Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nice. "You know nothing of black suffering so shut the f-ck up." Reasoning with a racist mob generally gets you hurt.

#Ferguson “Peaceful” Protesters Attack Young White Boy in Street


Joe said...

Checklist concerning mobs:

Doors - LOCKED.

Sidearm - Available.

Plan - Leave area, STAT.

Checklist complete.

Anonymous said...

Joe might want to re-visit the old adage about a handgun (sidearm) being what you use to fight your way to a rifle or a shotgun. If things go south in Ferguson, MO and other assorted places in regards race riots and other assorted foolishness...he might wish to avail himself of some better ballistic "long arms"...with high-capacity feeding devices.

John Otis Comeau said...

hard to tell what that was all about. it looked more to me they were giving a warning, and I saw plenty of other people who looked "white" not being bothered. it's not like they had him down on the ground, kicking the living crap out of him the way cops do with protesters. yet the kid was running to the cops.

Anonymous said...

Veterans Are Being Stripped Of Their Gun Rights Under The NY SAFE Act!

Anonymous said...

Millionaires For Gun Control Tyranny

Anonymous said...

Listen MoF**ker! You have no idea of the Whitemans' Burden!


TRex said...

Well, an article on the CNN website tips the hand of the BGI, showing why they don't want this particular race baiting riot to die down.

It seems they have found a tool the try to alter the outcome of some elections.

Not sure if this will come out as a link. There is a quote from the article after it.

QUOTE: If Democrats have any chance of surviving the perfect midterm storm on the horizon, it will be because the same underestimated younger and diverse cohort of voters that anchored the Obama majorities are awakened and engaged. As it stands now, they are not.

But there are signs that their value to civic participation has been stirred, and they are looking for vehicles to express their voice for change. You hear elements of it in the grass-roots protest by young people happening now; you hear it in their anxious frustrated refrain, "Hands up don't shoot," which has spread from Ferguson, Missouri, to across the globe. The question is: Will that refrain become hands up go vote as these younger diverse voters connect their frustration to the ballot box in post-Obama campaigns?