Friday, October 31, 2014

Troubles on the road to Connecticut.

It was another very rough night. I should already be on the ground in Connecticut but I'm headed to the doctor this morning. Plans have shifted, folks on the ground I counted on cannot, it seems, be counted on (in some cases due to circumstances beyond their control). Resources are thin, but thanks to some of you (and God bless Westchester NY in addition to the indomitable regulars!) it is still possible to get there but the window of time to do what I intended is collapsing. Rosey thinks God is trying to tell me something but that's just because she is, and has earned the right to be, a little selfish.
To those who expected me today, I can only apologize and attempt to salvage what I can. It has always been my intention to confront Red Mike "KGB" Lawlor on his own ground. I WILL get there. I just can't say when at this point. I'll have more later.


Anonymous said...

Mike, I hope you get better soon.!!! Was looking foward to palavering, breaking bread with you. These are troubled times. Red Mike is and has always been a coward. You can see it in his beady Collectivist eyes. He has never been man enough to fight the good fight. Never mind do an honest days work. Behind Enemy Lines. We will Not Stand Down. AAA/O. 11B20. Let me know if you get into Collectivist Ct. I am watching and waiting.

Anonymous said...

Eat a few peach pits Mike, I promise you will feel much better!