Sunday, October 26, 2014

"I'm gonna see to it that you are braiding cornrows wearing halter tops and lipstick before this is over." Jay Dobyns responds to ATF decsion to appeal.

You're not going to look good in orange jumpsuits with "DOC" on the backs. Don't drop the soap, sleep with your backs to walls and make sure your pod doesn't allow broom handles to be present after lights out.


Anonymous said...

There is an interesting comment about Eric Holder going to work for Jp Morgan chase, then another chimed in about a SCOTUS nomination.

I have heard from a guy here in So AZ that Holder is going to be indicted.

Personally, I would like to tell Eric Frien that Holder was banging his wife. That would be a hoot!


Anonymous said...

Makes ya wanta' run right out & join the popo. Hope they all stab each other in the back. The whole damn atf can only produce 3 or 4 "honest" cops? Sheesh

Anonymous said...

I applaud Dobyns' spirit but in the back of my mind I keep hearing the name "Vince Foster". I also wonder about the likelihood of him secretly being branded a "suspected terrorist" and a special ops team showing up in the middle of the night and hustling him off to a secret military prison to be held utterly incommunicado essentially forever.

Tell me you would put that - or worse - past them.

Baja Blitzer said...

any agent know about Fast & Furious and Reese family ordeal??

pls contact sipsey street or me on line

thx rick

Toastrider said...

You'd think at some point they'd cut their losses, settle, and get their media shills to brush everything under the rug.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should be dropping off half used lipstick tubes to our nearest ATF offices?