Monday, October 27, 2014

From Bob Owens.

Two More Sons Of Guns Stars Arrested On Child Abuse Charges

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Anonymous said...

As I've said all along, something about this entire thing stinks to high heaven. The pieces just don't fit. Seems like destruction of the successful high profile gun shop is the root. Maybe not, maybe there is real guilt there and once adjudicated it will be shown. But consider this - how can it be in a world of hundreds and hundreds of TV channels, literally NOBODY has embarked on the GUN channel? It's obviously a successful model for shows and lots of Americans would watch reality (so called) shows as well as history analysis and documentaries on specific firearms. It's a no brainer winner media venture! Yet it doesn't exist. Radio has proven successful and Internet too.

And just as this show climbs above media scrutiny there is seemingly endless examples of the WORST abuse possible - child abusers - by HALF the main cast? And both sexual and violent nature to boot?

Sorry but it seems a bit too "perfectly" scripted and an answering of the gun banners wet dreams.