Thursday, October 30, 2014

Connecticut gubernatorial race dividing gun owners to glee of 'progressives'

Vanderboegh is talking about initiation of force by the state and some gun owners responding by not going gentle into that good night. Before dismissing that as far-fetched, note the same media running interference for Malloy has publicly demanded the opening salvo.


Anonymous said...

****Mike I edited my previous, if your so inclined to publish my comment, please replace it with this one please and thank you****

The progressive socialists are pulling out -all- the stops for this election, to turn it into a rubber stamp of their agendas.

It is my unsubstantiated opinion that Visconti is a manchurian candidate of a sort designed to "divide and conquor".

What the proggies want, is a one party rule banana republic, and they think they're going to get it by subverting the electoral process, and then claiming that because the majority wants the BS they are shovelling, its all "legal" and everyone who disagrees with them can shut up and "get with the program", and those that don't OBEY them are "criminals".

What these cretins don't understand, is that our rights are not subject to the democratic process. This is why they are clearly enshrined in our Bill of Rights and many of our state Constitutions.

These people are collectivist fascist scum of the highest order- and like all such tyrants that have come before them in rcent hisotry, belive that it is their place to punish otherwise innocent people for the acts of another.

We did not kill those children at Sandy Hook, Adam Lanza did that, and not one act of "gun control" would have stopped him, as he was deranged and desperate enough to kill his own mother to obtain the weapons he used in his evil crime.

Punishing us, collectivly, for Lanza's evil, will not change that, it will not prevent others from doing evil, AND IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

We will not comply, and instead of getting the banana republic you so desire, what you will get is outright resistance to your collectivist fascist demands that we surrender our rights because, in your twisted world view, we are somehow guilty of the crimes of the individual madman Lanza.

You want to send gov't agents to enforce the Constitutionally illegitmate, fascist "law" you foisted on the state of Connecticut, you'll likely have more then just residents of that state forcibly resisting, if it comes to that.

Because if you pull this lever, if you take your fascist evil this far, what you will in all likelyhood get is outright civil war.

Quite frankly, we've had enough of your BS, nationwide.
We've had enough of watching as you erode and destroy our rights "for our own good" with your failed public safety "gun control" policy, that you now "demand" be enforced by gov't at the point of a gun against us.
We've had enough of you violating our rights, destroying our Republic, and now, "demanding" our obedience to your tyranny, or our blood.


For any gov't agents readng this- CHOOSE THIS -VERY- DAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE.

If Malloy and his KGB cohort get re-elected, and they direct you to violate the rights of your fellow citizens who are otherwise innocent of any crime other then that which these tyrants have concocted with their illegitimate "law", you will have the biggest decision of your careers, and indeed, your lives, to make.

As for those "demanding" to send gov't agents to do your bidding- you cowards won't be spared. We know who you are.

Molon Labe.

Paul X said...

Ah, political games. Since I (mostly) stopped voting, I had forgotten how wrapped around the axle people get with this silliness. It's a lot better pulling oneself out of the muck, trust me. Whatever will be, will be. It that means war, so be it.

I did vote against a tax measure and for legalization of marijuana. I just don't vote for human beings any more. Scum vs. scum...

Anonymous said...

Bad politicians are elected by good people who don't vote!!! This are times that tries mans souls. Behind Enemy Lines In Collectivist Ct. We Will Not Stand Down. AAA/O. 11B20. Thomas Paine said it best. And I am ready. The Founder's Republic will prevail. Looking for you ,Mike.

Paul X said...

"Bad politicians are elected by good people who don't vote!!!"

Um, no they are not. What an odd (and patently untrue) way of looking at it. They are elected by good people who do vote.

Anyway, there is no such thing as a good politician (now that Ron Paul has retired). You can be sure of one thing in any election: the government always wins.

Anonymous said...

It will never end till the 'evil' is eradicated and removed from this earth....either by choice or divine intervention...imho