Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Feds identify suspected 'second leaker' for Snowden reporters

"Any attempt to criminalize the public release of those stories benefits only those who exercise virtually limitless power in secret with no accountability."

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Anonymous said...

quote"The FBI recently searched a government contractor's home, but some officials worry the Justice Department has lost its 'appetite' for leak cases"unquote
No, they haven't. They just know that eventually, a source in the IC who leaks classified info "authorized" by that war criminal, James Clapper, will be discovered and they will have to prosecute him or others, as they do the exact same thing as Snowden. Over and over and over, the scumbag MSM stenographers report stories based on classified information "leaked" by "unidentified USG officials" to
twist public perception of the Intelligence communities illegal activities. Sooner or later, one of these "authorized leakers" will get caught with his pants down and the DOJ will have no recourse but to prosecute one of the IC's own, hopefully, that liar of liars, James Clapper himself.