driven by first-time buyers


David Forward said...

I live in Colorado and shoot regularly at a local club range. When I first retired (80% disability) and moved to this neighborhood I had neighbors shuttering when they saw me carry a gun case or a target stand into/out of the garage -- they used to express utter disdain over the "gun culture" during neighborhood social events...obviously aimed at me.

As our society has continued to decline -- and a neighbor lady was brutally raped -- most of those neighbors have come to me over the last five years in order to learn how to shoot and learn basic "urban fighting" tactics. Additionally, most have joined the range and shoot regularly themselves.

Even more encouraging to me is the large quantity of shooters studying the mechanics of long distance shooting with me after becoming comfortable with handguns. I have five students who now push me on the 500 yard range -- of course, I do console myself with the fact that they are in their 40's and between 20 and 25 years younger than me.

Anonymous said...

Now here's a grateful DC gun owner:

One little click got me this:

Joel Johnson age 21 in 2012
Joel Johnson age 19 in 2010
Robbery. Murder. Same area. Hmmmmmmmm.

Wonder what he was wearing? Probably be the newest fashion trend there.

Congratulations, gun owner. You get to live. Too bad the principal wasn't one too.

Bye Bye, Joel.

Anonymous said...

I just had my 20th anniversary at work and received a gift card for $350. I wasn't sure how to use it. I could buy more food, or other prepper items, or just save it (it was good until 2020). I realized that there are many people out of work right now, thanks to Odumbo, so I decided to use it to help create jobs and stimulate the economy. I went and bought a Ruger 1022, two 25 round magazines, and 1050 rounds of .22 hollow point. I feel better knowing that I've helped keep workers in their jobs by purchasing items "Made in America". Plus, this will p!$$ off the liberals, always a worthwhile endeavor.