Saturday, October 25, 2014

Playing with your tax dollars and accustomed to no accountability, the ATF just won't quit persecuting Agent Dobyns.

Feds to appeal case against former ATF agent.
LATER: See also DOJ and ATF appealing ‘No Angel’ Dobyns' court settlement order


Anonymous said...

That's b/c the government has unlimited funds.

What the government minions fail to realize is that if people cannot get "justice" from the system, they may end up going outside that system to get it....and the butcher's bill is paid in blood.

Anonymous said...

After a certain point we can only goad them into excesses in which lie their destruction.

Every power they aggregate to themselves they cannot help but abuse.

The abuses simply must be escalated until the eventual public pushback erradicates the problem.

Defund. Defang. Destroy.

Anonymous said...

He must have 'the goods' on them. This is likely more about 'shutting him up' than it is about 'retaliation'. Makes me wonder why one of these ATF bad guys hasn't had him killed yet? Could it be that they truly have no balls? Anywho, I hope he wears armor and has a security detail watching his back whenever he goes out.