Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More secret political police follies. Lawmaker accuses FBI official of faulty testimony on how bureau handled al-Awlaki.

"Faulty testimony"? Isn't another word for that perjury?
Money quote:
During testimony earlier this month before Wolf’s appropriations subcommittee, which has oversight of the FBI, the congressman questioned whether a decision by the FBI to let al-Awlaki walk away from a federal arrest warrant in 2002 was evidence the bureau wanted to work on terrorism cases with the cleric as an informant.
Giuliano insisted to the committee that the FBI would have incarcerated the cleric if it had been possible, but the warrant was weak. But Wolf, in his letter, made clear he didn't buy that explanation.
“I would like you to provide for the record whether the FBI or other federal agencies ever approached, cultivated or targeted Aulaqi or Hasan (the alleged Fort Hood shooter) to be potential confidential informants. I believe this additional information would help reconcile Aulaqi’s comments with the bureau’s actions – and perhaps clarify why the FBI was reluctant to take more aggressive investigative actions with regard to Aulaqi.”

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