Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Who's afraid of the big, bad, narrow-assed dictator?


Knuck said...

Soft Socialism? A true oxymoron. The only way you get to take other peoples shit and give it to the receipient class is by the use of force. Obama is as much of Fascist dick as all of the famous ones in history. He does however have a nicer smile than Pol Pot or Joe Stalin. I recently watched the movie,The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo. There is a scene in the movie where the good guy willingly,puts himself in a life-threatening situation,because he does not want to insult the serial killers hospitality. I feel that a number of people in this country don't want to insult the president because of a fear of being deemed a racist or bigot. I thought GW sucked also. Does that make me a racist or bigot? Dig up Pat Paulsen and run him againest these other two stiffs. I think that he could win!! Knuck.

Anonymous said...

Some may laugh at the thought of Dear Leader having 3rd and subsequent terms in light of the 22nd Amendment, but I have read articles online that argued that there may well be conflicts between the 22nd and other parts of the constitution such that SCOTUS might end up with the final say.

Imagine this scenario: Dear Leader during hid 2nd term has had the opportunity to replace several SCOTUS Associate Justices including one or more of the 4 nominal conservatives. Since no statute prohibits the Dhimmicrats from NOMINATING Dear Leader to a 3rd term, they do so and he is elected. To the best of my knowledge, there is no mechanism in the 22nd Amendment to remove a sitting president if he is nominated and elected to a 3rd term. In the ensuing constitutional crisis, a now utterly partisan "progressive" SCOTUS declares the 22nd to be in conflict with other parts of the constitution and decides to effectively set aside presidential term limits entirely.

Sic transit President for life Barak Hussein Obama.

If the Dhims nominate him in 2016 and the cool-aide drinkers vote for him, what mechanism exists to stop him from continuing in office - INDEFINITELY!?!?!? Considering the complete lack of respect for the rule of law that the "progressives" have shown to date, who's to say they would scruple at this?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it, his ass is gone in November.His childish rudeness to Netanyahu , and balking at the demand's made on the American government by Israel have insured his demise.