Friday, October 31, 2014

Lawsuit challenges federal machine gun ban

Today's Gun Rights Examiner report notes a challenge that, in a rational world, would not even be necessary, let alone controversial.


Anonymous said...

The machine gun ban should be challenged on principle alone, but for practical purposes I think it's more important for private citizens to have easy access to armor-piercing ammo and sound suppressors.

Some would say that all these weapons are too dangerous to be in the "wrong hands." That statement is silly on a number of levels.

First, the danger posed by a firearm depends on the circumstances and the user. At 200 yards would you rather be shot at by a skilled marksman with a scoped hunting rifle, or by some punk with an Uzi? Needless to say, I'd pick the latter.

Second, why are the police more trustworthy than the general population? A lot of the behavior exhibited by law enforcement over the past two decades would have given the Gestapo nightmares, and it's getting worse.

Consider a random citizen without any history of violent aggression, and then consider a random cop. I'll trust the citizen with a fully-loaded Abrams tank before trusting the cop with a Saturday Night Special.

Anonymous said...

Sure wish he would have mentioned the dubious call on the voice vote by which the Hughes Amendment was "deemed to have been passed".

sh68137 said...

Here's the whole complaint