Friday, October 31, 2014

Not the “right kind” of rape victim

"When I chose to recount those horrific morning hours in front of Colorado’s elected officials last year, and pleading with Governor Hickenlooper to take into consideration what he would be doing to myself and other crime victims if he was to strip our right to choose how best to defend ourselves, I was outright ignored. He told me loud and clear that he knew better than I did what was best for myself and my family."

Exploring the depths of unpersonage status.

"Blowing it open."

Lawsuit challenges federal machine gun ban

Today's Gun Rights Examiner report notes a challenge that, in a rational world, would not even be necessary, let alone controversial.

A little ingenuity renders Colorado 'high capacity' magazine ban toothless.

Near the end of the segment (see accompanying video) Maass asks Mauser, who had just expressed his "disgust" at the successful efforts to make "a mockery of" the law (a law very worthy of mockery), "What do you do now?" Mauser sighed mournfully, hung his head, and eventually replied, "That's a good question." Indeed it is, and its a question that the "gun control" zealots within the Colorado government appear to be utterly unable to answer.

The Viscount of Connecticut helpfully suggests banning standard capacity magazines while Malloy lets slip why they really want them banned.

David Codrea has this interesting post at War on Guns, along with video: Malloy v Visconti.
Visonti @4:27 -- "If they wanted to do something, they could have looked at the 30-round magazine that Adam Lanza used, and just targeted that."
Well, that sure sounds "no-compromise." How helpful.
And Malloy lets slip why they want to ban standard capacity magazines:
Malloy @6:22 -- "The reality of large capacity magazines is they do allow a madman, or a disturbed individual, or someone with malice, or for that matter, someone who wants to fight against the federal government for whatever reason..."
Also, David has some comments about the Tiger Talkers.
He quotes me here and rightly sneers:
Not to mention the inconvenience!
No matter, People who won't send an email, forward a link or even install Adblock will endure indeterminately-extended real world hardships and sacrifices to save us!
And they'll do it smugly, too, with an air of amused Que sera, sera superiority, although I would be curious to know what practical and moral leadership such people have shown at averting literal hell on earth, up close and personal. Cede the entire political arena to those who would rule all, without lifting a finger? Ingenious!
Meantime, I was forwarded this story from May of this year by a reader about Dave Ragozzine, who wrote "Anyone can have a blog, who cares what the dude says(?)"
Mr. Ragozzine, it seems, scared the politicos of Connecticut for saying this on-line:
“If you really want to save your state and country, you will become disobedient and do God’s work to save this nation,” Ragozzine allegedly wrote. “We need violence, we need to take out the scumbags. Locally, Malloy needs to be taken out. He must pay in blood for the crimes he has committed against this country, this state, and the constitution. Our founders and the first 111% wouldn’t have let him last one day in office.”
These were judged to be injudicious statements by the Connecticut State Police, the story continues:
Ragozzine, of 17 Mountain View Terrace, Apt. 3, in Winchester, was arraigned Friday in Superior Court on charges of inciting injury to a person or property, a Class C felony, and second-degree threatening.
Now, as the CSP is also investigating me for the quadruple sins of making a seditious speech, smuggling forbidden magazines, writing open letters, and posting the home addresses and phone numbers of the tyrants who passed the Intolerable Act, I am sympathetic to Mr. Ragozzine's situation. I will say that my own words and actions were chosen a bit more carefully than his, but that hasn't prevented the authorities from trying to figure out how to nail my ass to Red Mike "KGB" Lawlor's barn door. Thus, as I have skin in this Connecticut game, I would be curious to know what the disposition of Mr. Ragozzine's case was.

Life on the edge of an impending race riot.

Ferguson Store Owners: Customers ‘Too Scared’ to Bring Business to the Area

Troubles on the road to Connecticut.

It was another very rough night. I should already be on the ground in Connecticut but I'm headed to the doctor this morning. Plans have shifted, folks on the ground I counted on cannot, it seems, be counted on (in some cases due to circumstances beyond their control). Resources are thin, but thanks to some of you (and God bless Westchester NY in addition to the indomitable regulars!) it is still possible to get there but the window of time to do what I intended is collapsing. Rosey thinks God is trying to tell me something but that's just because she is, and has earned the right to be, a little selfish.
To those who expected me today, I can only apologize and attempt to salvage what I can. It has always been my intention to confront Red Mike "KGB" Lawlor on his own ground. I WILL get there. I just can't say when at this point. I'll have more later.

Guns And State Preemption And Nullification

From Herschel Smith.

I'm glad the tough-talking PA state cops didn't just execute him without trial like they promised.

Suspected Pennsylvania cop-killer Eric Frein captured after 7-week manhunt; prosecutors will seek death penalty

The Coward of the County.

Latest from the dog killer gang.

Voter Fraud & The Second Amendment Remedy

As Mrs. Roosevelt so astutely noted after the gunfire subsided in Tennessee, the American people will be heard, and their will shall be done, one way or another. Whether that can be accomplished peacefully, or must regretfully be accomplished through the use of arms, is entirely dependent upon the conduct of the government itself

Of timid trolls and tiger talkers. "Anyone can have a blog, who cares what the dude says?" Enter the "Joebots." Reaction to my piece from yesterday.

Check out the comments to my post here and to David's here.
My favorite comment is from Dave Ragozzine, who writes: "Anyone can have a blog, who cares what the dude says(?)" Truer words were never spoken. Of course, most typical is this reaction to David's piece from Bob Richardson: "I no longer go to the Examiner website because of all the intrusive and vocal ads." I wonder how all those folks like Richardson really expect us to believe that they will be there at muzzle-point shouting "Molon Labe" opposing the evil machine when they, a. lack the intelligence and/or gumption to obtain a free ad-blocker so they can read David's work without further bother and, b., are so easily deflected from the search for truth by mere momentary inconvenience. And we are expected to think of such people as serious allies?
The only thing more ridiculous are the chest-thumpers who say they want to "get it on" now before they grow too old for the fight. Really? Are they ready for a civil war? Have they made all the preparations they need to? Have they trained, networked, worked the intelligence problem, or any of a million things necessary to prepare for such an eventuality? Do they even understand what that means, what the human cost would be? Recently, I walked with Bob Wright through the national cemetery at Shiloh battlefield park in Tennessee. We talked about what he called "the tiger talkers" and how he wished that he could drag all of them through the cemetery to get some idea of the reality of civil war, of the cost in blood and tears and irretrievable human potential.
In clinging to the competing notions that this is some form of political game without future cost, or, to the equally naive idea that "we can whip 'em easy," both sides demonstrate an unthinking ignorance that they will be swiftly and violently disabused of come the awful dawn of real civil war. In these illusions they are the doppelgangers of the collectivists who believe that just because they win an election that cloaks them in the color of law, the rest of us will meekly fall in line for their tyranny when they say so.
But the paradigm, as they say, is about to shift and there is a rough beast slouching toward Bethlehem, Connecticut to be born.
We have the promise, whispered in the halls of power in Connecticut, that the gun raids begin after Malloy's re-election. It is past time to seriously consider what will ensue when that happens. When the first innocents are dead in their living rooms, what then will the timid trolls and the tiger talkers DO? They should give some consideration to that eventuality now, for if Malloy is re-elected it is coming. Believe me, it WILL come.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Connecticut gubernatorial race dividing gun owners to glee of 'progressives'

Vanderboegh is talking about initiation of force by the state and some gun owners responding by not going gentle into that good night. Before dismissing that as far-fetched, note the same media running interference for Malloy has publicly demanded the opening salvo.

Connecticut Carry says "Joe Must Go." What I know is that what starts in Connecticut under the anti-American, Soviet-loving Mike Lawlor will not stay in Connecticut.

"I'll either get traction, and take this race in a three- or four-way, or I'll be irrelevant." -- Joe Visconti.
A long-time fighter for firearm rights in Connecticut commented to me:
I will tell you that right now we have a pretty large problem with a third party candidate (Joe Visconti) who is seeking to torpedo the election because he is upset that he didn't get a GOP nod.
For some reason, we have a contingent of people in Connecticut that think this guy is 'pro-gun' (we are not 'pro-gun', we are pro-rights, but I digress), when he openly advocates for mandating unloaded carry (condition 3) because of one person having a negligent discharge in a bagel shop, and openly states that our 2013 Gun Ban went 'too far' and would repeal the 'magazine portion' of the bill (but not the rest of the 130+ page monstrosity).
He is running under 9% in the polls at the moment. Just enough to act as a spoiler, but with no chance to win. . .
There is quite a bit of speculation of whether he is really this stupid/insane or whether he is a Malloy plant. I think there is a lot more evidence for the former than the latter, but neither seem to be off the table when you consider his behavior.
In support of this, I received the October issue of Connecticut Carry's October newsletter, and among the articles is this op-ed. I reprint it in its entirety, as well as the analysis piece that follows it, because it describes where we are in Connecticut, a state that is only awaiting the re-election Malloy and his anti-firearm commissar Red Mike "KGB" Lawlor for the gun raids -- and the subsequent civil war -- to begin.
Joe Must Go
by Bob Margolis.
It’s time for you to go, Joe. You’ve probably worked harder than anyone else in the race for governor, but in your heart you know you can’t win.
You’ve campaigned on valiantly as the “other guy” and while there’s merit to that, at some point you’re only going to hurt the chances for the state of Connecticut to elect someone that is not Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.
You told me face to face several times that your objective was to get Malloy out of office. You now have the best opportunity of any one in the state to do that. While you have gathered support from some independents, some Republicans and a few Democrats, we all know that as the election gets closer people will cast their vote for someone that they think can win. That candidate is not you, Joe.
You have few funds and little name recognition outside of a small circle of influence and what worries me most is that Malloy is now saying good things about you. Our governor is playing you like a fine fiddle Joe. Gov. Malloy knows that his only threat in this election is Tom Foley, not Joe Visconti. Nearly every vote cast for you will be a vote taken away from Tom Foley. The closer the election, the more dangerous your participation becomes.
Why do you think that the attack ads only go after Mr. Foley and not you? Because their side wants you to get votes Joe, as many as it takes to swing the numbers their way. The governor and his team are not stupid, they’re playing you for a fool, and I know you’re not a fool.
Joe, you have the chance to be “Rudy” for Connecticut. You have the chance to be carried off the field held high on the shoulders of the winning team. You also have the chance to be the spoiler, to be the one that hands the election to the incumbent. I’m asking you to be Rudy. Joe, be Rudy for us, be Rudy for everyone in Connecticut. By doing that, you can come back some day and run for office again, next time as a hero, not a spoiler. Withdraw from the election Joe, get out of the race and ask your supporters to vote for Tom Foley. Campaign with Tom and campaign for Tom. He’s the best chance we have of taking back our state.
In addition to this op-ed is this analysis by Rick Burgess, "Are We Going To Lose This Election?":
No one wants to be the one to say it. Connecticut Carry sure doesn’t want to have to be the ones to have to say it. But we are in serious risk of losing this election. We have Malloy on the run with poll numbers from Malloy-friendly polling institutes that cannot hide the fact that Connecticut residents hate Governor Dannel Malloy and his policies and favor Republican challenger Tom Foley.
So how can we lose?
We have a contingent of people who have decided that ‘principle’ and ‘rights’ mean more to them than the basic common sense of voting the worst anti-rights governor in the nation out. Now, let’s be clear here: We support and stand on principles and rights more than any organization in Connecticut. We opposed bills that other organizations were actively supporting because the bills were against individual rights and therefore unacceptable to us, and we are proud of that. We support the absolute right to bear arms, and do not advocate for laws that prohibit anyone from buying, owning or carrying a self-defense tool in whatever manner that they see fit. But what some have decided is standing on principles and rights is, in fact, guaranteeing a loss to Governor Malloy by splitting the vote with a candidate who cannot win, and who would not fulfill the promises he has made anyway.
The center of this problem is candidate Joe Visconti, who is supposedly, the ‘pro-gun’ pick for governor despite there not being a single pro-rights organization endorsing him, and for good reason. When we look into his background and public statements, we do not need to look very far to see that he is completely incompatible with a belief in principles and individual rights. In a recorded video that he made, he stated unequivocally that he believes that since a Bridgeport officer negligently discharged a round through the glass window of the bagel shop, where he was sitting, the solution should be that officers state-wide be mandated to carry unloaded firearms. He went on to say that, if he were governor, he would make that policy happen. What would then happen if/when there were a mass shooting under his administration? His thought pattern, about penalizing every innocent person for the stupid actions of one person, does not bode well for the law-abiding citizens of Connecticut. Visconti's logic is the same logic used by anti-rights politicians like Governor Malloy.
Unfortunately, Visconti's most adamant supporters have decided to hold this election hostage, with many of them openly stating their belief that if Visconti does not win then we all deserve Malloy and the consequences that will come from Malloy's re-election. This hostage-election situation makes Visconti's campaign nothing less than a torpedo aimed, under false colors, trying to sink Foley, instead of sinking the anti-Rights regime of Malloy. It is almost as if Visconti is deliberately trying to help Malloy win and float away unscathed. Visconti claims to want citizen Rights restored, yet he continues to allow Malloy to flatter him and encourage him, knowing all the while that he, Visconti, cannot win this race for Governor. How can Visconti claim to have the interests of citizen Rights at heart, when he continues to play into the hands of anti-Rights Malloy? Visconti's intemperate ego and illogical stubbornness has caused many people to wonder whether the Visconti campaign might actually be run by the Malloy campaign. While that is only idle speculation, without any evidence, one thing is for certain, the Visconti campaign is not about ‘gun rights’ or the right to bear arms, it is about him as an individual candidate who does not have the best interests of Connecticut residents in mind. From where we view this, Visconti, for his own personal gain, is exploiting his supporters who yearn for the uninfringed right to self-defense.
Normally, such a third person campaign would not be great concern. However, Visconti’s support has been variously polled at 9%. Despite the ridiculously low number that 9% represents, in most elections; in the context of THIS election, that 9% may be more than enough to hand the election to Governor Malloy. In the last election, Tom Foley only lost by 6%. According to the various polls, this race is shaping up to be an even closer one. Worse still, Visconti has somehow convinced himself and his supporters that, although he is polling at 9% (or less), they think and believe that he is not just capable of winning the election, but they insist that he is likely to win the election. Wishful thinking is nothing new in politics, but in this case, the wishful thinking of Visconti and his supporters may well cause the sounding of the death knell for our constitutional Rights in this state.
For months Connecticut Carry has been discussing the likely ramifications of Malloy’s re-election. If Malloy is re-elected, there will be nothing that anyone can do to slow the collectivist march of the anti-rights organizations and politicians. IF Malloy is re-elected, we may well expect that he will try to push for the complete denial and excision of the Right to carry a firearm, even going so far as to try to have our Constitution re-written to remove Section 15. So, if we can't, won't, or don't oust Malloy in this election, do NOT be surprised at his next drastic anti-Rights, anti-gun policy focus. Losing the Right to carry a firearm is the area where we have the most to lose.
For pro-Rights citizens, the simple truth of this election is the question of, how can we remove Governor Dannel Malloy from office? For pro-Rights people, this is an absolute must. We are already burdened by unconstitutional and grievous gun laws. IF we endure the Visconti-made schism among pro-Rights voters, we also must face the distinct possibility of a Malloy win. A Malloy win would certainly bring about a most horrible flood of gun laws that would even more drastically hurt our way of life, worse than any of us have imagined, until now.
Although most of us now recognize the need for Visconti to drop out of the race and to support Foley, there is, still, a small contingent of people who persist in asking questions like ‘What do we know about Tom Foley’? Most importantly, we KNOW that Foley is NOT Governor Malloy. We KNOW that Foley has not gone out of his way to infringe upon the Rights of citizens, as Malloy has done. We also KNOW that the STRONGEST message we can send to politicians, and the anti-gun crowd, is to remove Governor Malloy from office. And, we KNOW that Tom Foley is polling at 50+%, with Dannel Malloy teetering at about the same level. Therefore, we KNOW that Tom Foley is the only candidate who stands ANY CHANCE of being elected to oust Malloy, if we do NOT want Malloy to get back in. But, Foley can ONLY beat Malloy IF we all stick together. Vote for Foley, against Malloy. We KNOW that we can ONLY get Malloy out IF we vote for Foley and do NOT vote for that third candidate.
Is all lost? Should we just give up? NO! But, this needs your absolute attention. Pro-Rights citizens have a LOT of work to do, yet, to get every pro-Rights, anti-Malloy voter to the polls on Election Day, and to get those voters to vote for Foley. You need to talk to everyone that you can and let them know that there is only box to check, this election: VOTE FOLEY to unseat Malloy. It is going to require every single one of us getting out there and doing it. We hate that there is no other reasonable choice, but this is how these battles are won. It is time to do the right thing and just get Malloy out. Once Malloy is out of office, THEN we get to play the long game and work on getting better candidates to run for office. Voting for Visconti will accomplish none of these goals.
Rally everyone you can and vote Malloy out of office. We only get one chance at this.
Rich Burgess
President, Connecticut Carry
Burgess is right to point out that more firearm restrictions will happen under a second Malloy regime, but that is beside the main point. We won't have to worry about future legislation since the shooting will have already begun before that happens. Malloy and Lawlor are merely waiting for the re-election to be over to begin the gun raids. Gentlemen and ladies, I predict to you that if Malloy is re-elected there will be dead innocents at the hands of the Connecticut State Police by January, thus beginning the next American civil war. Viscounti must have heard the same rumors wafting out of the Governor's office that I have. He must know what portends.
Was Viscounti screwed over by the CT GOP elite in the primary process? His supporters say that he was and I have no reason to doubt it. Is he the "better" candidate on firearm rights than Foley? Connecticut Carry, CCDL (who still seems to have lost my address and phone number -- rumor has it that I make them nervous) and other people in CT I trust seem to doubt it. But let's say for the sake of argument that he is. We are not playing for ideological debating points here, or even political principle. What hangs over this election more than any other in this election cycle or in any since 1860 is nothing less than civil war -- butchery of innocents on a vast scale. For what starts in Connecticut under the anti-American, Soviet-loving Mike Lawlor will not stay in Connecticut. This is not hypothetical. Based on the promises of the antis in the Malloy regime this is as real as it gets.
So one must ask, is this what Joe Viscounti had in mind when he decided to assuage his case of bruised ego and chapped ass at the way he has been treated?
Viscounti has been quoted as saying, "I'll either get traction, and take this race in a three- or four-way, or I'll be irrelevant." I disagree. If the fears expressed above by firearm owners and activists in his state of Viscounti's effect on the Connecticut election come to pass, history will NOT record him as "irrelevant." It may record instead the first known case of a civil war being attributable directly to a bruised ego and a chapped ass.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gee, I thought we revolted from England to get away from a hereditary monarchy.

Jeb Bush presidential bid would turn off principled activists, help Hillary

The highly sophisticated hacking of Sharyl Attkisson's computers

From the moment that Sharyl Attkisson met a shadowy source I’ll call Big Mac, she was plunged into a nightmare involving mysterious surveillance of her computers.

Attention Gun Owner: Your Government Considers You to Be a Potential Terrorist

These efforts often include claims that gun owners should be viewed with suspicion, as potential criminals, and even as potential terrorists. Such claims have been included in government reports issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), by state police agencies, and by other government entities. Now, these efforts are being ramped up by a new initiative, coming from one of the most lawless men to ever sit in a Presidential Cabinet — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Because of this new development, we thought it timely to release this report to the American people, documenting governmental contempt for the Second Amendment, and the many instances where lawful gun owners are viewed as potential terrorists.

The Malloy-Lawlor Holiday Camp for Recalcitrant Firearm Owners.

Welcome to the Malloy-Lawlor Holiday Camp for Recalcitrant Firearm Owners: MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution.
In stories here, "Gun Rights Advocates Push 'Get Out the Vote' Efforts," and here, "Second Amendment Activists Call On Gun Owners To ‘Recall’ Malloy," the CCDL (which seems to have lost my address these days) urges firearm owners to defeat Governor Malloy and his Gun Commissar Red Mike "KGB" Lawlor.
I can understand their concern. Credible reports indicate that the tyrannical twins are merely waiting for Malloy's re-election to release the uniformed attack dogs of the Connecticut gun stasi (oops, sorry, state police) in raids all over the state. Perhaps they should be handing out leaflets at firearm emporiums illustrating where the Governor wants the majority of CT gun owners to reside come January.
Here is a picture of the entrance to Connecticut's maximum security MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution:
All it needs is a sign that says "Arbeit Macht Frei."
Of course if you don't like MacDougall-Walker, I'm sure that Gun Commissar Red Mike "KGB" Lawlor will allow you to choose your camp in the gulag using this CT Department of Corrections inter-active map.
"Welcome to the gulag, gun criminals."
Of course, I guess we'll have to expand our operations a bit if it comes to pass. I am reminded of the scene in Michael Collins:
Collins to Harry Bolin: I'm changing your brief. I hereby appoint you minister for general mayhem.
Bolin: What's your brief?
Collins: The same. Plus one other portfolio. Jailbreaks.

Oh, well, if the old man was "ARGUMENTATIVE" I guess that excuses everything. Slight Overkill: Authorities Send Armored Car and 24 Deputies to Collect Civil Judgment From 75 -Year-Old Man

Marathon County sheriff’s officials aren’t apologizing for their tactics. Sheriff’s Capt. Greg Bean said officials expected to have to seize and remove tractors and wooden pallets to pay the judgment — hence the cadre of deputies. He also said what while Hoeppner was never considered dangerous, he was known to be argumentative.

Ebola Nurse’s Ties to CDC Scrubbed From Website – Is Far Left Progressive & Obama Supporter

"Quarantined Ebola Nurse, Kaci Hickox is a card carrying Progressive and CDC EIS Officer. The Ebola nurse who attacked Governor Christie for putting her in quarantine after returning from Africa is a Progressive with ties to the CDC."

"What is the functional difference, if any, between Nancy Pelosi and a flesh-eating zombie?"

An email I wrote to a local radio talk show host, who asked the question, "Why are end-of-the-world stories are so popular?:
Sent: Tue, Oct 28, 2014 5:45 am
Subject: "The useful dire warning." re: Your question last week as to why end-of-the-world stories are so popular.
I tried to get in to your show last week when you posed that question above but was unable to. The answer lies in part in the crisis of confidence in the institutions of government brought on by the events of Clinton/Bush/Obama misrule since Waco. See: "The Chaos Election:The midterms are about Americans' deep anxieties — but the fear has been building for a long time."
Government has proven itself to be a predator of people's liberties and economic security and, worse, an incompetent one as well. Folks who are willing to trade "essential liberty for a little temporary safety" in Franklin's words are outraged to discover that they get nothing for the swap.
But the American people are first and foremost a practical people. If the government (or political party, local law enforcement, hell, even the fire department) fails many of us will make our own arrangements. Hence the "prepper" phenomenon, the Minutemen on the border during the Bush presidency, and the reinvigoration of the 1990s constitutional militia movement under Obama (although not along the same lines as their predecessors).
Our fictional tastes reflect our real fears that things are out of control -- that it is, if not truly apocalyptic, then certainly the end of the world as we have known it. I mean, does this excrement bear any relationship to the country that you and I grew up in? People understand that it does not, the future seems grim and unrelenting and they turn to fiction that expresses their unease. They turn to "the useful dire warning."
As David Brin, author of the magnificent book The Postman (which bears no resemblance to the Costner cinematic flop), wrote in a forward to a reprint of Pat Frank's classic Alas, Babylon:
Two books that emerged at roughly the same time as Alas, Babylon were Eugene Burdick's Fail Safe and Peter George's Red Alert, which later inspired Stanley Kubrick to make the magnificently humorous and thoughtful Dr. Strangelove. As archetypes of the useful dire warning, each dissected a specific possible failure mode, bringing it to the awareness of so many that, ironically, their particular type of debacle became much less likely. Indeed, the "self-preventing prophecy" may be the highest and most useful species in all of the vast, imaginative genus of speculative fiction. In much the same way that Orwell's 1984 girded millions against "Big Brother," these tales may have helped to keep their own nightmares from coming true. In other words, our most vivid nightmares may have been utterly practical, helping to save our lives. -- David Brin, Forward to the First Harper Perennial Modern Classics Edition of Pat Frank's 'Alas, Babylon', 2005, p. X.
The Walking Dead is a perfect example of art imitating life imitating art. There is a pandemic that gets out of control (can you say CDC?), and the world is swamped with "walkers," yet in the last episode the question is posed and answered, "Which is worse, the undead or people?" Predatory humanity is of course the answer. Even at TEOTWAWKI, humanity remains humanity, or should I say, inhumanity. A glance at the latest ISIS beheading video confirms that.
And what can be the antidote to ISIS/TWD cannibals/zombies in the light of abject government failure? Judge Napolitano hits the nail on the head here:
It may be a poor substitute for a government that is supposed to be doing its constitutional job competently, but the bald statistics of Obama as the preeminent firearm salesman in world history demonstrates that the common folk internalized that lesson long before the chattering class. They will make their own arrangements, these practical Americans, and they will watch/read "useful dire warnings" for clues as to how best cope with the end of the world as they have known it.
Mike Vanderboegh
PS: One other thing that bears mentioning. Have you noticed that just as The Invasion of the Body Snatchers was a metaphor for communist infiltration in the 50s, that "zombies" resemble present day collectivists? They are ravenous, hard to stop, go around in bunches, cannot be negotiated with or reasoned with, only walled out or confronted with deadly force. It is no accident that zombie targets are far more popular at firearm ranges these days than bullseyes. Wanna shoot a collectivist and still be under the radar? Shoot a zombie target. Nobody objects to that, perhaps because they can't break the code. I mean, what is the functional difference, if any, between Nancy Pelosi and a flesh-eating zombie? ;-)
LATER: David Codrea reminds me of this classic.

DOJ, ATF Lost Court Battle Against Whistleblower Jay Dobyns, So They're Making His Life Hell By Appealing

The decision to appeal no doubt is the continuation of retaliation from the Bureau against Dobyns, proving that nothing has changed since Acting ATF Director B. Todd Jones promised to cleanup the agency.

Oh, come on, give him a break, he's just another DREAMer.

Murder Suspect in Slaying of Two California Sheriff's Deputies Is a Twice Deported Illegal Alien

Add in the inevitable voter fraud, and Hickenlooper could well win.

Colorado Governor - Beauprez vs. Hickenlooper

Feds identify suspected 'second leaker' for Snowden reporters

"Any attempt to criminalize the public release of those stories benefits only those who exercise virtually limitless power in secret with no accountability."

"What is the best deterrent to that? An armed citizenry. People able to protect themselves."

As Bob Owens reports that a "Concealed Carry Ban At NC State Fair Left Two Men Defenseless Against Armed Robbers," Judge Napolitano on FOX News points out the obvious: "An armed citizenry is the best way to stop lone wolf terrorists."

Monday, October 27, 2014

In re: Fury.

The M-4 Sherman Tank Was Hell on Wheels - And a Death Trap

Collectivists of a feather flock together: "Black Panther hails ax attack on cops."

The Muslim extremist who attacked rookie cops with a hatchet last week was “a crusader seeking justice’’ — and more assaults will likely follow, the head of his local New Black Panther Party warned.
And in a related story: St. Louis Businesses Warned of ‘Civil Unrest’ After Grand Jury Decision
The Pace Properties Manager disclosed that the property management team “met with local authorities/police recently to discuss their plans and recommendations for dealing with possible demonstrations and civil unrest after the grand jury decision is announced on the Michael Brown shooting.”

I hope nobody's watching The Walking Dead for tactical lessons in survival.

Gareth, the head cannibal in The Walking Dead.
The latest season has introduced a cannibal cult (now defeated) that Rick and his merry band have had to overcome. Yet for folks who have supposedly been living by their wits for years now (and whose group includes military veterans), they still haven't learned how to move as a group with point men and flankers, nor how to maintain listening/observation posts when stationary, nor even rudimentary perimeter security. People are always haring off on their own and getting into trouble or endangering the group. I mean, how did these people stay alive this long, other than the good graces of the writer's imagination?

Govt. Researchers: Flu Shots Not Effective in Elderly, After All

An important and definitive “mainstream” government study done nearly a decade ago got little attention because the science came down on the wrong side. It found that after decades and billions of dollars spent promoting flu shots for the elderly, the mass vaccination program did not result in saving lives. In fact, the death rate among the elderly increased substantially.

The Fast and Furious Cover-up, Hiding In Plain Sight

This is the question that the Obama administration is making it impossible to answer by claiming that the vast majority of relevant documents are privileged. Does the administration’s position have any legal merit? Is it plausible to claim that emails among White House and DOJ personnel on how to manage the politics of Congressional and media inquiries are part of a “deliberative process” that should be protected from public view?

If we were to embrace the abjectly racist worldview of Eric Holder or Al Sharpton, where would the racialization of crime end?

The recent unfortunate shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and its violent aftermath seem to have had everything and nothing to do with race. Brown was black and unarmed and the officer white; but it is equally true that the 292-pound Brown likely committed a number of crimes in the minutes before his death. He was high on drugs; he robbed a store and strong-armed the clerk; he was walking down the middle of a road; and he started a physical altercation with policeman Darren Wilson (who tried to question him), inflicting injuries on the officer before being fatally shot. If that were a typical day in the life of an American citizen, then civilization, as we now know it, could no longer exist.

Ex-CBS reporter: Government agency bugged my computer

“This is outrageous. Worse than anything Nixon ever did. I wouldn’t have believed something like this could happen in the United States of America,” Attkisson quotes the source saying.

Very rough night.

I'll try to have more later. Keep me in your prayers.

From Bob Owens.

Two More Sons Of Guns Stars Arrested On Child Abuse Charges

Paul Begala On God, Guns And The Government

From Herschel Smith.

‘Armed American Radio’ premieres ‘Hickenlooper Blues’

A blues music video lampooning Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper made its debut Sunday evening on Salem Radio Network’s nationally syndicated “Armed American Radio” program with host Mark Walters. “Hickenlooper Blues,” which highlights the way the reelection-seeking chief executive has contradicted himself on Colorado’s politically toxic new gun laws, is being released on the heels of admissions by no less a source than Bloomberg News that the governor “faces [a] voter gun-control backlash.”
Help make this video viral.

To Dan III and the anonymous posters and emailers who are telling me what a thug Jay Dobyns is.

Of Jay Dobyns and his fight with the ATF, Dan III writes:
Never forget Dobyns was one of the ATF thugs who attacked the Constitution in the course of his ATF "duties". He's just another badged thug, now former, who compromised his principles and his oath to defend the Constitution. May he rot in hell with all the other badged, tyrannical, .gov scum.
Another anonymous commenter writes:
There are no "good guys" in the ATF. All of them are domestic enemies of the Constitution. Internal spats like this may be a source of amusement, but under no circumstances should anyone who has ever arrested someone for a "federal firearms violation" be considered an ally of the freedom movement.
I have had emails in a similar vein, many of them more vehement and obscene than these. To that I would respond with this inconvenient fact: The Fast and Furious scandal would not have been uncovered without the assistance of Jay Dobyns, Vince Cefalu and the agents of Go that? Would. NOT. Jay Dobyns is hardly a perfect person. Nor is Vince Cefalu. Nor am I. Nor, I daresay, are any of you readers. Philosophically we disagree on many things, Dobyns, Cefalu and I. If you are looking for perfect people to restore liberty in this country you will come up short of the required number.
Another observation: People change and what seems to be right to them, even to their own understanding of how the universe works, can be changed -- in an instant or over time -- in the face of newly-demonstrated realities. I offer myself and my Benedict Arnold-period embrace of communism as a perfect example of that. Yet God chooses many imperfect instruments to carry out His will. The longer I live, the more convinced I am of that. As I said Cefalu and Dobyns would still disagree with me on many things and I with them, but what we discovered in the crucible of working on Fast and Furious and other ATF scandals was that men and women who disagree about many things can still find common cause in certain other, bigger, things. Among these are truth, fairness, and resistance to arbitrary power and the secrecy that it covets.
Try also to remember that if Michael Collins had adopted the attitude that there were "no good guys" in the Royal Irish Constabulary, all of Ireland would still be British.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Be sure to listen to Armed American Radio tonight.

David Codrea will come on in the second half of the first hour along with Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Peter J. Gould and Colorado gun rights activists and musicians Cyd Lantz and Dave Simpson. The video they have come up with could make a difference in the CO governor's race. It needs to go viral.

"I'm gonna see to it that you are braiding cornrows wearing halter tops and lipstick before this is over." Jay Dobyns responds to ATF decsion to appeal.

You're not going to look good in orange jumpsuits with "DOC" on the backs. Don't drop the soap, sleep with your backs to walls and make sure your pod doesn't allow broom handles to be present after lights out.

'Mainstream media outlets cover up for President Obama and kill unfavorable stories'

Attkisson, who is now a contributor for The Daily Signal at Heritage Foundation, says the administration hounded her for her coverage of Fast and Furious and Benghazi.

The legend of Eric Frein

Motive is unclear. Speculation is wide. Ask and ye shall receive many theories. He is anti-government. He resents the police because of an arrest and jailing for theft several years ago. He is a deluded war re-enactor who is “playing Army.” Many point to the precision shot made to the groin of the surviving trooper, and are convinced that Frein, a marksman, was sending a message.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nice. "You know nothing of black suffering so shut the f-ck up." Reasoning with a racist mob generally gets you hurt.

#Ferguson “Peaceful” Protesters Attack Young White Boy in Street

Clinton's "Forehead" gets his panties in a wad over Thomas Jefferson's view of the Second Amendment.

"Candidate's gun remarks should scare us."
No, usurper, they should scare YOU.

Movie Review: Fury.

Rosey had some accumulated days off at work, so yesterday she took one and carried me to see the new war movie, Fury. Fury is a gritty look at armored and armored infantry combat in World War II, and it presents the dangers American tankers and their supporting infantry faced. My Uncle Bill was an armored infantryman in World War II, and I wish now that I had asked him more questions about his experiences when he was alive. One thing that came through loud and clear to me was Bill's absolute hatred of Nazis and especially the SS. From the few conversations I had with him after I was grown up enough to appreciate them, I got the feeling that members of the Waffen SS had a tough time surrendering to Bill's outfit, especially after news of the Malmedy massacre got around. This is portrayed in the movie with unblinking eye.
The time is April 1945 and as the Americans move deeper into Germany they come across evidence of Nazi atrocities, including the summary execution of civilians (including children) who are deemed by the SS to be "deserters" to the cause of the Fatherland. Their bodies are left dangling from telephone poles with signs on them. One SS officer captured in the movie is summarily executed after the burgomaster, in response to a question from Brad Pitt's character, condemns him with a nod as one of the ones who has been executing children.
In another scene, a German soldier is captured wearing a GI overcoat. This outrages the tankers and armored infantrymen. Subsequently he is shot and Rosey did not understand why. He was a prisoner, after all, and due the protections of the Geneva Convention. I pointed out that the coat didn't seem to have any holes in it or blood on it. What pissed off the armored infantrymen was that the guy had probably made his captive strip it off. Had he killed the GI afterward? We cannot know, but the GIs, as with all soldiers in combat, assumed the worst, hence he had to die. Somebody in that unsympathetic crowd was bound to shoot him, although how he meets his end at the unwilling hands of a green replacement is perhaps the most controversial scene in the movie. I don't think my Uncle Bill would have quibbled with it's portrayal, though.
The fact that there were absolutely green replacements with no tank experience used in the latter part of the war is incontrovertible. This was made necessary by the ghastly casualty rates among tankers as they pitted their substandard, poorly armed and armored Shermans against superior German tanks. (Worse than the other defects was the fact that our tanks were gasoline-powered, which made them so susceptible to "brewing up" in a ball of flame when hit that the British called them "Ronsons" after their cigarette lighter.) As Third Armored Division ordnance officer Belton Y. Cooper wrote in his memoir Death Traps The Survival of an American Armored Division in World War II, his division entered France with 232 Sherman tanks, but by the end of the war, it had lost 648 Shermans totally destroyed, and an additional 700 had been knocked out of action and later repaired - a loss rate of 580%. Men -- trained armored crewmen -- died along with those tanks (a full crew for a Sherman was five, although losses often dictated that a tank might have to operate with as few as three men) and the stateside replacements could not be trained fast enough to make good the losses, hence the use of raw place-fillers. That, in turn, got a lot of other good men killed, something that is portrayed in Fury with an unblinking eye.
I was also lucky when I was growing up to live down the road from a one-eyed Buckeye farmer named Cliff McMahon. Mr. McMahon described himself as one of the luckiest men alive. I went to school with one of his sons and participated in 4H so I got to know Cliff, a tanker with the 1st Armored Division, who had lost an eye at Kasserine Pass crewing an M-3 Grant tank. The M-3, predecessor to the Sherman, was even worse, with the main gun, a low velocity 75mm, located in a sponson on the side, making it necessary to traverse the whole tank in order to engage targets on the move. Worse than that, however, was the fact that the Grant had riveted armor plate rather than cast, and when struck even a glancing blow with a German anti-tank projectile, would blow the rivets inward, ricocheting around the inside like so many bullets. It was one of these that took out Cliff's eye and ended his war.
M-3 Grant tank with riveted construction.
Cliff called himself the luckiest man alive because of all the men in his tank company in North Africa, very few survived to the end of the war.
M-3 Grant tank after an encounter with the Germans in North Africa.
Fury, the tank in the movie, is an M4A3E8, known as an "Easy Eight." Upgraded from earlier Shermans in response to its glaring deficiencies, the Easy Eight has much better suspension and a high-velocity 76mm gun which at least gave it a fighting chance against most German tanks, although the frontal armor of the Tigers would still resist them. Most tank-to-tank kills with such behemoths were accomplished by flanking tactics of the more numerous Shermans, getting around the Germans for a flank or rear shot. This was necessarily wasteful of tanks and their precious crews and is portrayed with nail-biting accuracy in Fury.
I had a few quibbles with the final climactic battle scene, but all in all, Fury is one of the best war movies I've ever seen, better certainly than Saving Private Ryan. (Plus, I loved the Grease Guns killing Nazis.)

Interview with Sharyl Attkisson.

15 minutes of hard hitting news, followed by Sharyl's interview with Rick that starts at the 25:00 minute point of this Friday the 24th, 1 hour taped broadcast. Sharyl describes how stories like Fast and Furious were crushed by lack of effort by the press corps, direct censorship of news, and the chilling new addition of Zampolits, quite literally press commissars who listen in on staffers interviews and ensure that Barry's "forbidden material" always remains on the cutting room floor.

Ferguson on edge as doubts raised over Darren Wilson indictment

Tinderbox awaiting a match?

Dems on FEC move to regulate Internet campaigns, blogs, Drudge

Regulate THIS, FCC.
In a surprise move late Friday, a key Democrat on the Federal Election Commission called for burdensome new rules on Internet-based campaigning, prompting the Republican chairman to warn that Democrats want to regulate online political sites and even news media like the Drudge Report.

Chances of honest cartel reporting 'Slim' to none

Meanwhile, Fast and Furious guns will continue to be used by criminals on both sides of the border. And bold independents like Felina will continue living in terror, assuming they do live. But the chances of Mexico’s richest man, and the newspaper he holds much sway over, exposing the truth are, pun intended, Slim to none.

Playing with your tax dollars and accustomed to no accountability, the ATF just won't quit persecuting Agent Dobyns.

Feds to appeal case against former ATF agent.
LATER: See also DOJ and ATF appealing ‘No Angel’ Dobyns' court settlement order

Friday, October 24, 2014

‘Interstellar’ patrons deserve clarification of McConaughey’s gun comment

“It's like my feeling about gun control,” he volunteered when asked about politically-correct pressure to change the name of the Washington Redskins. "I get it. You have the right to have guns. But look, let's forget that right. Let's forget the pleasure you get safely on your range, because it's in the wrong hands in other places."

Valerie Jarrett Key Player in Fast and Furious Cover-Up After Holder Lied to Congress

Given the timing and subject of these e-mails, it seems clear that Jarrett quickly became a key player in the Fast and Furious cover-up in the immediate aftermath of the revelation that Holder had lied to Congress.

Jihadis continue to make our case for an armed citizenry.

Man attacks New York police officers with a hatchet
You know, the more chaos in the streets (jihadi attacks, Ferguson riots, etc.), the more popular the armed citizenry is going to become with folks who previously were hoplophobes.

Praxis: How To Create A Food Storage Supply For $5 Per Week

With purchases spread out during one year. (If you think you have that long.)

CT gun grabbers should take note. Blood dancers disappointed at Canadian jihadi's choice of weapons but two attacks illustrate the impossibility of defending against Fourth Generation Warfare.

Confusion reigns in the firearm-ignorant press, with the Canadian jihadi's weapon described as a "30-30 Winchester lever action shotgun." From the photographs (above and those at the scene) it seems plain that the weapon was in fact a Model 94 rifle in caliber .30-30. This comes as a distinct disappointment to the firearm confiscationist blood dancers who no doubt are weeping that a semi-auto "assault rifle" was not used. In the American context, the gun grabbers understand that, as much as they'd like, lever-action rifles are off the menu for now since to advocate their confiscation would be to rouse the great, somnambulant giant known as Elmer Fudd and fill him with a terrible resolve. (It remains to be seen how a drug addict living in a homeless shelter was able to conceal the long gun.)
Much has been been speculated upon in what passes for the cable news "press" about the precise links between the Parliament shooter and the other Canadian jihadi who plowed into soldiers with his car the day before (killing one) and their links to ISIS -- as if that matters. They are missing the whole point of 4th Generation Warfare. No orders need be given, no money needs to change hands. In 4GW, the targets are known and understood by all, the individual actions are targeted to specific enemy vulnerabilities. It is the IDEA that is weaponized. This makes defending against such attacks almost impossible, since you cannot kill an idea, nor can you trace a command structure that doesn't exist, nor "decapitate" it if you could find it.
As for the individuals who carry out the attacks, the only concern is how to avoid detection while sizing up, stalking and taking down the command structure of your enemy -- the war makes and decision takers. In retrospect we should be grateful that this jihadi didn't think that through and went for a common, unarmed soldier at a war memorial rather that heading directly for the high-value targets on Parliament Hill.
As disappointed as the gun confiscationists must be at the facts of this case, they (especially those in the state of Connecticut) should pay attention to this truth -- if you start a civil war by raiding heretofore law-abiding Americans for their politically-incorrect firearms, you will not be able to defend against the 4GW attacks that you spark. And, I daresay, the folks who come after the warmakers and decision takers in righteous self-defense in the context of an American civil war that the gun raiders start will not be addled, inadequate jihadis.
As an aside, and totally unrelated, are you sure, Governor Malloy, that you don't want to publicly declare that enforcement of your Intolerable Act will be suspended until the Supreme Court has a chance to rule? Or are you going to give in to the darker impulses of Mike "KGB" Lawlor and start the gun raids after your re-election? Some reflections upon the lessons of 4GW might be in order, don't you think? I'm just trying to help you out, here.

Talk about "mission creep(s)"

Homeland Security confiscates Royals underwear in Kansas City

"The Grease Gun Was for Killing Nazis."

Cheap, easy to make, great for shooting bad guys
It is no secret to my friends that the M-3A1 "Grease Gun" has long been my favorite submachine gun. (It is also no secret to the ATF, apparently, since three times in the 90s snitches tried to offer me one for sale in a "can't miss" deal. Each time I picked up the phone and called the state police and the snitch went away. The devil, it must be said, knows your temptations better than you do so be prepared to resist them.)
I first fired an original M-3 back in the 70s -- a specimen that bore no paperwork since it had been stolen by someone else, who stole it from someone else, who, presumably, stole it from Uncle Sugar. This was during my Benedict Arnold period when I handled quite a lot of illegal weapons. I have loved that clunky, junky SMG chambered in the justly revered caliber of .45 ACP ever since.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Well, aren't these some privileged characters?

Protesters temporarily block Downtown Connector in Atlanta without being arrested.
A human blockade temporarily formed on I-75/85 northbound Wednesday evening as protesters halted traffic. The incident was part of a protest in response to the Aug. 9 fatal shooting of a 18-year-old African-American by a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo.

Nice. Doctor in New York City Tests Positive for Ebola.

Even as the authorities worked to confirm that Mr. Spencer was infected with Ebola, it emerged that he traveled from Manhattan to Brooklyn on the subway on Wednesday night, when he went to a bowling alley, and then took a taxi home.

Obama Asserts Fast and Furious Executive Privilege Claim for Holder’s Wife

This is the first time that the Obama administration has provided a detailed listing of all records being withheld from Congress and the American people about the deadly Fast and Furious gun running scandal. The 1307-page “draft” Vaughn index was emailed to Judicial Watch at 8:34 p.m. last night, a few hours before a federal court-ordered deadline. In its cover letter, the Department of Justice asserts that all of the responsive records described in the index are “subject to the assertion of executive privilege.”

Urban prosecutors form group to demand ‘gun control’

Also unexamined is how demonstrable personal biases of a prosecutor, and the career interests of staff attorneys reporting to him, impact the course of impartial justice for defendants and protect the interests of all the people. Whether this will result in change of venue attempts or even bar complaints are also questions yet to be answered.

CCDL to hold press conference on 27 October

Interested in hearing from any Threepers who intend to go to this. Please email me at GeorgeMason1776ATaolDOTcom.

Now if it was me, I'd put up my own sign. "Attention Robbers and Rapists: My Neighbor Doesn't Believe In Armed Self Defense."

Gun Control Activist Prompts Second Amendment VS First Amendment Rights Battle In Minnesota

What did Hogan tell the NRA?

Based on what Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan has said about gun control, it's hard to see what the National Rifle Association would find appealing about him. He has said that although he opposed the strict new gun control legislation Gov. Martin O'Malley championed two years ago, he would not seek to repeal it. In various forums, he has said he supports background checks for all gun sales, wants tighter restrictions to prevent those suffering from mental illness from getting guns and would not seek to change Maryland's strict standards for issuing concealed-carry permits. Yet on Monday, the NRA's Political Victory Fund endorsed Mr. Hogan and lauded his "support and commitment to the Second Amendment."

White House: Order For Surge of Immigration ID's For 'Ongoing Operations'

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Another case that we'll never know the truth about.

"In a federal trial examining a classified military deal, don’t mention the Navy SEALs."

"Illustration to be Handed Out at Public Schools: Human Bible Sexually Assaulting Woman."

I am beyond words on this one.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More on election thievery in Colorado.

James O’Keefe Strikes Again

More inter-faith outreach from the religion of peace.

Soldier, 24, shot dead by Muslim convert Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.

"Christian extremists pose threat."

Another volunteer for the Julius Streicher award: "Islamists may draw our attention, but we need to keep an eye on Bundy and his ilk."

Uncontrolled admission of foreign nationals threatens more than gun rights

Noting that the Obama administration will “open the door to as many as 100,000 Haitians, who will now move into the United States without a visa,” The Washington Times warned Monday of a new dimension in that fundamental transformation of America President Barack Obama promised supporters. The revelation was in addition to news that a solicitation from the government seeks a printer for up to 34 million green cards.

Japan stomps on 3-D printed gun maker for rendering 'gun controls toothless'

Japan has for decades imposed iron-fisted controls on not only private possession of guns, but on swords, and even long knives, preserving the "government monopoly on force" so beloved of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. That monopoly is now crumbling. Imura was caught because he made no effort to hide his gun making (and indeed actively publicized it). Others will be more circumspect.

Rough night.

Running late. More later.

Is Strict Scrutiny Really a Trojan Horse to Defeat the RKBA?

I'm no lawyer, but I think I'm with Backwoods Engineer on this one.

The "sanctity of the ballot box" as practiced by collectivists.

Surveillance Video Apparently Catches Guy Doing Something at the Ballot Box That Left Republican Monitor Stunned
Cook County Voting Machine Casts GOP Candidate’s Vote for His Dem Opponent

"ATF Arrests 'Commanding Officer' Of TX Citizen Militia On Weapons Charge"

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. -- I Peter, Chapter 5, Verse 8.
The collectivist Talking Points Memo reports: Authorities arrested a Texas man belonging to a citizen militia on weapons charges Monday morning. Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives booked Kevin "KC" Massey in Brownsville, Texas, according to local station KGBT. Massey belonged to the paramilitary group "Camp Lonestar," a colorful outfit that sports guns, military fatigues, and soul patches in its mission to secure the border.
According to Gary Hunt Massey was arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm.
LATER: Here is the story as reported by the Brownsville Herald: Militia man arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Holder's lament. Every American wannbe tyrant is a frustrated gun grabber with an unquenchable thirst for other people's property and liberty.

I can't believe it. We danced in the blood of Newtown and we couldn't get more gun control. We smuggled Kalashnikovs to the cartels so they could be found beside dead Mexicans and it blew up in our faces thanks to those damn bloggers. We couldn't even keep that a secret. If we hadn't blackmailed Boehner, who knows where that might have ended? (Expletive deleted.)
This just makes me smile. Holder: Gun control among biggest failures
Outgoing Attorney Gen. Eric Holder on Monday listed the Obama administration’s inability to enact more stringent gun control regulations as among the biggest failures of his tenure, saying the matter “weighs heavily” on his mind. “I think the inability to pass reasonable gun safety laws after the Newtown massacre is something that weighs heavily on my mind,” Holder said during an interview aired on CNN. . .
“And the thought that we could not translate that horror into reasonable — I mean, really reasonable gun safety measures that were supported by the vast majority of the American people is for me something that I take personally as a failure,” he said, “and something that I think we as a society should take as a failure, a glaring failure, that I hope will ultimately be rectified.”

How Gun-Control Legislation Is Affecting This Election

“Gun owners are pissed off and nervous. They don’t know if the state will enforce based on long-gun purchase records held by the State Police, but they are encouraged and feel a little vindicated at the level of disobedience.”
“Many sheriffs in states that recently passed gun-control laws have signed letters saying they are opposed to the laws, saying the gun bans won’t make America safer. Some even say they won’t enforce these new laws. This has gotten some press. What hasn’t been reported is the very governors in New York, Connecticut and Maryland who signed those gun and magazine bans are also reluctant to enforce these laws. It seems they don’t want a political backlash. They don’t want journalists making martyrs out of otherwise law-abiding citizens who might be charged with felonies for doing what they’ve done all their lives. This is where politics runs into reality. It’s a collision voters need to hear more about.
Actually, a majority of sheriffs in New York and Colorado publicly oppose the new gun-control laws. Sheriffs are in a unique position to speak out, as nearly all of America’s 3,080 sheriffs are elected. These sheriffs aren’t standing alone like Gary Cooper in “High Noon.” Polls show that a lot of the men and women who protect us support the Second Amendment. In 2013, a survey of police officers by the National Association of Chiefs of Police found that 86.8 percent of those surveyed think “any law-abiding citizen [should] be able to purchase a firearm for sport and self-defense.” Also, a survey done by of 15,000 law-enforcement professionals found that almost 90 percent of officers believe that casualties related to guns would be decreased if armed citizens were present at the onset of an active-shooter incident. More than 80 percent of PoliceOne’s respondents support arming schoolteachers and administrators who willingly volunteer to train with firearms. Virtually all the survey’s respondents (95 percent) said a federal ban on the manufacture and sale of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds wouldn’t reduce violent crime.”

Life for a collectivist gun grabber after recall.

Recalled Sen. Morse joins move to support Colorado ‘gun sense’ candidates

Prince Law on the PA State Police, Frein and the death threats they've received for standing up for the Constitution..

Now, perhaps, it becomes a little clearer.
In fact, it’s recently been revealed that the actual target may have been Trooper Alex T. Douglass, and Corporal Dickson was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why is this important? Well it appears that Trooper Douglass might have been having an affair with Mr. Frein’s wife. If true, that absolutely does not justify Mr. Frein’s actions if he is indeed the perpetrator. It makes it no less tragic. What it does raise is the question of whether the actions by the State Police are justifiable, truthful, and well measured. If true, then Mr. Frein is not an apparent threat to the local citizens, as the State Police have already acknowledged in their original statements. He is not even an offensive threat to the authorities, although I fear some may be injured in his pursuit.
Just yesterday, Lt. Col. Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police stated: “Lethal force is authorized upon positive identification if he is not actively surrendering,” ( What happen to his right to trial? When did we give the State Police the right to be judge and jury? Or are they really trying to keep him quiet to protect the reputation of the troop? Maybe revenge for his actions? These thoughts are no more absurd than the image of Mr. Frein presented by the State Police and the assumptions they have made. Where’s Attorney General Holder and Mr. Sharpton?
Why am I reminded of this line? -- "Use of unnecessary violence in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers HAS been approved."

SHAKE IT OFF – The Obama Version

Pretty funny.

The New York Times: Unrepentant Communist Enabler

In brief: so closely did the New York Times echo the sentiments of a Stalinist dictator that he gleefully ordered their article disseminated—almost word for word-- throughout his regime’s KGB-founded and mentored media. It gets better: “He (Fidel Castro) appeared to endorse the thrust of the editorial,” The second NY Times editorial boasts, “comparing it to an interview he gave in 1957 as a young rebel leader to a (New York) Times foreign correspondent at the time, Herbert Matthews…”

Democrat race-hustling to abet public endangerment what’s really 'unspeakable'

Jenkins, with a heavily-tattooed face, is black. A prison system psychiatrist labeled him a “psychopath,” and called him 'one of the most dangerous people I have ever evaluated,' per an Associated Press report. He maintained an Egyptian god ordered him to kill his victims as human sacrifices after he was “released from prison without supervision.”

Monday, October 20, 2014

Roland Martin's Laugh-In

David Codrea asks: "How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away?"

India-Pakistan Head for Nuke War

Kargil is a good paradigm for what a future crisis might look like. A BJP government is not likely to turn the other cheek. It cannot afford to let terror attacks go unpunished. That would encourage more. The difference between the Kargil War and today is that both India and Pakistan now have far more nuclear weapons and delivery systems than 15 years ago. Pakistan is developing tactical nuclear weapons and has the fastest growing nuclear arsenal in the world. China provides Pakistan with its nuclear reactors. India has missiles that can reach all of Pakistan and even to Beijing. The escalatory ladder is far more terrifying than it was on the eve of the millennium.

A Skyscraper of Cards

Much of the global economy is a mirage.

And you thought the .22 Long Rifle shortage was bad.

A Massive Government Solicitation Could Cause a Shortage of Protective Clothing, Gloves, Masks

Obama Administration Quietly Prepares 'Surge' Of Millions Of New Immigrant IDs

Despite no official action from the president ahead of the election, the Obama administration has quietly begun preparing to issue millions of work authorization permits, suggesting the implementation of a large-scale executive amnesty may have already begun.

Remain calm, all is well.

Kinda reminds me of this guy.

Praxis: Soldier Battlefield Effectiveness

I picked up an old copy of Infantry magazine the other day, specifically the September-October 2011 issue. In an article entitled Soldier Battlefield Effectiveness, pages 12-19, there is an interesting discussion of current Army thinking on small arms effectiveness. Much of it is an apologia for the M-4 system, but the discussion is very valuable.

Over 30,000 on New York mental health list show rights and real dangers ignored

Approximately 34,500 New Yorkers are “too mentally unstable to carry firearms,” Anemona Hartocollis of The New York Times reported Sunday. The report looks at figures from a database established via the “SAFE Act” by the state Division of Criminal Justice Services, obtained by The Times through a Freedom of Information Act request.

If you take to Twitter to express your views on a hot-button issue, does the government have an interest in deciding whether you are spreading “misinformation’’?

The government wants to study ‘social pollution’ on Twitter. Well, of course they do.

‘Stubbornly Neutral’ Chuck Todd Shows His Partisan Colors While Attacking NRA

Well, there's a big surprise.

Well, well. I had forgotten about THAT. Ebola Czar Ron Klain was Janet Reno's Chief of Staff at the time of Waco.

A couple long-time friends and readers brought this to my attention from 1994:
In a city where name recognition is synonymous with success, Ron Klain has made a virtue of being unknown. As Attorney General Janet Reno’s chief of staff, he is all but invisible to the public but recognized in Democratic circles as the man to have on your side in a political or legal fight. A rare mix of top-flight lawyer and savvy politician, Klain shepherded the nominations of Reno and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg through the Senate and steered the omnibus crime bill through the turbulent legislative process.
So, he's a firearm confiscationist AND a Waco cover-up participant. Just the kind of guy that inspires trust.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Radio Question

I have been given a half dozen used BFDX BF-71B hand-held radios with batteries and chargers. . .
Along with nine used Motorola XTN series radios XU2600, also with batteries and chargers.
I am embarrassed to say that I am not a radio guy and have no experience with these units. Has any reader used them and are they of sufficient utility to have them looked at by someone who knows what they're doing?

Government case implodes as its former lawyers allege fraud against Holder DOJ

The New York Observer reports that two former Assistant United States Attorneys say the Holder Justice Department engaged in deceit and corruption of justice in connection with the DOJ’s litigation against Sierra Pacific Industries, a California lumber company. As a result of the allegations, a federal district judge has ordered the recusal from the case of every judge in the Eastern District of California. He reasons that the court may have been defrauded by the government, thus requiring the appointment of an outside judge to handle the matter going forward.

Maybe they should find a Davidian for an instructor. If, that is, they can find one left alive willing to do it.

ATF seeks instructor for Waco class at National Academy. Of course they'll probably go with that serial perjurer, "Waco Jim" Cavanaugh.

Blood and Lead. "The entire nation will burn."

Listen to what they did.
Don’t listen to what they said.
What was written in blood
Has been set up in lead.
Lead tears the heart.
Lead tears the brain.
What was written in blood
Has been set up again.
The heart is a drum.
The drum has a snare.
The snare is in the blood.
The blood is in the air.
Listen to what they did.
Listen to what’s to come.
Listen to the blood.
Listen to the drum.
-- Blood and Lead by James Fenton on the Cambodian killing fields.
Looter, LA Riots, 1992.
As race tribalism threatens once again to destroy this country, I was reminded of Fenton's poem when I saw this: "‘The entire nation will burn': Ferguson protestors discouraged by NYT profile of Darren Wilson." There's is more than a whiff of barbaric atavism in the air and we seem to be slouching rapidly toward a new time of blood and lead.
As Bob Owens comments:
I would suggest being prepared for the outrage that is almost certainly going to come from those who have invested so much in recent months in created the mythology of an innocent martyr shot down for no reason. Religious movements died hard, and the cult of St. Michael Brown will no go quietly. It probably shouldn’t be a surprise at all that some agitators are calling for not just “revenge,” but Palestinian-style terrorism.
Readers will recognize that I am not shy about denouncing militarized police violence. But in the Brown case -- should riots break out over a failure to indict -- that will be little more than a pretext for far greater evils. Rodney King did not deserve to be beaten by a mob of cops but that hardly made a difference to Reginald Denny or the other victims who died in the LA riots.
Reginald Denny dragged from his truck, LA Riots, 1992.
This does not happen in a vacuum. The collectivist race hustlers and this administration's Justice Department under Eric Holder (but I repeat myself) and their willing handmaidens in the propaganda corps formerly called the mainstream media have worked mightily to work up this frenzy since Obama came into office. The lead that flies and the blood that's spilled will be their responsibility.
The most dangerous thing about this is that if "get whitey" is what they want, get whitey is what they'll get, although not perhaps in the way they envision. The lumpenproletariat foot soldiers being manipulated could scarcely be considered long-term strategic thinkers. Nor for that matter are they tactical geniuses. For one thing, the numbers of the opposing sides of this race war they seek are hardly in their favor. For another, when you pick out your victims based on some collectivist reference point of skin color, ethnic origin, or religion, then your intended victims will come to see themselves -- and you -- in the same light.
Bosnia, before the break-up of Yugoslavia, was the most Westernized, cosmopolitan and truly diverse region of that country. But as the Serbs and then the Croats decided to craft their own futures along the lines of ethnic cleansing, Bosnians were disabused of their illusions violently. As David Rieff related in his book Slaughterhouse: Bosnia and the Failure of the West:
And if, by the fall of 1994, people in Bosnia did begin to identify themselves as Muslims and turn their backs on the multiculturalism they had fought for so desperately for almost three years to preserve, this was hardly surprising. They were being murdered as Muslims, made homeless as Muslims. "First I was a Yugoslav," a friend in Sarajevo said to me once. "Then I was a Bosnian. Now I'm becoming a Muslim. It's not my choice. I don't even believe in God. But after two hundred thousand dead, what do you want me to do? Everybody has to have a country to which he can belong."
This is what Ralph Peters describes as wars of blood and faith. And do you know who's crowing about -- and profiting from -- the current slide to race war? Why the reverse side of the same bloody collectivist coin -- the Klan and the neo-Nazis.
The challenge for those of us who claim to stand by the Founders' Republic and who believe that the Constitution extends to everyone regardless of race, creed, color or religion will be to maintain those beliefs in the face of a three-sided race war where many will be targeting us based upon skin color. We cannot be sucked into a false "us versus them" collectivist construct. On the other hand, we cannot be victims, nor permit innocent people -- of any race or creed -- to be victimized by race barbarians. Nor should we uncritically identify with the lawless bastards of the militarized police with the excuse that they are "our bastards."
Korean shopkeepers defend their businesses, LA Riots, 1992.
Fenton writes, "The heart is a drum. The drum has a snare. The snare is in the blood. The blood is in the air."
We may be coming to that once more. Pray to God that we do not become comfortable wearing the "racial enemy" mask that our collectivist enemies seek to press upon upon us. Think about these things now, reflect upon them, pray about them, talk them over with your friends and family. The more intellectually prepared we are for what's coming, the better we can meet the challenge in a way that will not shame us in the eyes of our ancestors who fought and died to build and maintain this republic.