Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Prince Law on the PA State Police, Frein and the death threats they've received for standing up for the Constitution..

Now, perhaps, it becomes a little clearer.
In fact, it’s recently been revealed that the actual target may have been Trooper Alex T. Douglass, and Corporal Dickson was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why is this important? Well it appears that Trooper Douglass might have been having an affair with Mr. Frein’s wife. If true, that absolutely does not justify Mr. Frein’s actions if he is indeed the perpetrator. It makes it no less tragic. What it does raise is the question of whether the actions by the State Police are justifiable, truthful, and well measured. If true, then Mr. Frein is not an apparent threat to the local citizens, as the State Police have already acknowledged in their original statements. He is not even an offensive threat to the authorities, although I fear some may be injured in his pursuit.
Just yesterday, Lt. Col. Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police stated: “Lethal force is authorized upon positive identification if he is not actively surrendering,” (http://abc13.com/news/accused-cop-killer-repeatedly-appears-then-eludes-manhunt/322722/). What happen to his right to trial? When did we give the State Police the right to be judge and jury? Or are they really trying to keep him quiet to protect the reputation of the troop? Maybe revenge for his actions? These thoughts are no more absurd than the image of Mr. Frein presented by the State Police and the assumptions they have made. Where’s Attorney General Holder and Mr. Sharpton?
Why am I reminded of this line? -- "Use of unnecessary violence in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers HAS been approved."


T. Paine said...

The po po's are just giving everyone a heads up that they will execute Frein on sight and that we the sheeple need to get used to them being judge, jury and executioners with a tin badge.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I figured there was more to this than just a cop shooting..I fully felt what ever it was that got this guys attention they probably had it coming

you know as the saying goes.. you lay down with dogs,, well thats what happened to the other cop.. you know they all look and act the same ,, and stick up for each other no matter how wrong they are

I bet that cheater cop is wondering when he will get ventilated for fornicating his killers wife.He is being actively hunted im sure,welp none of my concern .. again desirably so.. for both of them..and just as narcissistic as cops are, and feel they can do what ever they want to whom ever they want
makes you wonder how many times this cop has pissed his pants , or what he looks like cowering in a corner

Anonymous said...

Correction is in order. Frien is/was NOT married. It was his Brother's wife who allegedly had the affair with Trooper Douglas. Frien's brother lives near Trooper Douglas. This has been out there since the shooting and has been denied by the State Police. Frien has been unavailable for comment.

FedUp said...

Everybody thinks it's terrible that there was a shoot on sight order for Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris.

But this guy's a "cop-killer", so don't expect any public outrage at actions directed against him.

THEBigFatPanda said...

"Frien has been unavailable for comment."
LMAO! Best quote ever.

Seriously, I also figured there was more to this story than the official line. With their continued failure to catch him, I figure he's long gone from the area. I'd say the Lt. Colonels comment about deadly force on sight reflects more on their frustration than anything else.

Anonymous said...

They're angry because he's making them look like idiots. If they're resolved to murder him on sight and not arrest him then I hope he takes as many with him as he can.

Informed42 said...

I wondered from the beginning if
Frein had a motive or had maybe had a run in with the State Police that caused him to shoot them. If he did the shooting for his brother, that puts things in a whole different light, and if the anger is directed solely at the cops, he obviously poses NO THREAT to the public.

The State Police and every other asshole in the mob hunting him that wears a badge, want to kill the guy. And they'll try their damnedest to do exactly that, even if he does 'actively try to surrender' at some point. Some trigger happy shit head wearing a badge will pull the trigger on him anyway. He's already proven that they're incompetent, incapable and not too smart, and he's embarrassed them (if they're mentally capable of being embarrassed) because a thousand of them with all their manpower and technology haven't been able to catch him in over a month.

Personally, I think any members of the general public that can lend him any assistance without the cops being aware it, should do just that, and I think that there are probably a number that would once the real situation and motivation are known.

You don't think Eric Rudolph eluded the Feds for 5 years all by himself, do you ?? LMAO !!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:58 AM;
Thanks for that clarification. I have only read one Pocono Record article and none of the tv news has reported anything about the alleged adultery situation.

I live only 40 miles from this whole charade. I do not believe Frien is in the area. The recent sightings are, in my opinion, an attempt by po-po to save face. Why would Frien, if he did the deed, stay in the area, especially if he had no intent to further engage po-po.
The whole damn thing smells more rotten now with the new info.

KPN 3%

Carl Stevenson said...

As a former police officer, I am appalled by the apparent “shoot on sight” order. It’s pretty clear from that statement that they’ve already sentenced him to a summary execution, pending only their getting an opportunity.
That is disgraceful and if he gets summarially executed like Chris Dorner, the officers involved and their entire chain of command should be immediately charged with 1st degree murder with aggravating circumstances (conspiracy to murder him) and be subject to the death penalty.
If PA had an Attorney General worth a pinch of dog poop, an opinion to that effect and notice of intent to bring charges if they carry out such an execution would be published and sent to all involved immediately.
At this point, lacking a trial and all the other “niceties” that PASP seems willing to skip over, an execution is premature and is, in fact murder for revenge (or maybe to silence a patsy).
He should be captured and tried before a jury of his peers, not shot like a dog simply because his alleged victim was a cop. If he murdered the cop, convict him legally and I’d be willing to be the executioner, but summary executions in the field because they think they can get away with it under color of law is pure tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Well all I know is that this Mongolian Cluster F#%k is soon going to impact Bear and Deer Seasons. It has already messed with archery and if it does not end soon a local is liable to get him first.

Anonymous said...

I don't have the least bit of sympathy for that badged gangster who was blown away. If they eventually find Frein, I hope he takes out several more before he goes down. I can absolutely guarantee that the police have NO intentions of capturing Frein alive. The cops even admit (when they think no one is listening) that this is unofficial standard procedure for anyone who kills one of their "brothers."

Every single one of the Bill of Rights is trampled on a daily basis in the "Land of the Free." Who ultimately makes this happen? The police. Sure, lawmakers are responsible, too. But laws are just words on paper without people to enforce them. (Also, it's not like we get any real choice in our elections. Candidates are rarely viable unless first vetted by the establishment and its lapdog media.)

Cops are universally guilty of enforcing unjust laws against victimless, consensual "crimes." Their excuse for doing so is, "We don't make the laws, we just enforce them" -- i.e., the Nuremberg defense. They have no problem delivering people into the hands of a hellish (in)justice system for actions that haven't harmed a soul, ruining countless lives and causing needless misery on a massive scale.

It would be bad enough if the police "only" enforced unjust laws. But they do much more than that, don't they? They're quite happy to break the laws that are meant to protect the rights of the citizen. Go to Pro Libertate (Will Grigg's blog) or PoliceStateUSA.com for plenty of examples. Or just search YouTube for "police brutality" to see some truly sickening videos.

These aren't "just a few bad apples." The whole barrel is a criminal gang, just like the Italian or Russian mafia. How often do you hear about "good cops" blowing the whistle on their comrades who violate the rights of citizens? It's almost unheard of. Those who do so are quickly weeded out and even receive death threats.

To summarize, essentially all cops in the US are contributing to our police state. They know what the despicable character of law enforcement is in this country today, yet they choose to remain part of it.

Thus, we shouldn't be surprised at all that a law firm has received death threats for standing up for the Constitution. US law enforcement is at war with the Constitution and with American freedom in general.

Fortunately, nearly all cops are cowards. And if they ever come after any of us for having the "wrong" political opinion, for not turning in our guns during a mass confiscation, or anything like that, I can promise you this: none of them will dare attempt it alone. They WILL do it with a major advantage in manpower, firepower, and government resources like the sissies they are. They need the security of being backed up by Big Brother. They would never in a million years stand up alone and do something to put his own life at stake against tremendous odds, which is what Mr. Frein did.

Anonymous said...

HA! Check this out!