Friday, October 24, 2014

CT gun grabbers should take note. Blood dancers disappointed at Canadian jihadi's choice of weapons but two attacks illustrate the impossibility of defending against Fourth Generation Warfare.

Confusion reigns in the firearm-ignorant press, with the Canadian jihadi's weapon described as a "30-30 Winchester lever action shotgun." From the photographs (above and those at the scene) it seems plain that the weapon was in fact a Model 94 rifle in caliber .30-30. This comes as a distinct disappointment to the firearm confiscationist blood dancers who no doubt are weeping that a semi-auto "assault rifle" was not used. In the American context, the gun grabbers understand that, as much as they'd like, lever-action rifles are off the menu for now since to advocate their confiscation would be to rouse the great, somnambulant giant known as Elmer Fudd and fill him with a terrible resolve. (It remains to be seen how a drug addict living in a homeless shelter was able to conceal the long gun.)
Much has been been speculated upon in what passes for the cable news "press" about the precise links between the Parliament shooter and the other Canadian jihadi who plowed into soldiers with his car the day before (killing one) and their links to ISIS -- as if that matters. They are missing the whole point of 4th Generation Warfare. No orders need be given, no money needs to change hands. In 4GW, the targets are known and understood by all, the individual actions are targeted to specific enemy vulnerabilities. It is the IDEA that is weaponized. This makes defending against such attacks almost impossible, since you cannot kill an idea, nor can you trace a command structure that doesn't exist, nor "decapitate" it if you could find it.
As for the individuals who carry out the attacks, the only concern is how to avoid detection while sizing up, stalking and taking down the command structure of your enemy -- the war makes and decision takers. In retrospect we should be grateful that this jihadi didn't think that through and went for a common, unarmed soldier at a war memorial rather that heading directly for the high-value targets on Parliament Hill.
As disappointed as the gun confiscationists must be at the facts of this case, they (especially those in the state of Connecticut) should pay attention to this truth -- if you start a civil war by raiding heretofore law-abiding Americans for their politically-incorrect firearms, you will not be able to defend against the 4GW attacks that you spark. And, I daresay, the folks who come after the warmakers and decision takers in righteous self-defense in the context of an American civil war that the gun raiders start will not be addled, inadequate jihadis.
As an aside, and totally unrelated, are you sure, Governor Malloy, that you don't want to publicly declare that enforcement of your Intolerable Act will be suspended until the Supreme Court has a chance to rule? Or are you going to give in to the darker impulses of Mike "KGB" Lawlor and start the gun raids after your re-election? Some reflections upon the lessons of 4GW might be in order, don't you think? I'm just trying to help you out, here.


Anonymous said...

And they think the "30-30" part means the measurements of the rifle..Funniest newsclip I've seen showed the inside of the Parliament building, where about 20 Naugahyde chairs were barricaded against a door and the people therein looked like they were going to crap themselves. THAT'S a screenshot that should be sent to all potential tyrants..

robins111 said...

One of the CBC talking heads breathlessly described the rifle as an Assault Rifle, then refused to retract his stupidity.

None of these morons are prepared to respond to the very valid point that the soldier who died, was the direct result of Canada's ludicrous gun control laws, he was defending a sacred site with an unloaded rifle.

Anonymous said...

No news reporter bothered to ask if the ceremonial guard soldier who was killed was armed. I'm surprised that information was not reported. With the Canadian government's attitude toward guns, I doubt if he was armed. I would like to know. I see a commenter found out he had an unloaded rifle! His family should sue everything in sight over the fact he was unable to defend himself! How stupid and tragic! And yet, the Sgt. at Arms of the Parliament was armed, legally I suppose. I wonder how that happened.

- Old Greybeard

robins111 said...

Anonymous, that was the NDP (Socialist) caucus room, the biggest gun grabbers in Canada..

FedUp said...

"Assault rifle", Nineteenth Century style. Fires 7 randomly directed shots in 2 seconds.

Anonymous said...

Lets just hope this is a wake up call for Canadians and are garbage make no sence Firearms act how can we say we live in liberty and freedom if the soldier thats protecting us cant protect his self
RIP Nathan Cirillo

Greygrandpa said...

Question. Was the Guard that was killed armed? Was the weapon loaded?

I've seen nothing on this.7900

brassbryan said...

two words:

Anonymous said...

Same thing at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington. The federal police are providing security for the Tomb Guard. I don't know if it is the Park Police or DoD police.

Anonymous said...

News report last evening has this commentary about the case:
1) Shooter used a lever action shotgun (yes, you can still buy them and are often used in cowboy action events or hunting).
2) The guard at the Tomb was armed- with an unloaded weapon and no ammo on his person.
3) The Master At Arms had to enter his office, unlock the gun safe, load his weapon, attend to his business- using one bullet- and returned to his office to place his weapon back in the safe.
4) The Parliamentarians blockading the chamber doors with furniture was heralded by media as being "wisely done".

Anonymous said...

Are you assuming Malloy will be re-elected? I'm not. And I live in CT. It might be close - this being the 'People's Republic of CT' ("CT" in this case stands for Commie Traitors), but the election is by no means a done deal. Anybody who makes 350,000 gun owners felons with his illegal legislative process and his pen has a lot of dissatisfied voters waiting to show him the way back to where he came from.